Infoneer Pulse
Links and comment on information, technology, libraries, education, media, culture, copyright, ethics, leadership, and the future
West Point, NY
Stowe Boyd
Postnormalist. My focus is the tectonic shift pushing business, media, and society into an unclear and accelerating postnormal future.
New York, NY
Search Engine Land
Our site covers the latest search news, research and analysis, commentary and expert advice. But here on Tumblr we also like #geek, #tech, #news and a lot more.
Strong Opinions @marksbirch
Building and investing in tech can be dangerous, especially in NYC. Wear a helmet.
New York City
Tech. Film. Beer. Other.
San Francisco, CA
Minimal Mac
Your Mac. Simplified.
Futuramb's crumbs of the future
I am P A Martin Börjesson, a futurist, scenario planner, theorist and strategist and founder of. Here are my crumbs that hints of a future to come.
Göteborg, Sweden
prosthetic knowledge
A curation of creativity and interest - Art, Mixtapes, Internet, Technology, News ... anything else that catches the mind ...
Oxfordshire, UK
NASDAQ on Tumblr
This site will be your window into game-changing innovation, where every weekday we'll feature the people, products and ideas that are changing the world.
Om Malik
Founder, GigaOm: I write about technology & previously worked for Forbes(web), Red Herring and Business 2.0. I live in the future.
San Francisco, California
A Momentary Flow
Technology is alive and natural, evolving in tandem with us. Exploring newborn members of its species, we expand, both the common and the sense.
On tech in general and mobile in particular.
An Internet technology blog that loves to share and curate the web into daily bits. I’m into Social, Tech, Apps, Internet, Design and more!
Pew Internet
These are the tumblings of the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. We study how Americans use the internet & tech in their lives.
Washington, D.C.
Michigan Engineering
Visual Adventures of University of Michigan College of Engineering Students, Staff, and Faculty
Ann Arbor & Global
Screenshots of Despair
Techno-existentialist poetry for the masses. (No, really.)
Saint Paul, Minnesota
ATL✈SFO✈NYC. I curate unique content on technology, social media, marketing, and digital trends.
New York, New York
Mad science, fringe technology, futurism, edge culture and media adventures.
Portland, OR
The Gong Show
A current VC, recovering programmer, and perpetual geek who muses on Internet tech and startups.
Boston, MA
A look inside the Wired mind.
Your daily fix of new business ideas! Springwise scans the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds.
NY Tech Meetup
NY Tech Meetup is a non-profit organization with over 32,000 members supporting the New York technology community.
New York, NY
HD mini lite (Pro)
Tech, culture, nuance, humor, and coffee. Oh, and Transformers. By David Chartier, a former editor of Ars Technica and Macworld.
Chicago, IL
Ars Technica
The New York Times once called us a "technology news Web site." Yahoo instead used "the successor to Usenet and precursor of Reddit." Hmm.
United States
Internet of Dreams
history and future, material and immaterial, real and imaginary, fiction and non: what does it matter when it's all internet?...
A project about emerging & future technology, weak signals, zukunftsforschung, high-tech and a amazing visions of the future.
Berlin, Germany
Popular Mechanics
The best in tech, science, aerospace, DIY and gadget news.
New York
Fred Wilson Dot VC
A tumblelog about venture capital, technology, music, art, and life in NYC.
New York, NY
You like airplanes, too?
The finest collection of aviation-related photos and videos on the web! Only the best.
Austin, TX
Futurist Foresight - Applied Technotopia
Scanning the digital environment to discover the leading trends in emerging technology to know more about future.
Groningen, The Netherlands
Links, news, and commentary on Singularitarianisms and the coming changes to our future world through the explosion of technological singularity.
Little Big Details
An inspirational collection of user interface design details.
Berlin, Germany
The Build
The business blog of serial media and internet entrepreneur Patricia Handschiegel
A Smarter Planet
The shift from the "World Wide Web" to a "Web Wide World" is creating a planet that is instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.
8 Bit Future
Covering technology, arcade games, the future, science, gadgets, computers, and sweet sweet candy...
Christchurch, New Zealand
Studying the appearance of algorithms in popular culture and everyday life.
Created in partnership with GE to offer an optimistic take on the future and humanity’s ability to tackle the great challenges of our era through industry, tech and ingenuity.
From robots to videogames to iPod watches, I cover the news that I think is important and leave enough room for web series, editorials, and podcasts
Personal blog of a systems engineer in training.
Irvine, CA
A curated guide to NoSQL databases, polyglot persistence, and distributed systems
Startup Marketing
Everything you need to know about startup marketing, from the creative fundamentals to quantitative growth strategies. Written by a tech founder.
Brooklyn, NY
A stream of bits on design, technology, and culture, curated by David Kaneda.
Bay Area, CA
Phone Arts is an International collaborative project experimenting using only the mobile phone as the medium to create unique compositions.
Emergent Futures Tumblelog
Emergent Futures is an Australian Foresight and Strategy Consulting Company. We use this Tumblr site to post some of our scanning material. We are particularly interested in the disruption of current business and organisational models.
Melbourne, Australia
Search Poems
Poems by millions of people + google + searching. Nothing has been edited, everything is a screenshot.
The Verge
The Verge is where technology meets culture. These are the stories and GIFs that inspire us.
New York, NY
Privacy and technology
Daily links to the latest publications about privacy and technology, in English and (occasionally) in Dutch.