• Todos os tipos de publicação
  • Cores personalizadas
  • Imagens personalizadas
  • Comentários Disqus
  • A seguir
  • Compatível com blogues de grupo
  • Alta resolução
  • Favoritas
  • Pesquisar
  • Marcadores
  • Twitter

Mallow is Storyware's most customizable theme. It offers two different design options that are both completely customizable.

In addition, Mallow includes:

  • Support for All Post Types
  • Reblog and Like buttons
  • Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr
  • Sticky post
  • Featured posts
  • Featuring posts from Tumblr's featured tagsPhotos: Instagram and Flickr
  • Comments: Disqus
  • Music: Soundcloud and Spotify
  • Analytics: Google and Clicky
  • Custom Fonts: Google and TypeKit
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Images
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Custom Text Area (that can be used for advertisements)
  • Endless Scrolling
  • Social Icons for 20+ services
  • Likes
  • Following
  • Recent Tweets
  • Group Blog Support
  • Search
  • Tags

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Storyware is here to help you get the most out of your theme. You can email us at help@storyware.us with your questions and suggestions.

Thank you for checking out our theme!

Suporte para temas: help@storyware.us

Single A
Single A
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A perfect fit for hi-res images and videos, Candor also provides you with the ability to highlight specific content with a featured posts section and the sticky post.
Metropolis is a clean and super customizable theme. It offers features that no other themes provide (the Sticky Post and Featured Posts) plus Instagram integration, endless scrolling, and more.
Ballard is a minimalist, responsive, and super-customizable theme. You can use Ballard's simple and elegant default look or customize the design to show off your personality.
Radiant is a responsive theme designed to bring your content to the forefront, whether it’s high-res images or text-heavy blog posts.
A highly customizable grid theme from Storyware.