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MNML, pronounce as Minimal, is a simple and clean theme with minimalism in mind. With highest possibility in customization, its the best choice for bloggers to present their content and work with a little more attention to their talent rather than it be drowned by overwhelming theme design.

For real time demo, please visit the theme official preview.

For any question and support, feel free to ask me at my blog, or through the theme ask section. Or you can drop me the Tumblr's fan mail or probaly directly to me at idrakimuhamad at gmail dot com.


  1. Initial release. v 1.0
The Writer That Type v0.5
The Writer That Type v0.5
An old school style to fit your blog.
The Stitch
The Stitch
A Tumblr theme with a soft touch of stitches and presented in a horizontal sliders.