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tumblr & the collapsing internet

I am thinking a lot over the past few years about how profoundly the culture of the internet has changed from the weird decentralized space it once was into a frantically commodified series of walled corporate spaces. In retrospect, the decentered-ness of it in 2006 was probably the circumstance most necessary for me to have a Career doing the sort of art that I do, that I effectively started doing in that year. In recent years I don’t know what to tell to independent artists trying to start working in “webcomics;” the dynamics are profoundly different and less forgiving of experimental work, or messy and digressive work of the sort that Rice Boy was, starting out. Part of that is increasing financial pressure on more and more of the population, part of that is increasingly rigid and centralized corporate control of the places in which we make the work as individuals.

I get a vertigo feeling looking back at how the internet has shifted so quickly and fundamentally. Like a short-term caricature of the process by which capital commodifies every available space; breaks it apart and categorizes it in order to better do so, centralizes itself. The internet being defined by smaller and smaller numbers of social media platforms owned by smaller numbers of enormous media corporations is a process basically in parallel with the gentrification of cities, the privatization of public or uncommodified spaces, etc, right? Neoliberalization; desperate late-capitalism shit.

Tumblr and all of these platforms have been conspicuously dismantling themselves for the sake wringing out ad revenue for a while! The new rule about Explicit Content is another big stupid step in that direction! Destructive to the culture that grew here, destructive to the lives of sex workers and queer people (tho I guess “female-presenting nipple” is meant to have something to do with a performance of trans inclusivity, lol). Grotesque and absurd to see performative moralizing about sexual content from corporations that openly and uncritically provide platforms for overt fascism. I don’t and probably won’t ever make work about sex, but it’s extremely clear to me how this tendency is destructive to the culture I make work in, the culture I grew up in.

I have to figure out how to occupy whatever social spaces there are out there as a mostly-independent artist type; I don’t know what that looks like exactly! But I’ll be mostly using my full actual name on every platform unless another evan dahm gets to it first; I’m on twitter, facebook, instagram, patreon, medium,  and now ello??? Maybe that pillowfort thing soon? I don’t know. Continuing to slowly back off of this platform in particular, though I’ll try to keep important things updated here.

I appreciate so much the audience that’s come to my work as an independent creator over the past several years; I appreciate the increasing effort it takes to keep up with independent creators in general!! I’m not going anywhere; I’m making more work now than I probably ever have, and I welcome you following along and saying hello in whatever space works for you even if tumblr in particular totally collapses. thank you for reading.

The Case Against Spiro

Friend of mine on fb just shared this. Tw for outdated language in the article. I’ve heard stories and had my own suspicions, but seeing it all laid out like this is pretty compelling.

Apparently, Spiro may be the reason I’m still depressed, easily fatigued and confused, and have a potbelly despite having lost weight everywhere else. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have been on 200 mg for several years and I experience many of the listed side-effects.

Thankfully, there are alternatives, but until additional research is done, Spiro will continue to be pushed by many.

Unfortunately, with the new filtering bs going on, we can’t rely on tags for information like this to spread. If you have any trans woman followers, please share, and I encourage you to share this through other channels and platforms.


And now a warning about drafts

You ever write up a post you decide will be too controversial or embarrassing but leave it in your drafts to sleep on and then forget about it? How about real personal stuff you weren’t sure you wanted to share at the time? Heavy-ass receipts on bad shit you’re leaving there only just in case you’re forced to use them? Well if any of your drafts get flagged by the new system, a mod can apparently see them in with all your other flagged posts, and if they un-flag them, it publishes them automatically as a brand new post. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


this is true and has happened to me today

national delete your tumblr account day on the 17th imo

Reblog to save a life

Note from a graphic designer who has to fix this shit all day: rich black is prettier sure but for the love of the gods don’t use it for text if it’s going on newsprint. If its anything other than solid black it will bleed out and become unreadable.

Half my job is fixing this mistake all day from people who really really should know better. And now you know!

Knobbly knees done, they hinge 128 degrees! I did hips but got too smart and they don’t work, so i will redo those tomorrow.

Hello! I was wondering if you know of any good books on Inuit mythology. Specifically, I'm looking for something that hasn't been "European-ized"/had the myths retold from a European perspective to sugar coat them. After some digging, I found "Kappianaqtut" by Neil Christopher, and it looks like it might be okay? I want to give it bonus points for including/featuring Sedna (since that's the story I'm specifically after), but I also want whatever book(s) I get to be a solid resource besides.


Books on Inuit Mythology

Taking a very quick look at Neil Christopher, that book seems solid. He lives in Nunavut and works very closely with Inuit communities, and it’s even featured on an Inuit website of resources as a good one.

I would suggest browsing other books on that same site, considering it would appear to be one of the most visible resources of educational material (and, bonus, they preserve Inuit orthography as well). It might not be exactly what you’re looking for (considering there seems to be a high focus on preserving the language, which might make it difficult for readers who aren’t fluent.

You can also check out Inhabit Media’s books; they’re an Inuit-owned publishing company to focus on Inuit art and culture. You can also check out Strong Nations, another Indigenous-owned publishing company that might have some Inuit resources, although it’s not Inuit-focused.

Followers are welcome to give more suggestions!

~ Mod Lesya


Everyone going shopping on Black Friday, be aware of three things:

The retail workers are working 12 hours shifts. We are threatened with losing our jobs if we don’t show up unless we’re dying in the hospital. I had an assistant manager show up with fucking strep because he would’ve been fired otherwise. Yes, he did infect 7 and hospitalize 2 coworkers; who knows how many members of the public he infected.

The stores have, maybe, 5 of that special cheap thing you’re after. Corporate does this on purpose, and stores are not allowed to order enough. The prices aren’t even that much lower. They lie about how expensive something is to fool you into thinking you’re getting a discount. You aren’t.

Most of the workers you will come across will be new hires for the sole purpose of being bodies for about three months before they’re fired. They actually don’t know anything because they’ve been working there for maybe two weeks, and have had no real training. I was once hired at Staples a week before Black Friday and expected to know how to deal with phones, coupons, the online ordering site, and AS400 after five 6-hour shifts. This is the kind of person you will likely be dealing with at Black Friday.

Do me and my retail family a favor and don’t shop Black Friday. Any company that needs a sale day like Black Friday to get their sales out of the red doesn’t deserve to be in business. 


This also goes for anyone that works shipment too. We’re suddenly expected to stay as late as they want you to even if they know you don’t have a car and rely on a ride to get you to and from work and know you can’t stay late. Shipment workers will suddenly start getting berated for not getting things done and it is by far the most stressful time to be a shipment worker for any store. Especially when they throw in new hires that don’t know how to process things and are expected to work at the same pace as the people that have worked there for a while.

Retail is shit around the holidays, especially Black Friday

ok fellow millenials, it’s time to kill black friday



Didn’t know any of this, but now that I do fuck yeah let’s kill Black Friday


Okay, maybe I need help..

I am so sorry, I’m way behind on commissions, and I have been behind for a while. Things just keep coming up. I was already trying to catch up when I had to attend my granddad’s funeral in October, and then afterwards my tablet broke down, then it was followed up with a worse episode of depression, even for me, and now .. I’m dealing with kidney stones and can hardly think beyond the pain, let alone sit up, much less work…

I don’t make a large paycheck, and I’d already been trying to catch up for lost money in the first place. And .. I’m at the point where I might have to own up that I can’t spring back fast enough to work and make ends meet.

I’m so sorry to ask, but if I could bother you kind folks to donate any, I’d be really grateful….

[Virgin and Child, ca. 1275-1300, France, Ivory with paint, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1917. Seated Figure, Possibly Ife, Tada
Nigeria, Late 13th-14th century, Copper with traces of arsenic, lead, and tin, Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments.]

An ambitious new exhibition will showcase the splendor and power of the lost kingdoms and commercial centers of Africa, using centuries-old artifacts from sites around the Sahara Desert and artwork from West and North Africa, Europe and the Middle East that reveal the reach of Saharan networks, in a first-of-its-kind show that will open in January at the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University.
“Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture and Exchange Across Medieval Saharan Africa” is the first major exhibition to highlight West Africa’s global reach in the medieval period of the 8th to 16th centuries by looking directly at its material remains through loans from Mali, Morocco and Nigeria.
By exploring the global impact of Saharan trade routes on a medieval economy fueled by gold, the exhibition upends historical misconceptions and demonstrates Africa’s influence on medieval Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and beyond.
“Caravans of Gold” will debut at The Block Jan. 26 through July 21, 2019, before traveling to the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto in September 2019 and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C., in April 2020.

Back in 2016 I made this character who’s a very femme girl in a tutu and a crash helmet. I designed her like I was designing my superhero persona. Anyway check it out, I made her in low-poly 3D

the legend of the Bakeneko is important to fully understand this!! The legend says that if a cat lives a very very long life, its tail will slowly split into two, and it will reach the status of a minor god!! … the downside is that its spirit will inevitably outlive its owners, whose spirits will move on to the afterlife, and without anyone to leave food offerings for it, it will become an angry and vengeful beast that haunts its home. This man has two bakeneko following him. two cats that were well cared for and lived long lives, who now watch over him.

I wasn’t familiar with this particular myth, it’s really fucking cool! 

Accurate (except it won’t wait until 2020 - it’ll just keep ramping up). Hey, I’m sorry to be posting political stuff here. I promise I won’t do it often. Just vote, okay?  Do it. Vote.