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Leer is a clean, responsive and minimal theme designed for personal blogging


What's new - v.1.2.5

  • Updated the photoset lightbox
  • Bugs fixed
  • Various UI improvements



  • One column
  • Social icons
  • 500px Posts
  • 600px Posts
  • 700px Posts
  • 900px Posts
  • Background image
  • Custom header image (500px)
  • It supports disqus and google analytics
  • Photoset lightbox
  • Fading animation
  • Customizable colors
  • High resolution  photos
  • Highres link
  • Custom footer
  • All responsive (works on mobile)
  • Faded posts
  • Courier New, Georgia or Arial font
  • Supports pages
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Responsive Photoset
  • Responsive audio player
  • Responsive video player


Read first!

Remember to put http:// in your social links, if you don't do this the link will be broken.

If you want to paste a code on your blog post paste this

<pre class="lang-css prettyprint prettyprinted">paste the code here!</pre>

If you want to work the responsive feature of this theme

Go to your customization page here, find the section advanced then unclick "use optimized mobile layout"



Tema desteği: renzjezrel@gmail.com