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A flexible theme for all devices

Your visitors use all kinds of devices to read your blog. That's great, but how can you make sure your blog looks as good on an iPad as it does on a huge display?

Phase is an intelligent multi-column theme that adapts to the device you are using: the bigger your screen, the more columns you'll see. This way, your blog will automatically fit any screen out there.

Other cool features include infinite scrolling, like and reblog buttons, and the option to include Disqus comments.

A responsive theme? How does that work?
The amount of columns this theme displays depends on the size of your browser window. If you're using a large computer screen, the theme will use more columns than when you're using a smaller laptop or tablet.

To see how this works, visit the theme's live preview and resize your window. You'll see that the theme automatically uses fewer columns as your window becomes smaller.

Customize your theme
Phase comes with a bunch of customization options:

  • Disqus comments
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Five different color schemes (Tumblr BlueTeal & Sand, Ocean, Chocolate, Charcoal)
  • Infinite scrolling or normal pagination
  • Text size and alignment
  • Avatar shape
  • Extra links for your menu
  • Share buttons for Facebook and Twitter

That's not all though. Click here for a complete overview of customization options.

Tema desteği: support@stjn.co

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