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How To Write Blog Titles That Grab User Attention?

In the age of abundance, the only thing that is in short supply is attention. When one has everything they ever wanted at a distance of a few clicks, then it becomes extremely difficult to catch user eyeballs. Every minute nearly 500 Hours worth of video content is uploaded onto YouTube. As a result, to capture a user’s imagination you need to get creative. 

A digital marketing agency or a digital marketer can’t use logic to solve this puzzle, they need the power of emotion. Although many marketing tactics have a basic foundation of emotional resonance, to make people want to engage with your content you need to take it a step further. 

Therefore here are three ways you can turn your blog titles into pieces of content users will find irresistible:  

#1 Make A Promise 

Think about it, why would anybody on the internet want to read your blog content? The answer to that is simple, you have something to offer to the reader that others do not have. It can be anything as long as it has a promise at its crux. For example, here are two sample titles are written by keeping this principle in mind:   

In the above two blogs, you can see that the highlighted text promises something that they don’t already have. It can be something a developer needs to know or what good website designing is, a digital marketing company can work with a plethora of different promises. 

#2 Engage First  

If you want engagement from netizens then you need to take a step forward and engage them first. A good blog starts to build a connection even before you click on it, therefore use your title to capture the user’s attention. 

The best way to do that is by asking questions, just like when a conversation between two people gets boring throwing in a question helps restore the rhythm. A digital marketing company can get inspired from the example here: 

The above example blog title is a combination of the first and second points with the highlighted text showcasing a question and the new line making a promise. As a result, you maximize your chances of virality. 

#3 Make It Personal

After making users a promise by engaging them first, you now need to make it personal. The internet is flooded with content that has the above two aspects, but nobody cares enough to click them. Why may you ask? The answer is pretty straightforward, users don’t find it personal enough to care. 

6 out of 10 netizens on the internet share blog content without reading the content inside of it, the only thing they read is the title. Nonetheless, they are still motivated enough to share such content because they find a personal connection with it. A digital marketing company should use the following words in their titles to make it more personal:   

  • I
  • We
  • You
  • Us

Our Take

One way of skipping all this hassle is partnering with a digital marketing company that will take all the headaches for you. A good and experienced marketing partner can exponentially increase your growth chances.

The above three methods are driven by emotion and its power over the human psyche’s consumer behavior. The correct use of these methods along with good content will enable you to build a strong readership that clicks through, otherwise, you will end up with a high bounce rate.

Social Media SWOT - A Digital Marketing Agency’s Guide

Social media is the most dynamic aspect of the internet. To successfully build a brand on social media, a digital marketing agency needs much more than just good campaign ideas. To win social media, an online marketing company needs to understand its strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge empowers them to act more comprehensively to achieve their goals. 

But the question remains, how should you go about assessing your strengths and weaknesses? The answer is simple, conduct a social media SWOT analysis. To the uninitiated this might sound complicated, but trust me it's not the case. To make things easier, we have compiled a guide to help you with just that:   

Why & What Is Social Media SWOT? 

As I had mentioned earlier, social media is an extremely dynamic playfield. As a result, to be able to propel a campaign, you need to be adaptive. If you cannot adjust to the constantly changing realities of social media, you cannot grow. Thus a digital marketing agency needs to adopt techniques that enable them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

That is where Social Media SWOT comes in. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats. This is a principle that has been in use since ages now, but its social media application was realized not so long ago. With social media SWOT, an online marketing company can easily quantify their data and understand what works for them and what doesn’t.

How To Do Social Media SWOT?        

Now that we understand what social media SWOT is and how important it is. We must now look at how a digital marketing company can conduct Social Media SWOT. The following points illustrate the process of social media SWOT analysis:

#1. Strengths - The first parameter of social media SWOT is understanding what you are doing well and keep doing it. What are the inherent advantages you have on each social media platform? For example, a restaurant will have gained more traction on Instagram, than an accounting firm. That is due to the visual-centric nature of Instagram. Understand your natural strengths and use them to the fullest. 

#2. Weakness - Now that you know what you are good at, it's time to get to know what you're doing wrong. What are the things that are making your campaign fail or not achieve their full potential? A digital marketing agency needs to focus its attention on that.   

#3. Opportunities - Once you know what are the things that are good and bad, look with an eye open for opportunities. Don’t be too self-indulgent, always be alert and hop onto new trends to capitalize the most from them.  

#4. Threats - The last aspect of your SWOT analysis is the threats you will face. These threats can be anything from niche competition to the overall state of the global economy. Understanding what is a potential danger can go a long way in safeguarding your company’s future. 

Social media marketing is a constantly evolving field of work. If you do not change and adapt to new trends, then you will be left behind. A good digital marketing agency is the one that anticipates this and prepares for the same. 

The same goes for businesses that are looking to leverage social media for their growth. A business like that needs to understand how the social media market behaves from time to time. Thus a business needs to partner with a skilled online marketing company that can allow them to explore and grow their full potential on social media.

Top 5 Elements of a Landing page

Landing pages are commonly used in digital marketing for building networks. A landing page is a term given to any page on your website that a visitor first lands upon. For instance, a landing page can be your home page, as well as your services page. 

Due to this fact, landing pages are the backbone of website-based digital marketing. As a result your landing pages become mission critical to your marketing campaign involving your website. There is no standard approach with do's and don'ts of creating a good landing page. They can differ according to different readers, different niches and a different product or service which needs to be promoted.

Nonetheless, it is always good website designing to learn from what others have done. So that you don’t make the mistakes they made. Creating a visual template of general design elements always helps. Check out the tips below consisting of the top five elements of a landing page.

1. Unique Web-Design Proposition 

Your landing page is the first impression it makes on a visitor. Depending upon how good your design is, it might make or break your brand identity. For this reason, it’s a substantial element of the website development that clearly conveys what users will get from the page. A compelling headline will help visitors engage and prevent them from bouncing immediately. This way they will stick around for sufficient time to contemplate your offer. This could be effectively done by communicating in a concise manner on your landing page.

A well-crafted landing page sets clear expectations and help your customers understand what you have to offer. The main heading, supporting heading, reinforcement statement,

closing arguments are few elements that need your special attention which collectively tell the story through your landing page.

2. Visual Representation

When you are selling a service, the image and video grab the most attention of your audience.

Hence the visual representation is an essential design element of your website designing.  As a result conceiving, designing, and creating landing pages that convert needs equal parts of art and psychological insight. As you integrate elements of the human psyche with graphic web design, you tap into a wider perspective. This wider perspective leads you to have a better understanding of what and how should a landing page look and feel like. 

Including different multimedia elements such as video, graphics, icons, typography, and photography is an excellent way to support your landing page. You can choose to use pictures and videos in such a compelling manner that can showcase your product and services. Especially when you are selling a product/service, it is critical to add an image of the product. 

on your landing page.

3. Sufficient White Space

A landing page should only concentrate on encouraging users to subscribe or buy the product or service. However, a website developer must implement this simple trick while using the landing page to increase your conversion rate. It’s always a good idea to keep your landing page layout clean and minimalistic so that people do not get distracted by too many visuals. 

The empty area on your post-click landing page is to draw attention to your page. White space is a valuable design technique which needs to be taken care of during a website development. It helps you create a visual hierarchy and reduce page clutter while improving readability and comprehension. Using white space allows visitors to focus on your product and call to action. Using white space allows visitors to focus on your product and call to action.

4. Keep it beautiful and simple

Bright, highly saturated colors, especially with the plain background, hold more attention of the audience. These are a few basic things that shouldn’t be sidelined in your website development process. A viewer’s eyes should be naturally drawn to the page and to its content and by keeping a landing page simple yet aesthetic, it's achievable. 

You won’t want to drive the attention of necessary information to anything irrelevant. Create a clean page with obvious, natural navigation – but not navigation links. That also means getting rid of any in-body links, and not using any menus or drop-downs. Simple and beautiful web page can be really helpful for a landing page.

5. Establish communication

There should be a specific section that must be designated to communicate customized messages which target specific segments of the audience. Some of the most compelling landing pages have multiple methods of contact, including a phone number, a physical address, an email address, and a contact form. 

You might have come across popups where a customer service representative asks if they can be of any help. This goes a long way to strengthen the user’s trust and add credibility to your company. Live chat popups are also used for communication and addressing various users' questions.


Fortunately, creating a landing page isn’t rocket science for any good website developer. Some of the most compelling landing pages have multiple methods of contact, including a phone number, a physical address, and email address, and a contact form. All of these methods of contact encourage visitors to engage more.  A high converting landing page is the place where customers click, buy and you earn revenue. So don't mess it up and follow the above-discussed elements in your website designing & development.

Timing Is Key For Success On Social Media In 2020

Social media is changing at a rapid pace. No longer is social media a novelty part of our lives. Today it has transformed into an essential commodity of a modern life. Social media in the 2020s has penetrated our personal lives like never before. Now a digital marketing agency can no longer follow the archaic marketing principle to machine success.   

A digital marketing company can no longer just post on social media and expect things to go their way. Now an agency/marketer needs to intelligently optimize their post approach to gain traction on Social Media. But how can you optimize your post approach? The answer is simple, understand the people that use these platforms, and you’ll be able to optimize your content.

The right timing can unlock many growth opportunities on social media. Therefore understand when to post your content on which social media platform. It increases the chance of engagement and potential conversion. Thus here we have the right content post timings for all the major social media platforms: 


Facebook is one of the most influential social media platforms today. Many people around the world cannot imagine a world without it. The impact that it has on businesses around the world is unprecedented. Therefore a digital marketing agency needs a comprehensive content posting time guide to the platform. The user demographic on Facebook is older when compared to platforms like Instagram & Snapchat. The best timings to engage general Facebook users are within the week from Wednesday to Friday in a timeframe of 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


LinkedIn is another extremely essential social media platform for a digital marketing company. LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms due to its demographics. A majority of its users are career professionals that don’t have time or interest to appreciate unnecessary post overload. As a result, a digital marketing agency must pay special attention to LinkedIn. The best posting time to suit the LinkedIn user demographic are the days of Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday between the timeframe of 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  


Now the social media platform is the talk of the town. Instagram is by far the most youth-oriented social media platform on this list. Due to Instagram having a higher user demographic between the age group of 18-25 years. Post timings need to match the lifestyle of a younger user base. A digital marketing agency can post within the entirety of the week from Monday to Friday. As young users barely ever stop using the platform, the best timeframe to post is from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Twitter as a social media is not like the rest on the list. Twitter is more like a news-centric community discussion platform where speed and virality are prime for engagement. A digital marketing agency needs to understand this need for quick and digestible content to increase engagement on Twitter. The best time to post on Twitter is within the weekdays of Wednesday to Friday between the timeframe of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

The above four examples of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn showcase how timing makes a difference. Social media has become an irrespirable part of our lives. Thus now a digital marketing agency/marketer needs a more holistic approach to SMM than just hacks & tricks. 

4 Don'ts A Facebook Advertisement Company Must Avoid!

Facebook marketing isn’t an easy task that anybody can do. The job of a Facebook advertisement company is an extremely complex task that involves many different facets. 

To guarantee the success of a marketing campaign, you need to factor in multiple things to better understand successful campaigns and create them. We take a pause and focus on the things that a good digital marketing agency avoids while they plan their campaigns. 

The below points elaborate on the top mistakes that if avoided can propel a Facebook campaign to the next level. Continue reading on: 

Don’t 1 - Lack of Strategic Planning 

The first and foremost mistake that a Facebook advertisement company can make is not having strategic planning. As a result, many advertisement campaigns will eventually lose their steam midway through their planned run time. What's worse than a campaign that doesn’t convert and fails fast? A campaign that doesn’t convert and goes on for too long sucking money! 

Therefore, it is essential that digital marketing agencies do not make the mistake of being short-sighted. To remedy this, a good marketing agency would have comprehensive time-bound goals for continuous growth assessment. 

Don’t 2 - Not Optimising Your Content For Your Audience

Your content is the backbone of your Facebook advertising campaign. Just like captivating content can drive engagement and results up to the heavens, bad content can run them into the ground. The biggest mistake a Facebook advertisement company can make is not adapting their content to suit their target audience.    

Content-based marketing that favors bright colors and animated characters will convert way fewer adults than children. A Facebook marketer that doesn’t suit its content with its audience will not convert. 

Don’t 3 - Not Engaging With Your Audience  

The third mistake keeps in line with the above point as we talk about user-engagement. Even if your content-based advertising campaign succeeds, you would still fail in the long run. Why you may ask? Well, the answer is simple, if you don’t engage your hard-earned leads from the camping, they will go away. 

A Facebook advertisement company must function in a constant feedback loop. In this loop, the campaigns they run feed into their overall content-driven engagement strategies. As a result of doing this, a digital marketing agency helps even out the curve and convert more leads. 

Don’t 4 - Not Creating A Profile Theme

Now the consumer behavior has changed and the modern customer is not like the ones before them. Today, the brand aesthetic of a Facebook profile plays a key role in building a business's brand image in the eyes of a visitor. A Facebook advertisement company puts itself under great pressure by not creating a branded profile theme. 

To resolve this, a Facebook marketer/agency should use its brand colors and aesthetics in creating its content. As a result of this, their brand image and identity will be showcased much better. 

Our Take 

The above Don’ts are precautionary to protect its interests in the long-run. The caliber of a Facebook advertisement company shows how it deals with the pressure of handling multiple different campaigns. These Don’ts might seem obvious enough, but they must be hammered into a company’s thinking to avoid them. 

A business that wants to take advantage of Facebook’s potential needs a partner that is experienced in the industry and skilled in their craft. Therefore, a business needs to ally with a digital marketing agency that has an intuitive understanding of Facebook and SMM. 

4 Font Bundles Every WordPress Developer Needs To Have!

Typography is one of the core elements of a website’s design philosophy. The correct use of typographical elements can invoke a cardinal response from visitors. While the wrong use can prompt diminish a website’s appeal. Therefore it becomes paramount for a WordPress developer to be cognizant about the best typographic design fonts out there.

Every typographic design font is special, as it matches a corresponding website designing philosophies. As a developer uses different design elements, themes, etc. for different websites. They should extend the same line of thinking for typographical elements as well. 

Thus, to aid designers, developers, website owners create better websites we have compiled a list of the best font styles to use in their WordPress websites. The following are four of the best font bundles for WordPress: 

#1 Ultimate Old-School PC

This font bundle pack is the best choice for any WordPress developer looking for the retro style. The typeface of the font is specially designed to carry the same vintage essence as the 1970s-80s. The typographic font bundle has a set of 81 sets of alphabetic and numeric characters. Designers can also customize the font characters to suit multilingual development needs via Unicode. This retro pack is essential for adding a retro flair to your website designing. One noteworthy thing is the fact that this pack is free for commercial use as long as you attribute the original creators.  

#2 TheHungryJPEG

This font bundle is a little different than the other on the list, as it isn't a font bundle. TheHungryJPEG is more of a resource for a WordPress developer. This resource website has hundreds of high-quality graphics, vectors, fonts, etc. The reason it is featured on this list is due to the level of quality it offers. TheHungryJPEG also works wonders with both online and offline-printing needs. The link we provide is for the specially hand-picked graphic fonts for many types of websites by TheHungryJPEG for FREE!  

Font Bundle -  TheHungryJPEG

#3 Mighttype Script 

This font type is the perfect bundle for anyone looking to add the flare of handwritten characters on their website. Restaurants, niche foods, wine, calligraphy, etc. are a few examples of the types of websites that a WordPress developer can work wonders with the Mighttype Script bundle. The streaks of single strokes make the font characters extremely visually appealing.

Font Bundle - Mighttype Script

#4 One Day

This font bundle is for a WordPress developer who wants to create a website that has a neo-urban aesthetic to it. The typographic font bundle carries a rather unseen mix of semi-casual and semi-formal style choices. This myriad of different alphabetic personalities gives the font style a unique character. Another great thing about the font pack is that all the uppercase and lowercase are pre-added to the pack free of cost. 

Font Bundle -  One Day

Our Take

The above bundles are the best when a WordPress developer wants to revamp his or her website without compromising any other design element. Playing with the typography of a website is one of the easiest ways to alter the way it is perceived by visitors. 

A business can completely alter their online identity with the correct use of the right typographical elements. To enable this, a business must partner with a skilled website designing agency that fulfills their graphic vision.

How To Make Your Restaurant Website Future Proof

The hospitality business is a ruthless industry that takes no prisoners. Even though that was an exaggeration, you do get the gist of it. The hospitality is a tough nut to crack, especially the restaurant-sector of the market. Modern restaurant businesses have a lot of challenges already, while many digital challenges approach them. 

How can a restaurant business future proof itself? The answer to that question lies in the fundamental aspect of the internet, website! Restaurant businesses that either still doesn't have a website, or have a bad one are doomed in the long run. To remedy this, a restaurant business must invest in robust website designing. 

The following are four ways you can future proof your restaurant business’s website design:  

Think Mobile 

The age of the personal computer has come to an end, the next step for the internet is mobile. The rise of mobile devices has been undeniable in recent years. Nearly 52% of internet traffic today is being generated by mobile smart devices (e.g. smartphones). Therefore, you would be putting your restaurant website’s future under jeopardy, if you don’t optimize it for mobile devices. 

A good developer can go even further and start tweaking the website designing of your website to support multiple devices (e.g. Tablets, SmartWatches, etc.). When you create a website that works smoothly on multiple different devices, you increase your chances of finding new leads & conversions. 

Use Color That Soothe 

We all have visited a website that had way too much bling in their website design-color than what was required. The use of bright and popping colors might serve a purpose in some industries, but the food industry isn't one of them. In the hospitality industry, especially the restaurant-sector of the industry, the focus should always be on the food. Obnoxiously loud web design can distract or even irritate the visitor.  

Thus when discussing your website designing with your designers, make sure to include a neutral color pallet. Use a color palette that soothes the user and puts them at ease and makes them feel at home.

Create A Menu Page

Far too many restaurant businesses still miss out on the great opportunity. A website for a restaurant business is more than just internet real-estate. It is a representation of what the restaurant is, in its truest sense. A restaurant website must encompass the ambiance, the traditions, and the soul of the restaurant it represents. 

The easiest way to showcase is by creating a great menu page. A restaurant’s priority is always food, therefore showing how great your food is an ingenious way of marketing. A restaurant that has good website designing has a menu page that perfectly highlights the brilliant culinary prowess of the restaurant establishment.

Image Good, Video Bad!

Now, this might come off as counterintuitive to many. As the one thing that has been hammered into people in the name of futuristic website designing is the use of dynamic video-graphics content. It must be understood that even though the reasoning behind that argument is solid. Sometimes it makes better sense to just avoid certain aspects of website design that can slow down your website.  

The modern consumer is very different from the previous generations. The new generation of internet users won’t think highly of your website if it loads slow on their devices. Substituting images instead of videos help as they are easier and faster to load and handle by a CMS. 

The above tips enable you to create a website that propels your restaurant business to the next level. In the internet-powered world of today, you must treat your restaurant website the same way you would your physical restaurant establishment.

In Conclusion Restaurant businesses that want to take full advantage of their online presence, just good website designing isn’t enough, you also need great marketing. Therefore a business must partner with an experienced online marketing company to reach new heights.

5 Reasons Every Modern Business Needs Laravel

The modern landscape of business has changed. The world no longer functions on Personal Computers, now the world is not only digital but also mobile. With nearly 65% of the world now accessing the internet on mobile devices, the need for web-based mobile applications is now! 

But businesses must also be aware of the hazards of creating web applications with any other PHP framework. In this critical time for growth, businesses must choose the right development tools for creating their web apps. The following five points detail why businesses must use Laravel developers services for robust brand growth!  

1. Wide Reach & Operability 

It would be an understatement to say that Laravel is a popular PHP framework. Since its inception back in 2011, Laravel has proved time and again its operational functionality. This extreme popularity that Laravel enjoys among web application developers is not just something to gloat about. 

This popularity serves a purpose. That purpose is the creation of a large development community. With so many developers becoming Laravel developers services providers, it is difficult to not find support for any development roadblock.    

2. Increased Performance

Businesses that pivot and create web applications are looking for growth. If the core of your web application necessity is robust and fast growth, then Laravel is for you! Creating, testing, and deploying new products/services powered by Laravel is a breeze.  

Laravel developers services providers that are experienced offer rapid quick turn-around times. Web applications built on Laravel are intuitively optimized for performance and speed. A business can grow at an exponential rate with web apps powered by Laravel.   

3. High-end Security

The developers of Laravel were aware of the grave security concern many have regarding web-based applications. The solutions these developers came up with were fully integrated into the MVC-based PHP framework of Laravel.  

Web applications that Laravel developers services providers create, offer businesses with an unparalleled level of system security. Laravel offers web application developers and businesses the opportunity to create safe products/ services that work seamlessly while providing amazing value.   

4. Save Time & Money

The development cycle for a good web application is both tough and time-consuming. To make things even slower you have many different PHP framework solutions on the internet that offer little to none rapid-development features. 

The creators of Laravel were fully aware of this shortcoming of many PHP frameworks. As a result, Laravel offers a wide variety of inbuilt tools and saves on development time. Businesses that take Laravel developers services from web application developers save on both time and money when creating their web apps. 

5. Traffic Scalability 

Web applications are complex systems with multiple factors impacting their operational functionality. Add to this multifactorial system, the ever-present threat of a sudden rise in user traffic volume.

The goal of web application developers with web apps is to reach and provide value to as many users as possible, but when that happens in instant things can get messy. If a web application receives more traffic than it can handle, then it is bound to crash. In the event of a system crash, the loss of data, user trust, and brand-credibility can be immense. 

Laravel is a PHP framework that has been built keeping in mind the very need for instant scalability. Web applications designed and developed with Laravel are far easier to expand than the others. Therefore, it becomes imperative that a business employs Laravel developers services for robust growth.

In Conclusion

Laravel developers services providers have grown from a novelty to the backbone of online businesses. The reach and market-penetration that web applications offer are simply too great to let go. Therefore a business must pouch on such an opportunity and create a robust web app-based brand-identity with the help of experienced web app developers

3 Types Of Content On Pinterest That Convert!

An online marketing company is constantly plagued by many questions regarding their digital marketing strategy. With the rise of social media platforms, some things have gotten simpler, while others not so much.  

Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that remain a mystery to a large majority of digital marketers. This lack of familiarity with the platforms restricts many businesses the great opportunity Pinterest has to offer. Therefore, to foster a better understanding of the platform and the type of content-driven marketing it requires, here is a list of the top content that converts on Pinterest!   

The following three types of content are the best when it comes to increasing engagement and generating growth: 

Attention-Grabbing Content 

A majority of digital marketers tend to ignore Pinterest while they favor Instagram for visual content-driven marketing. In our opinion, this is a grave mistake made by an online marketing company.    

Pinterest is also a social media platform centered around images. Therefore, good attention-grabbing images should be the core of your content strategy. An online reputation buildup company needs to pay extensive attention to detail when curating their feed to reach an optimal aesthetic. 

To get started on how to create an attention-grabbing Pinterest feed, you should follow the guidelines below:   

  • Use high-quality original images.
  • Coordinate your feed’s color aesthetic to match individual posts. 
  • Create a narrative through your image curation. 

Inspirational Content 

Pinterest started as an interesting board where people could save their ideas and inspirations. Today Pinterest has grown a lot from its humble beginnings. But the core philosophy behind the platform is still very much the same.   

Content ideas that inspire do incredibly well on Pinterest. This is due to a large number of Pinterest users who are on the constant lookout for new ideas and inspirations on the platform. Now that an online marketing company understands that there is a need for inspirational content, the rest is just the principle of demand and supply. The following types of content ideas can work wonders in the inspirational content niche: 

  • House/Office Decor
  • Motivational posts
  • Wedding dresses
  • Architecture 

Educational Content 

Social media platforms across the spectrum are growing into hub education. This shift in the type of content consumed over social media has had many reasons behind it. One of the biggest reasons has been the change in perception regarding social media as a whole. 

The modern consumer doesn’t look at social media the way previous generations used to. Today social media has become an extremely inseparable aspect of many users. An online marketing company will gain an edge if they carter to this growing need for educational content on Pinterest.   

Pinterest is an extremely capable social media platform that can be successfully transformed into a workhorse for great digital marketing. An online marketing company can greatly benefit from the female-centric audience user base of Pinterest for certain niches. 

In Conclusion Businesses that want to use Pinterest for growing their business to the next level, need to partner with a skilled online reputation buildup company for actionable results.

The Tech-Guide: Top Monitors For  Logo Designers

To create an outstanding logo design, one needs to know how to balance technology and creativity. In case, you wonder if this is the only recipe in logo designing!

Wait! There’s more to it. 

Creativity can be molded in its best shape, only when you use the right technology. The techno-asset for logo designers is Monitor. If you are a logo designer, we understand the real struggle to find the right monitor with accurate specifications. However, in this article, you will learn briefly about the top-best monitors with advanced technology for logo designers. 

Let’s Proceed!

1. Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K 

Screen size: 31.1″ | Resolution: 4096 x 2160 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | 2 x DisplayPort (HDCP), 2 x HDMI (HDCP), 3 x USB 3.0 downstream (Type A) ,USB 3.0 upstream (Type B)

Released on April 5, 2018, Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K is the most preferred monitor for the logo designers with panel technology of IPS-Pro. When compared to full HD, Eizo’s resolution is more than four times. You will get improved clarity with an enhanced pixel density of 149 PPI. Both the horizontal and vertical viewing angle is approx. 178 degrees. Eizo’s self-calibration sensor enables automation of the monitor’s color calibration.  

2. Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q

Screen Inch: 31.5″  | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K) | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | HDMI (MHL), DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort 

Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q is considered as the powerhouse of one of the best high-end 4K display monitors. The 31.5″ In-Plane Switching (IPS), the monitor offers comfortable ultra-wide 178°/178° viewing and offers a clear and consistent view of undistorted colors and supreme quality display. Additionally, it offers 99% Adobe RGB coverage, 100% of the sRGB, and 87% of the DCI-P3 color spaces. Furthermore, it offers an extremely high pixel density. 

3. Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC

Screen Inch: 40″ | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 60Hz |  2 x HDMI 1.4, 2 x DisplayPort 1.2a,  2 x audio jacks,  4 x USB 3 

Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC is an excellent choice for the logo designers. It is a great value for money and serves up a great image. It offers the option of connecting it with other devices with the help of DP-in and DP-out ports. Furthermore, with a VESA-compatible 100mm x 100mm, wall-mount kit, the monitor can be mounted on the walls.

4. Acer S277HK 

Screen size: 27″ | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 |  Panel technology: IPS | 1 x DisplayPort Cable, 1 x HDMI Cable, Power Cord 

Acer is always under the radar of logo designers. Therefore, Acer S277HK is the best choice for logo designers. Acer S277HK monitor provides the display resolution up to 4K, which comes with a 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The brightness level is up to 300 cd/m² rating. It features one of the lowest response time of 4 milliseconds. Interestingly, Acer S277HK is built with a power-consumption, which consumes only 49.87W during operation and 470 mW on standby. 

5. BenQ PD3200U

Screen size: 32″ | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 |   Refresh Rate: 60Hz |  USB 3.0 upstream, 4 x USB 3.0 downstream, 2 x HDMI 

The BenQ PD3200U comes with a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. The monitor offers to work on 4K images and 3D work with its widescreen. BenQ monitor supports 100% Rec 709. Furthermore, the monitor supports Dual View. It allows you to switch between sRGB and CAD/CAM mode. The most interesting thing is that the monitor supports 1.07 billion colors and features a low-response time of 4 milliseconds. 

The Wrap

For the designers, it is important to stay updated and in-touch with the latest technology in this cluttered marketplace of logo designing. The monitors mentioned above are great at providing advanced features for high-end results. These gadgets help in competing better and standing out from the competitors.

4 Development Tools A New WordPress Developer Needs To Have!

Building a good WordPress website is a complex multifactorial process. The prime task of a good WordPress developer is always to make the process less cumbersome. Therefore, to make the process of website designing easier, a developer must employ many different force-multiplying tools. 

These WordPress development tools enable you to create your website in an optimized way. Thus adding these tools into your WordPress development habits makes you a better developer. 

The following is the list of the top WordPress development tools all new developers must use:  

Local Development Environments 

Website designing and developing is a complex task involving many different facets. As a result, even if one of these numerous aspects fails or goes wrong you can have serious consequences. An experienced WordPress developer is fully aware of such risks and thus uses a Local Development Environment to make tests, edits, modifications, etc.

Local Development Environment can also double as a training ground for a novice developer. Due to LDE’s having no internet connection, you can safely experiment with a mock-up of your website. New developers should note that UNIX-based Operating Systems are easier to create LDEs when compared to macOS & Windows. 

Text Editors

Text editors are an essential tool for a wide variety of development needs and not just WordPress. Text editors act as a programming environment for a WordPress developer to write and edit their code. Text editors come in many different forms depending upon the development requirements. For example, you can use a basic text editor that is only able to edit code snippets, or you can use a full-fledged text editor environment meant for long term development. Fun fact, your native computer-system OS also comes loaded with a basic text editor.  

There's a huge variety of brilliant text editors in the market right now. The following are our top picks for the best text editors for website designing: 

  • Notepad++
  • Sublime Text
  • Atom
  • Brackets 
  • VS Code

File Transfer Protocol Client 

A WordPress developer is in a constant need for transferring, editing, and uploading many different files during development. Therefore having 24x7 access to your WordPress website’s files is a must for a good developer. 

Different developers use different methods to accomplish their file transfer tasks. For example, some developers prefer to use the WordPress command line while some use the files manager on their web hosting console. 

But in our opinion that WordPress developers who are starting should use a File Transfer Protocol client. An FTP client provides new developers with the whole package for file transfer. A good FTP client has great UI and amazing functionality on offer.


VCS or Version Control Software is a software that helps developers keep track of progressing code over a period. A VCS enables a developer to access previous generations of a code/program/software/file. As a result of this ability to be able to rewind phases of development, a WordPress developer can make better choices. 

A VCS platform also enables a community-driven approach to the development cycle. Pretty much all the VCS platforms out in the market currently offer some sort of collaborative tools. There are plenty of VCS platforms, but our favorite distributed VCS platforms are based on Git.

In Conclusion

WordPress website designing and developing is already a complex task as it is. A new WordPress developer should focus all his/her energy on perfecting their skills rather than rehashing the basics. The tools discussed above make the cumbersome tasks a little simpler and easier.

Types Of Analytic Tools Web Application Developers Use

The web-based application design and development process is a complex undertaking. Web application developers pay extremely close attention to detail to make things function properly. But have you wondered, how do they know what is important for an app’s success and what's not? 

The answer to the above question lies in understanding how a web application design company uses analytics. To better understand web app analytics, let us look at the most common types of analytic tools used by developers. 

Integrated Analytic Tools

Integrated Analytics is used to monitor user behavior in a closed application environment. Web-based and native mobile applications are both capable of conducting the in-app analysis. Web application developers employ the data gathered by in-app integrated analytics to streamline the app design process.  

In-app integrated analytics collect many mission-critical forms of user-data. The following is a list of the types of data collected by in-app analytics: 

  • Time spent using the app
  • The number of times the app was interacted with within a certain period (E.g., Hours, days, months) 
  • User age and gender demographics
  • User reaction to certain features

The above is just a small example of the types of collectible user data through integrated analytics. A web application design company can leverage the user-data gathered to understand the quantity & quantity of user-interaction with the web app. 

Performance Analytic Tools 

You cannot build great user experience with your apps if your apps fail to work. Therefore being able to monitor your app's performance should be a top priority of web application developers. It must be understood that even the best web hosting provider might fall prey to system failure every once in a while.   

Thus your app’s performance isn’t infallible, and it needs constant monitoring to function properly. Performance analytics help you in keeping this constant vigil on critical app functions. With performance analytics, a web application design company can monitor things like: 

  • Activity session reports
  • App crash details
  • Loading speeds
  • Download and upload speeds

Performance analytics are generally geared towards developers, but can also be read by other non-technical team members. 

Marketing Analytics Tools

The purpose of marketing analytic tools is unlike the previous two. Marketing analytics tools aren’t used to measure a web app's performance or study user-behavior. They are used for understanding the market your web application is in.  

Marketing analytics tools are generally not integrated inside the app itself. On the other hand, marketing analytics are usually found on the platform you use to publish your apps. Web application developers use marketing analytics tools to strategize how to grow the reach of a web app.   

The data you gather through marketing analytics can then be used to fuel your data-driven ad campaigns on Google & Facebook. The following four types of data are the most common that you gather from marketing analytics:  

  • Visitor impressions
  • User installations
  • Conversion rate
  • Click rate

Web application developers are constantly bombarded with many different types of development requirements. As a result, a mobile application development company is driven to make data-driven choices. Gathering insightful data and analyzing that data plays a critical role in the creation of web apps. 

Our Take With the growth of web-based app ecosystems, businesses have an amazing opportunity. To leverage this opportunity, a business must partner with an experienced web app development company.

How Do Logo Designers Use Colors To Create Meaning?

Logos are an extremely important part of a business’s brand identity. A good logo is the graphical summarization of everything a business stands for. Logo designers constantly use many graphic design tactics to inject life into their designs. Out of such tactics used by the top graphic designers, the use of color is the most apparent one.   

Color surrounds the entirety of the human world. As a result, human beings as a species have become hyper-dependent on color for many things. For example, everyday objects around that fill our lives are subliminally color-coded. Have you ever wondered by all the ‘Caution Wet Floor Ahead’ signs are yellow, or why all the traffic stop lights are red?

Logo designers regularly use two major inputs into the human psyche to establish meaning in color: 

Societal Input 

Since childhood, people are exposed to different colors and their meanings across societies. For example, in Christianity during wedding traditions, brides wear white-colored dresses to symbolize purity. Now, in contrast, white is a color that is associated with death and rebirth in East Asian cultures. (E.g. India) 

The above example proves that color on its own doesn’t have, meaning it is the people who give it its meaning. As people and societies change, so does the meaning of a color. Logo designers understand this and use the same color to send different messages to different societies. 

Evolutionary Input

As mentioned earlier, the color surrounds the human world. As a result, color and its influence evolved alongside humanity. For example, the color green is commonly associated with abundance and fertility. Meanwhile, the color blue evokes feelings of harmony and maturity.    

It is not hard to see the direct correlation between the colors and their representation across nature that have an impact on their human perception. Logo designers are well aware of this phenomenon and use colors with strong evolutionary associations to send across certain messages. 

For a better understanding, the following are the top three colors used in logos and their evolutionary heritage: 

  • Red - Just like the other color found in nature, red also has a distinct evolutionary identity. But unlike the rest of the colors found in nature, red has gained its meaning from lack of presence. If you compare green with red, you would find that you don’t find nearly enough red. As a result of the lack of presence, red is the color of surprise. Red isn’t something humans and animals see every day, thus it evokes excitement and grabs the attention of anybody looking at it. 
  • Yellow - Even though yellow might not be as abundant as blue or green, it is also not as scarce as red. Therefore you find the meaning yellow has evolved as into an airy character. The color yellow represents uniqueness, youth, and joyful friendliness. 
  • Black - It is the most fascinating color found in nature because it isn’t one. Many people don’t realize that black isn’t color, as it has no wavelength on the visual spectrum. For the human mind to comprehend a color, it must have a wavelength, but the lack of one in black makes it sheer nothingness. Black exudes luxury and modernity due to its lack of existence. 

In Conclusion

Good logo designers inject meaning into their logos with a comprehensive understanding of the human psyche. Businesses looking to create logos that enable them to build a robust brand identity must employ skilled and experienced logo graphic designers to do the job. 

4 Types Of Ads A Facebook Advertisement Company Needs To Know

Facebook is an amazing platform for building a business’s brand identity. A good Facebook advertisement company is the one that always stays on top of its game. For that to happen, Facebook marketers must always stay updated with new and emerging trends. 

This might not sound surprising, but it rather is. For a business to be able to harness the full potential of Facebook’s platform audience, they must use the correct tools. Thus knowing the best types of ads to run for different types of businesses is key to a successful Facebook advertisement company.  

But, how should one get to know about these different types of ads? Strap in as we bring to you the best four types of Facebook ads!  

Type 1 - GIF Ads

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is all the rage on the internet. GIFs have acquired a niche space of creative outlets that have resulted in very unique use-cases. The popularity of GIFs makes them perfect for a Facebook advertisement company’s ad campaign. 

GIFs are easy to make and easy to use. A GIF-based ad does the same thing a video ad does but in less time. A GIF-based ad also packs in more emotional punch than just a simple image. Add to this the lightweight-nature of GIFs, and you have the best blend of Images and videos. 

For your GIF-based ad to work as intended, make sure to make it smooth and uncluttered. If you stuff too many elements in a GIF-based ad, you run the risk of diluting your message. 

Type 2 - Post Engagement Ads

Facebook is a gigantic platform with nearly 2.2 Billion Monthly Active Users on its network. Many businesses on Facebook fail to reach their full potential due to this enormousness. A business on Facebook might already enjoy a stable amount of engagement, but still lack any growth in their niche. To remedy this, a Facebook advertisement company must use Post Engagement Ads.

You can classify Post Engagement ads as a sort of bost given to your organic page posts. With the use of Post Engagement ads, you reach an audience that is similar to your active niche just bigger in size. 

By using Post Engagement ads, you propel your organic content to reach more people that would reach algorithmically. These types of ads are best suited for brands looking to hit a critical mass of engagement. 

Type 3 - Carousel Ads

When you are an eCommerce-based business and need to get the maximum from your Facebook campaign Carousel ads are the best. Any eCommerce with the need of launching or showcasing a product on Facebook must go with Carousel ads to get the best exposure. 

A Carousel ad gives a Facebook advertisement company with the capability to display multiple-images and videos. Another prime reason that makes Carousel ads great is its added optimization for both mobile & desktop platforms. The cross-platform compatibility offered by Carousel ads sets them apart from the rest.   

Type 4 - Video Ads 

Any list about the most important types of Facebook ads cannot be complete without Video ads. Video-graphics ads might seem outdated and old, but the truth is quite the opposite. With the rise of smartphone users across the world and cheaper internet-data rates, access to video content has become easier.

Video ads are more persuasive to buyers when compared with image-based ads. The only downside of video-based ads is the difficulty in creating them. But a Facebook advertisement company must understand the importance of such ads. Building robust capabilities of video-based ad creation, therefore, must be a top priority of any Facebook marketer.

How The Top Graphic Designers Use Color To Hack Your Brain

“If a good color sells, the right color sells better” - NeuroMarketing

The world is filled with color, which makes it rather unsurprising to see the impact it has on human perception. The influence, color yields over the human psyche may be unsurprising to see, but it is interesting nonetheless.     

The correct use of color can greatly amplify a business’s brand presence. Along with this, the strategic use of color enables a business to carve out a niche for themselves in their respective industries. 

The top graphic designers around the globe understand the power color holds. They are the ones who constantly use color to help propel businesses around the world. Good graphic designers successfully manage to solve the riddles of color combinations, which gives them an edge in marketing. 

Thus to empower businesses, let us also understand the ways top graphic designers use color to hack your brain.  

Let’s Being!

Understanding Color Theory

Color Psychology:

It is the study of colors’ influence on human behavior, feelings, mood, and perceptions. Research suggests that up to 90% of snap judgments on products rely on the color itself. The right color can grab the attention of the audience instantly. 

A brand’s identity is the total sum of the public perception of the business. Therefore using color psychology to enhance the experience a user/customer has with a brand can work wonders business’s market identity.

Color Wheel:

The color wheel helps to understand how different colors relate to each other. It shows the way they can be combined. Usually, the color circle is built of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The primary is three pigment colors that cannot be formed from any combination of colors. By combining the primary colors, we get secondary colors. Furthermore, when we combine the primary and secondary, we get the tertiary colors.

Let’s understand the concepts related to the color wheel. Graphic designers use them as the magic key to forming new colors:

Hue: It is another name for the color and is the most basic.

Saturation: It refers to intensity. In other words, whether the colors appear more subtle or more vibrant. 

Value: It refers to the color on how light or dark is and which is ranging from black to white. It gives many different shades. 

Graphic designers make use of these concepts to form new forms of colors. Graphic designers use tried-and-true formulas based on color harmony. Here are the important formulas:

  • Monochromatic: Monochromatic uses only a single color or hue. The easiest formula for color harmony is Monochromatic. The single hue can be used for different variations by saturation or value.
  • Analogous: Analogous color scheme uses the color lying next to each other on the wheel. Graphic designers play with the color palette and create a unique interpretation. 
  • Complementary: In this, the opposite colors are taken from the wheel, for example, red and green. 
  • Split Complementary: It uses the colors that are on either side of the complement. It provides the same level of contrast for better and potential results. 
  • Triadic: A triadic color scheme uses three colors that are evenly spaced forming a perfect triangle on the wheel. These eventually appear striking with primary and secondary colors. 
  • Tetradic: Tetradic color scheme forms a rectangle on the wheel using two complementary color pairs. This works best if you let one color dominate and other work as an accent. 

Maximize Color Effectiveness On Consumers

Graphic designing experts work on certain ways to maximize color effectiveness. Here are the tricks to consider to attract consumers:

  1. The coordination of colors is an important aspect to set up the mood to impress the consumers. Keep the color of your website as basic and accent. Also, avoid the use of random colors.
  2. Colors are a universal thing for men and women. Generally, men prefer to choose shades and women tend to incline towards soft colors or tints. For instance, if your target audience is teenagers, then bright colors will work. It is important to consider the right color for the specific gender and of a specific age group. 
  3. Always run A/B split tests. Also, try the heatmap analysis and figure out how your ‘trigger zone’ performs. For this, you can also hire the top graphic designers.   

The Bottom Line

All this information leads us to conclude that color not only adds beauty but also customers to a brand. Colors play a significant role in promoting your business. For that, you need to consider all the possibilities concerning your color-brand integration. 

In the long run, ignorance about colors can have a serious impact on your business. With the help of color tactics, you can target the right audience and turn them into your potential customers.

How Logo Designers Can Inject Positivity Into Their Designs

Logo designers around the world have the difficult task of creating logos are that unique & impactful. The top graphic designers worldwide, craft logos that precisely describe what a business stands for.  

But in all this, the pertinent question remains is how do they do it? The answer to this question is simpler than you might have imagined. Good graphic design services providers inject emotions into their designs.  

The emotion that the majority of designers use is positivity. Nobody likes designs that sulk. Thus the following three steps will tell you how you can inject positivity into your designs.

#1 Know Your Target Group 

Positivity can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. If your client is a gym, then positivity would be related to muscle gain, weight loss, etc. On the other hand, if your client is a restaurant, then positivity would be related to good food, fond memories, etc. 

The two examples above are just scratching the surface of different meanings of positivity in different industries. Thus good logo designers make it their mission to research their client’s target market. 

A top graphic designer would want specifics, like age demographic, nationality, household income, gender, etc. The more information you have, the better the estimations of positivity you will make.  

#2 Use A Mascot

The personification of inanimate objects has always been a tactic used to convey emotion through the ages. A mascot can be used in any sense it can be used to evoke mystery, amusement, excitement, etc. 

To invoke a warm and fuzzy feeling inside the audience, you can turn things to be cuter. Animales, children, trees, vegetables, etc., there are no limits to what you can turn into a mascot. The innate ability to craft mascots out of ordinary things is the hallmark of skilled logo designers.

#The Right Combination Of Elements

Ideation is just the tip of the iceberg in logo design. After you have figured out what you want to do, you need to get your house in order. What this means is that you must get the right combination of design elements to suit your creation process.     

Experienced logo designers know the significance of selecting the right design elements. A logo is the visual representation of a business’s brand identity, thus everything must be on point.

A piece of advice to novice designers, make sure to utilize your client’s, brand colors, fonts (if any), and any other design element that might reflect their brand identity.

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3 Golden Rules Of Good Website Designing

To create good UX/UI, you must conduct thorough testing that may tell you about the chinks in your armour. Empowered with user insight, you can do wonderful things as a website designer.

Website designing is a process that takes time to master. You won’t be able to craft beautifully functional websites from day one. To craft a highly useful website design, one must have a deep understanding of all aspects of the design process. 

Nonetheless, having a strong foundational knowledge of website graphic design services will also help greatly. Therefore, we bring you these 3 fundamental rules of website design that the top graphic designers use. 

Meanwhile, it also must be understood that every designer has his/her process for creativity. Thus these 3 rules provide you with a base that you can then build upon. 

#Rule - 1 Brainstorm

Website designing is a multi-varied process with many moving parts that make up the design. A good website designer is one who can successfully manage and optimize all these elements to work coherently. 

Thus a website designer needs to have the right frame of mind while working on projects. One way the top graphic designers achieve this is through careful ideation and assessment of all necessary project details. This ideation and assessment process is also called ‘brainstorming’.

In a brainstorming session, a website graphic designer will ponder many elements of a website’s design. The primary examples of such elements would be the color schemes, fonts, dynamic animations, etc.  

#Rule - 2 Wireframe

After you have had a productive brainstorming session, it is only natural to have many ideas to work with. Even though having many ideas is generally a good thing, it can sometimes hamper work speed. 

Therefore, the next step to take in the process of website designing is to figure out what works and what doesn’t. To achieve this, you must transfer your ideas from thoughts to executable schematics. 

The process of this idea transfer from abstract to tangible is known as ‘wireframing.' In the process of wireframing, you figure out how each design element works with the front & back-end of the website.

#Rule 3 - Test

Now that you have completed wireframing the website’s design elements, then the final rule is to test them. Testing might sound simple enough, but it is crucial for creating a robust product. 

As a good graphic design services provider, your aim should always be on creating great products, above anything else. The process of website designing isn’t just about creating how the website looks, it is about crafting how it feels. Thus building a good user interface is quintessential for creating a successful product. 

10 Tactics A New Instagram Advertisement Agency Needs to Know

Instagram has completely altered the game of social media and eCommerce altogether. Since its inception, Instagram has exploded in popularity. Instagram in a recent statement revealed that it had 100+ Million MAUs in the United States alone.

This rise in usage and relevance in contemporary society has given Instagram tremendous power. There is a need for good Instagram marketing companies that can help businesses take leverage of the platform. 

Therefore, we bring 10 tactics that every new Instagram advertisement agency needs to know: 

#1 Find Your Audience

Instagram has a large audience to offer, but be careful as overexposure can be counterproductive. It is the job of a good Instagram advertisement agency to strategically target demographics on Instagram.    

Finding these niche communities can benefit a business’s identity and reduce the chances of brand image dilution. These niche groups can be divided into different demographics of age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc. 

#2 Set Clear Goals

A masterful plan needs an equally brilliant execution to fully work. Therefore a good Instagram advertisement agency will always pre-define their target goals. 

By setting clear and well-defined goals, you reduce the chances of miscommunication and misdirection while running the campaign.

#3 Work On The Profile 

Your client’s profile is the most important aspect of their existence on the platform. The profile is the first thing a user would see and connect with a brand on Instagram.

You must optimize the following aspects of your client’s profile:  

  • Username
  • Account Display Name
  • Website Link
  • Profile Category 
  • Contact Details

#4 Craft a ‘LOOK’

Instagram is a visual medium of social media, therefore focus on creating a ‘look’ for your client. An average Instagram user comes across hundreds of business profiles trying to target them. 

A skilled Instagram advertisement agency will understand this and work on creating a unique and memorable ‘feed structure’ for its clients.  

#5 Use Hashtags Intelligently

Instagram puts a limit of 30 hashtags per post per user. Therefore, it is important that you intelligently use them to amplify their impact. 

The following is a list of things to keep in mind while selecting hashtags: 

  • Make sure they are related to the post.
  • Don’t use overused or generalized hashtags. E.g. #mondaymood, etc.
  • Create your own unique renditions of popular hashtags.    

#6 Tell Stories

Instagram’s userbase is dominated by GEN - Z and Millennials. Thus the content you create for the platform must be ready for future consumer behavior. Instagram Stories is an optimal stream for content that drives up engagement while not ruining your ‘feed look’. 

#7 Focus On Captions

The caption for your Instagram post gets neglected quite a lot. An experienced Instagram advertisement agency would know that the ‘bio’ is one of the most important parts of your post. 

Captions are what deliver a brand’s message to a user after they have been engaged by the image/video. Captions must be seen as big Call-To-Action buttons and be given the same importance.  

#8 Interact 

A business on Instagram must constantly be on the vigil for interaction and engagement opportunities. By regularly posting quality content, you will eventually cultivate a fanbase of users, engage them.

#9 Don’t Negate The DP      

DP or Display Picture is a quintessential part of a business’s identity on Instagram. It is a very important and often overlooked part of your Instagram real-estate, that you must use to the fullest. Make sure to use a DP that captures the imagination of the user since the first viewing. 

#10 Influence Through Influencers

Instagram Influencers are users of the platform that have a large audience of people that follow them. Now, these Instagram personalities yield a sort of influence over these ‘followers’, that makes them valuable assets for businesses

An ace Instagram advertisement agency will find such partnerships to enhance a brand’s reach on the platform.

3 Graphic Designing Rules New Logo Designers Must Follow!

Starting in the graphic design services industry can be tough, especially for the novice logo designers. Beginners in logo design must be aware of the fact that graphic logo design is more than just theory. 

A logo is much more than many people make it out to be. A correctly designed logo is the perfect representation of a business when being showcased in front of a large and diverse audience. 

Therefore to demystify the designing process of a good logo, we present you with the 3 rules that the top graphic designers around the world follow.

New Logo Designers Must Keep Things Simple And Easy

It is much easier to conjure up abstract design elements than focusing and coming up with a simple and easy design. Logo designers who are starting, make this mistake a lot, where they lose focus on the essential to chase the conceptual idea.

A logo is the first thing many people will see of a brand or business. Thus logo design must be kept simple and easy to understand. 

To craft a simple and easy logo design you must adhere to the following guide list:

  • Make sure not to overcrowd your logo design with too many elements.
  • It is a must that you use White Space in your design efficiently that is impactful.
  • What colors go on a logo is the decision of the business that the logo represents. But make sure to share your expert opinion, if you see your client steering away from widely accepted color schemes.  
  • The top graphic designers don’t make the mistake of following outdated design trends. Always remember to stay updated with current design trends and philosophies.

Balance And Proportion Are Key

Human beings have a tendency to appreciate designs that are balanced and proportionate. Logo designers by using the least required amount of design elements allow the design to flourish. 

The proportion in logo design means the weight each design element carries within a logo. When a single or a group of design elements overpower the design philosophy of a logo, it is a hallmark of bad proportioning. 

A design that has good proportioning will be balanced enough to be symmetrical in nature. The top graphic designers are known for their ability to maintain equal harmony in logo design. 

Your Logo Designs Must be Industrious

Logos are a graphical representation of a business’s brand identity. Therefore, logos need to be flexible and industrious in their design to enable greater interoperability. A logo can be put up on a gigantic Hot Air Ballon, as well as on a tiny candy wrapper. Thus logo designers must pay close attention to little design details of their graphic logos. 

For graphic design services providers to achieve this flexibility, they must create vectors of their designs. Another thing to keep in mind while designing flexible logos, is that make sure to use logic to guide you. Though creativity is important for a good logo design, logic is often neglected in graphic design.

Top 6 Tips For Creating Amazing Landing Pages

Landing pages are the face of your website. A landing page is the first page a casual visitor will encounter when they stumble upon your site. Thus it is extremely important to create landing pages that are impactful in order to increase conversion rates. 

Businesses looking to leverage landing pages to their full potential must read carefully. In this article, we explore website designing extensively to unearth secrets of creating amazing landing pages. 

Add Value 

The first step you can take to create amazing website landing pages is to understand that it is all about value. The more value you add to the everyday average visitor to your website, the more chances are that they will convert into users. Your website designing phase must include ‘adding value’ as its main priority. 

Engage Your Visitors 

Always remember visitors on the internet are extremely fickle. It would not take a single notification from a different app to distract them from your website. Thus, it is important to catch the attention of your potential users within the first 3 seconds of them surfing through your website.  

Here is a checklist to keep in mind while creating an engaging landing page: 

  • How difficult is your website to understand at first glance? 
  • Is your call-to-action eye-catching and impactful?
  • Are their too many website design elements that distract users from the main content?

If any of these questions have a yes as an answer, then it is time to focus on recalibrating your website designing. 

Call To Action

It might sound trivial, but having a relevant call to action is extremely important. Web application developers must include a call-to-action while in the website designing phase, to have better cohesion with the overall site design. 

By having a harmonious call-to-action, you make it easier for the visitor to grasp what site wants him/her to do, i.e. take action. Make sure to include simple yet impactful design elements into your call-to-action, as it will affect how a user perceives it. 

Another key factor to always remember is that your call-to-action must always be positive, and send out positive affirmations. 

Social Media Networking Options 

Your landing page must have social media outlets! It is quintessential for a business to have a social media presence in the age of the internet. Thus it makes sense that you should integrate your social media into your website designing process. Visitors must be able to share the experience they have on your website, for which they need comprehensive social media sharing options.   

Social Credibility 

The power of positive suggestions is unparalleled on the human brain. Thus it would be foolish not to include such a powerful tool into your website designing process. Your web application developers can integrate your client reviews and testimonies on your landing page. This added layer information will give all your potential visitors an insight into what it’s like being your user.  

You can use the following to build social credibility: 

  1. Testimonies
  2. Reviews
  3. Case studies 
  4. User graphs   

Keep Things Updated

After you have built the website/web application of your dreams, now it is time to keep it updated. In the age of the internet, it doesn’t take long before a piece of software or hardware grows obsolete. Thus you must always be on the lookout for keeping things optimized and updated. No user would like to surf through a website/web application that is clunky and slow to load.  

Your website is the cornerstone of your online identity. This is why it is extremely important to have impactful landing pages. Thus by following these six steps, you can also create epic website landing pages that can rival any other in the industry.