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The 1,000 Dreams Fund is a scholarship fund whose sole mission is to empower teen girls with up to $1,000 in micro-grants to fund their dreams. From out-of-state internships and travel expenses to conferences to study abroad expenses and more, the 1,000 Dreams Fund’s mission is to open as many doors as possible for young women with inspiring dreams. To learn more visit: 1000dreamsfund.org Follow the 1,000 Dreams Fund on Twitter at @1000DreamsFund for regular updates.


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Happy St. Patrick's Day! We are so lucky to have such great ambassadors and supporters at the 1,000 Dreams Fund!

Congratulations to our #FundMyTrip winner Laurie Strebe! Learn a little bit more about her and how she will use her funding to live her dreams!

What do you do currently and how did you get here?

Currently I am pursuing an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene, all core classes have been taken and will start seeing real patients next semester. I also work  in a Dental Office and assist as well as help out wherever needed. My career choice was decided after being introduced to the field by volunteering with a Dentist who cares for patients confined in a local nursing home. It was then I knew I could not only become a Hygienist but take it a step further and use my talents by helping those who needed me most!

What do you plan on doing with the Fund My Trip Grant?

The Fund Trip Dream Challenge funding/grant is allowing me to join a group of 15 others on a Medical/Dental Mission to Elias Piña, DR. For 5 days our group will be traveling to remote villages located on the Dominican/Haiti border. We will see approximately 600 persons who normally would not have a chance for much needed care. This region is very poor and don't even have funds or means to purchase aspirin for something as simple as a headache! My duties will include, but not limited to, providing fluoride treatments to children and adults teeth, oral hygiene education, and assisting the two Dentists with their efforts.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment so far would have to include being recognized, nominated, and won a 'Peers in the Profession' award by an International Toothpaste company. The wall plaque with my name on it fuels my intense desire to do well in everything I set out to do.

What challenges have you had to overcome to get to where you are?

My biggest challenge I had to, and have to still overcome is my intense shyness. The best way to deal with shyness or anxiety is to throw yourself with 15 other strangers and spend time with them planning a mission trip! I pushed myself to do things I was not comfortable with to deal with my insecurities. I have learned we all feel unsure of ourselves at times so I always try to remember I am never alone.

What has the ‘highlight’ of your journey been thus far?

The highlight of my life's journey has been providing Dental care to retired Catholic Nun's both in office and out in the field at their homes. I laugh every time I think of an incident where a Nun sneezed. Of course I said "bless you," then immediately wondered if I could say that! I was assured it was okay and have been blessed hundreds of times just being able to spend time with these sisters!

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from my faith first, then shadowing other women who, through hard work, have become successful. Success, I have deduced from these women, does not come from how much money you make, or how fancy the car is you drive. Success is a feeling that inspires more success, it is fuel for your next pursuit!

What are the attributes that you believe are most important for young women to have in order to stand out and find success?

Attributes that are important for young women to stand out and find success are many and must be tailored according to personality. We all have certain strengths we can utilize to obtain success. For me not the smartest in class I join every study group I can learn from others strengths. Believe in yourself and ask for help. And to quote my Dad, "When you work, work hard"! "And when you play, play hard!"

If you could share just one piece of advice to all young girls what would it be?

My piece of advice to other young girls: Never compare yourself with others. You have many years to live with yourself so you might as well start this minute to be happy in your own skin. Look in the mirror tonight before bed and be happy what you see, you are beautiful!

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Today is a collective day of global celebration and a call to gender equality. We celebrate the contributions of women like YOU around the world! Let’s keep the progress going! #IWD2016

Congratulations to our ‪#‎FundMyTrip‬ Challenge winner: Laurie S.!!

Laurie plans to use her $500 grant from the 1,000 Dreams Fund to make a difference through a Medical and Dental Mission to the small village of Elias Pina on the border of Haiti

“I am so very honored and humbled, and of course overwhelmingly excited to have been chosen so I can have a chance to improve the lives of others,” Laurie says about her win.

Laurie, we are so excited about your win and wish you the best on your mission trip!

A BIG thank you to everyone who has entered and a special shout out to both Gracie Schram and Ingrid I. for their awesome entries!

It was so inspiring to see all the exciting places that you want to go this semester. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting opportunities from the1,000 Dreams Fund and don't forget to apply for our scholarship for your chance to win $1,000! ow.ly/YaUWQ

Happy Galentine's Day! Share the love with your girls by inviting them to enter the @1000dreamsfund Scholarship to win $1,000 towards living their dreams!

We Need Representatives for the Underrepresented: Where Are Our Role Models?

Written by Brianna Woods of the University of Missouri

I used to be nervous to discuss politics yet, I felt so strongly about how it affects the communities we live in. The male students in my classes were quick to give their opinions and I would sit silently disagreeing with everything they said. Their views did not encompass anyone’s experiences outside of their own. After awhile, I could not sit in silence any longer. I first decided to speak up in high school about how women and people of color were vital to America’s formation from legislation to culture and entertainment and I was ridiculed for it. But over time, as I became more educated on other leaders I grew a sense of esteem to use my voice even more in the midst of disrespect and disagreement. I looked to role models such as Maya Angelou or Eleanor Roosevelt for leadership examples. For papers and projects, I always chose women or people of color. I knew in my soul there legacy was important. Imagine this: Living in a world where the majority of its leaders do not share your same perspectives and experiences.

68% of people do not feel there is enough diversity among those they consider to be role models in the government.

Being led by a body that is primarily white, heterosexual, Christian males has become routine. Yet there are many individuals who are of merit outside of this group who have been overlooked for leadership positions because of our complacency of sticking to what has always been.

We are rarely educated about leaders of color within the United States. This affects our construction of role models and our ability to relate with members within our government. Therefore, it is most important to note that diversity not only references physical similarities of multiple groups but also many systems of beliefs. This is especially important in the process of creating legislation that affects young adults who are developing their stances and searching for positive role models.

This is a real problem.

As a student at the University of Missouri, I have seen many groups rally for their rights because they feel as if individuals in larger power structures are dismissive to their concerns. Often, I walk pass Speakers Circle, an area on campus dedicated to free speech and echoes throughout the campus, where groups inform bystanders of their cause. Students of color have protested for a diverse staff and against systems of oppression within their educational experiences. These groups are using their voice to promote change in their communities. These students have definitely served as leaders and role models each other and students outside of their own groups. However, vocal groups such this need leaders to propel their concerns to the government. By supporting their cause and demanding results, role models within legislation can expose these issues.

These minority groups that want to be heard are not solely applicable to college campuses but to our society as a whole.

With a big election coming up, it is the perfect time to reassess the issue of diverse role models in government positions. As we see more diverse leaders within our government, we broaden our ability to relate to one another. When we become more unified in creating diverse and positive role models for the future we are also creating a greater depiction of the leaders within this country. Despite what 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump believes, “THIS is how we make America great again.”

5 Days of Giving from The 1,000 Dreams Fund

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8 Scholarships To Apply For During Winter Break

#FundingAlert!! Make the most out of your winter break by applying for one of these awesome scholarships - your future self with thank you, trust us!

1.       1,000 Dreams Fund Scholarship

The 1000 Dreams Scholarship provides one-time educational assistance for currently enrolled high school or college-aged women. This can include assistance for needs including but not exclusive to: educational conferences, instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits, graduate exam application fees, textbooks or tuition. The students eligible for assistance shall be women attending high school or a two-year or four-year college or university.

Available to: Young women in high school, college or right out of college with need for funding.

Award Amount: $1,000

Apply here: 1000dreamsfund.org

 2.       Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship

To enter, you must design a holiday, get well, or birthday greeting card and submit your work to be judged. Your photo, art, or graphics submitted must be your own original work and you must be at least 14 years of age to be eligible for this award.

Deadline: February 26, 2016

Available to: High School Freshman through Graduate Students

Award Amount: $10,000

 3.       Dr. Pepper Tuition

Submit your one of a kind story in 350 characters or less and rally your friends to vote! Once you reach 50 votes, you can submit a video to inspire more fans! $5,000 in tuition will be awarded to each of the Top 5 students on the Leaderboard when voting ends!

Deadline: January 11, 2016

Available to: Students ages 18 - 24

Award Amount: $5,000

4.       Say It With the Stars

You can boost others’ self-esteem by posting an inspirational message from a famous person. (Oh, and you can vote for your favorite Celebs Gone Good until 11:59 PM EST on December 24.) Use our list of celebs and quotes in the Stuff You Need section below. Then post notes around your school. You'll spread positivity, and show why your fav celeb is the best of all.

Deadline: December 31, 2015

Available to: Any Student in the US and Canada!

Award Amount: $5,000

 5.       Say It With the Stars

Run a gently-used jeans drive in your school or community and donate them at a local shelter. You'll be directly providing an essential clothing item for youth in need.

Jeans are the perfect item to donate. They can be worn multiple times between washes, can be dressed up or dressed down, and provide a sense of normalcy to the person wearing them.

Deadline: February 29, 2016

Available to: Any Student in the US and Canada!

Award Amount: $5,000

Become a 1,000 Dreams Fund Campus Ambassador! 

Interested in gaining social media marketing experience while making a difference? We are kicking off our Spring 2016 Campus Ambassador Search and we want YOU!

Who we are looking for:

• Young women in high school, college or right out of college with a passion for social media, journalism and blogging.

• Excellent communication skills, experience and interest in college-bound and millennial issues

• Lives online – with an active interest in blogging and social media

• A commitment to making a difference as exemplified by leadership experiences, community engagement activities, etc.


Access to insider tips on scholarships and funding opportunities

Byline on 1,000 Dream Fund, our website written “by girls, for girls”

Opportunity to be a published author in our best-selling guidebook to college.

Social media and content marketing experience through contributions for all our social media platforms

Event hosting opportunities on high school or college campuses to spread the word about your ambassador experiences

And the chance to positively impact the lives of young women!

Hourly Rate: Unpaid but college course credit available for those at accredited institutions

Join the fun!

Please submit your resume and a short cover letter explaining why you are the perfect fit for the program to staff@1000DreamsFund.org with subject line Campus Ambassador-- YOUR NAME. Ambassadors selected to the program will be notified and announced in late January 2016. Good luck! For more info: http://1000dreamsfund.org/join.php