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The Stitch

Some information :

  • The design of the stitches was originally created by Orman Clark.
  • The maximum number of tab with a random color is 7. So it be wise to set you maximum post per page to 7 otherwise the post after the 7th will have a grey plain color on its tab.
  • The search page not working well. *KIV*
  • Doesn't support the new embed audio player but it will be display in the video type of post instead and might not look too good. *KIV*
  • It is not responsive ( no mobile version etc ).
  • If you want a bigger container for your post, then you should lower the number of post per page.
The Writer That Type v0.5
The Writer That Type v0.5
An old school style to fit your blog.
MNML, pronounce as Minimal, is a simple and clean theme with minimalism in mind.