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they cut this. girl the transgressions will quite literally never end


since it’s pride month, throwback to this beautiful cover and this wholesome interaction between two icons


I love his cover so much.

Old writers used to be like ohhhh geeee i hope no one finds my private letters. ohhhhh my little letters they’re so beautifully written and personal i hope no one gets a hold of my big stack of personal letters ouhhh

As an eye doctor, this shouldn't be controversial. It's a problem. 5 years ago, nighttime headlight issues were reserved for people with cataracts or LASIK scars. Today, everyone has problems seeing the road through the oncoming headlights. People are getting anti-glare and blueblocking coatings not bc they are sitting on a computer 8+ hours a day but bc the blue tinted halogens are making them feel unsafe to drive. We are selling insane amounts of yellow tinted nighttime driving glasses even though they're really only for people with cataracts bc ppl are desperate for anything that may help them deal with the headlights. I've had multiple patients tell me they just don't drive at night anymore.

This is an actual safety issue and it needs to be addressed


Oh maaaaaan, I thought I was just getting old!

I mean, I'm getting old, of course, but it's good to hear it's not just me!

The only true constant on this earth is reading a deeply disturbing short story when you were like 12 and being forever traumatized by it, every single human being has undergone this I'm sure

If you were traumatized by Ray Bradbury in middle school you may be entitled to financial compensation

Okay so I've been informed that this is super cool and should be shared so please behold my Great Grandfather's helmet from WWI (my OTHER great grandfather, not the one who was mustard gassed and had perminant laryngitis as a result)

This helmet was painted in 1918 by a French woman for my Great Grandad before he went into the trenches. It's an oil painting, and the woman who did it probably only charged about 50¢-$1, just as a way to make some money and as a way to send the men into battle with something beautiful and unique. The kicker is, my great Gramps caught Spanish Flu before he could actually see any action, and was sent home to either recover or die. He survived, but because of his short deployment the helmet and the painting done to it survived in near perfect condition too.

Whoever the woman was who painted the helmet was a master at her art, and not only is it incredibly detailed but she used the three dimensional surface to full effect, taking the brim of the helmet to make a horizon line for the sunset over the water. And she gave it texture and details that would make Bob Ross proud.

It's 103 years old this year :)

(and yes, the impasto (texture) of the painting feels EXACTLY like how you think it does lol)

Tom Holland does Rihanna’s “Umbrella” on Lip Sync Battle


I’m literally zendaya reacting like he didn’t have to go that hard and yet..

Must always reblog


Sometimes you just need to watch again. Instant serotonin.

I love that his only regret about this is him not having done the routine in heels.


I wonder if this is what sealed the deal for Zendaya. Cause I get it.

When I WATCHED this one on tv, y'all!!!!! I loved watching LL’s reaction! I don’t think ANYONE was prepared for it, cuz I know I wasn’t.

And the young man does ballet!!!

The key thing is he NAILS the routine and does it seriously, it’s not a joke choice. He does it with passion.


Completely agree with the above comment. This is what makes it so much better than some of the other performances that people consider good. (I’m particularly thinking of Channing Tatum’s performance here.)

Tom Holland didn’t seem like he was dressing in women’s clothes and dancing like a woman as a lighthearted gag done for laughs. Even if that’s what he intended (I have no idea), once he was out there on that stage, he played it seriously. He went out there and delivered a serious performance. It was intense, and he injected his legitimate (not exaggerated for laughs) sex appeal into the performance.

okay i usually don’t like these kinds of posts but i was having a discussion with some friends from different part of the country/world sooo….. 

reblog and put in the tags where you’re from/whether or not you consider the tap water clean enough to drink I am actually genuinely curious. I’m from florida and i’ve been told that it’s usually unsafe to drink unfiltered. 


Florida here, and I do use the fridge filtered water for drinking because it tastes better to me, but the tap water is absolutely safe for drinking and cooking. If you live in an agricultural/citrus growing area, pesticides in ground water *might* be a concern, though.

hey uh

this is probably somewhat awkward for a fiction written years ago, but today i read both of the mirror mirror-verse fictions and found them quite enjoyable. thank you for writing them.


Okay, so, I think the reason that explanations about this aren't gaining traction is that we as ficauthors instinctively respond by focusing on our experience to reassure you--"No, it's great! I love getting comments on older fic! No fanfic author is going to object to that!"--and the reason that doesn't have much of an effect is that it's inherently subjective. Just because one person has a positive reaction doesn't mean everyone does, and besides, we might just be polite, right?

Here's the actual explanation: Your anxieties are misplaced because you are mistaking a fanfiction site for social media.

Ao3 isn't Facebook! It's an archive. Works there are intended to be easily found and enjoyed years after their creation, exactly the same as books in a library!

It's not "awkward" to say you just read Fahrenheit 451 for the first time even though it was written years ago, and in the same way, new readers are SUPPOSED to be constantly finding fic and enjoying it regardless of publishing date. That's the entire point of publishing it.

Fanfiction sites are not social media. There's no such thing as "creeping" in someone's old posts. In a very real way, there's no such thing as "old posts" at all. Again--by that logic, you're being creepy whenever you pick up a book at the library that's more than a few months old! That's insane.

If this is your first time reading Macbeth, then it's a totally new experience to you and you can and SHOULD talk about your impressions and reactions to that story in the context that you're reading it. There's entire courses and academic careers dedicated to doing exactly that. If today was the first time you went looking in the right section of the site to find our mirrorverse fic, then that fic is a new story to you and you should join the conversation.

These fics are there to be preserved so that people can always find and read and interact with them for the first time. That's actually the entire point.


Suptober Day 14: Stardust

Dean visits Cas' memorial. Inspired by the Clairel Estevez poem "Stardust"

" A love like ours, Sincere and pure. Deserves to be guided by angels, Deep, into the unknown. On a bed of eternity Lay down its ivory bones. Until destiny and time collide And make of them - Stardust "

Title: Tied and Twisted

Author: 51stCenturyFox (AO3)

Rating: Teen

Fandom: Avengers

Word Count: 1.8k

Summary: From a prompt from Thad: “Bondage! It can start with a little problem in the shop. Tony, or Steve, gets caught on something and needs help getting out…”

…and APPARENTLY there is an “Accidental Bondage” tag \O/

“JARVIS, I’m tangled up in cables and need assistance. Get Dummy.” He surveyed the narrow path between the racks. “No, scratch that plan. Not enough space to maneuver.” He looked up at his trapped wrists. “Or enough fine-motor control. I need opposable thumbs.”

“Shall I call 911, sir?” JARVIS inquired calmly. “Will a hatchet be required? Jaws of life?”

Artist: LePeru (AO3)


OMG thank you for reccing me~!! <3    


Lord of the Rings:


Game of Thrones:


"But where's that light coming from" BITCH IT'S FANTASY WHO CARES

Ok but also from a like, theatrical storytelling perspective, there’s a thing called “willful suspension of disbelief” which is basically the concept that in order to let ourselves be immersed and enjoy a story, we need to turn off our knowledge that it’s all fake anyway.

like yes, we all *know* it’s unrealistically bright for a night time war, but it needs to be so we can SEE the story being told, and the lighting designer used blue light to show it was night time. We KNOW that Sir Ian isn’t actually a wizard but we SUSPEND that DISBELIEF because we want to be entertained.