• All post types
  • Custom colors
  • Custom images
  • High res
  • Tags
  • Twitter

2.0 Updates

  • Audio posts get a refresh with adding in support for the embedded Spotify player
  • Switch between 500px posts and 960px posts for larger photos
  • Built-in Infinite Scroll
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Share links on each post
  • Customizable Font Colors, Background Color, Header Colors, and Fonts
  • Replace the Diamond graphic with one of your choosing.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I make my theme have (insert HTML & CSS)?
While we provide support for the theme we are unable to help with your custom HTML & CSS questions. However, if you search online you should be able to find a tutorial or other resource that can answer your HTML & CSS question.

How can I get my Twitter Feed to show up on my tumblr?
To show a link to your Twitter or to display your most recent tweets you will need to connect your Tumblr to your Twitter account. You can do this by going to Settings, then selecting your blog from the list on the left. From there you can connect your Twitter to your blog.

Does a theme automatically update?
Yes it does! Unless you have edited the HTML of the theme. If you have, you will have to reinstall the theme. Apply a different theme to the post then reselect this theme. If you made changes to the HTML that you want to save, copy your theme's HTML to a plaintext doc or something similar to save that code.

How do I get linked titles on my non-text posts?
This has to be done by editing the HTML of a post. You can wrap the post with <h2></h2> to declare it as a title. The theme will recognize the titles and create links to the permalink page of the post.

Can you make me a custom theme?
We are able to make custom themes however the design of such is billed by the hour rather than a simple $50 payment. You can contact with your inquiry/questions.

I need support/help.
Please email us at and we will respond within one business day. In order to keep support manageable please do not use the ask feature on the theme page.  We do not offer HTML or CSS support.

Theme support:

A simple slightly textured theme designed for all post-types. Customize the colors, background image and layout. Theme includes options for Disqus commenting and Google Analytics.