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Poll tax exemption, 1898. Photo courtesy of Johnson family.

Voting and civic participation has... more

Today is National Voter Registration Day, Tumblr.

This might possibly be the most high-stakes election ever, and ultimately it comes down to one... more

Only 57.5% of eligible voters actually voted in the last election. And only 42% of eligible 18–34 year-olds.

Register to vote!


Washington Post’s Historically Black Ask Box is open for Tumblr’s next round of Issue Time on Voting Rights. Washington... more

What happens next? Click and hold to find out!

That’s right! Live Photos work on the web now. Whenever you see that famous Live Photo icon, click... more

It’s Bisexual Awareness Week, Tumblr!

This GIF is transparent, by the way. If you’re into transparent art, feel free to download, edit, upload,... more



who is she

whoever she is, i want her to murder jon arbuckle