• Custom colors
  • Custom images
  • Disqus comments

Customization options include:

  • Header Description Color
  • Header Title Color
  • Header Top Gradient Color
  • Header Bottom Gradient Color
  • Link Color
  • Post Title Color
  • Post Text Color

Other options include:

  • The ability to show/hide the photo slider
  • The ability to show/hide the navigation menu
  • The ability to show/hide page links in the footer
  • Optional Disqus commenting for post pages


The slider works in the following way: say you allow for 10 posts to be shown on one page at a time. And say of those 10 posts, 5 are photos. The slider is going to display those 5 photos on that current page. When you navigate to the next page of posts, it will display the photos that are on that set of 10 posts at any given time.

The slider is only shown via the index of the blog.