Design, arte, cultura e coisas aleatórias.
Blumenau, SC, Brasil
Só Nacionais
Se você acha que a música brasileira não presta, é porque não soube procurar direto. A Só Nacionais traz o que a de melhor da música brasileira com um toque de criatividade.
21-year-old French artist addicted to typography and hand lettering.
Sisteron, France
cabaret typographie
Cabaret Typographie is a typographic workshop based between several Italian cities.
It's culture, it's design, it's street art, it's typography, it's photography, it's art, it's music, it's urban – it's posters found in the streets of Berlin!
Berlin, Germany
Green Type blog
About fonts around us.
St. Petersburg, Russia
Clueless about graphic design since 2009.
Type Hype
My own, others and found typography. Lovely letters, words, quotes and everything in between.
Plymouth, England
Carefully chosen by a selected few. All shapes and sizes, colors and styles...
Movie Title Cards
Collection of movie title cards.
My name is Anatol Knotek. I'm an Austrian artist and visual poet. I post my own works and art about concrete and visual poetry, typography & art.
Vienna, Austria
Typostrate is a mix of illustration and typography. It gives a variation on modern digital design, handmade letters and beautiful shapes. Enjoy it!
Twenty-Six Types
Curating beautiful letters and creating typefaces.
Long Beach, NY
Nice Type
A selection of the best motion and kinetic type animations posted to Vimeo, hand-picked by designer and font nerd Matthew Buchanan.
Auckland, New Zealand
In praise of the chrome logos and lettering affixed to vintage automobiles and electric appliances — those unsung metal emblems and badges that are lost to time or the dump.
dailey crafton : type, design & opinion
This is the portfolio and editorial outlet of Brooklyn-based designer, Dailey Crafton.
Brooklyn, NY
Type Worship
Inspirational typography, lettering, reviews, interviews with designers and my own visual research. Celebrating beautiful, individual letterforms.
Clerkenwell, London
Positive Inking
A curated collection of positive sentiments and artistic affirmations assembled to showcase artwork, and inspire.
United States
Faberfonts Foundry's Blog
Faberfonts is an independent type foundry from Hungary run by Béla Frank. This blog is for sharing ephemeras & sketches from the Foundry.
Budapest, Hungary
We Become Legend
Brainchild of Matt van Leeuwen. Just another typographic blog.
A collection of beautiful letters.
Beautiful Type
A blog about beautiful typography and lettering. Photos and Videos.
Basel, Marseille