Fiets de Stad
Elke dag opnieuw kiezen duizenden inwoners van onze stad om te fietsen. Deze Blog ondersteunt, stimuleert en inspireert hen bij het maken van deze positieve keuze.
Broedplaats De Ceuvel
In Amsterdam-Noord verrijst op een oude stadswerf een creatieve vrijplaats met duurzame werkplekken in omgebouwde woonboten.
Mother Nature Network
The Mother Nature Network combines unconventional and lively green content alongside breaking environmental news from around the world.
Atlanta, GA
An international seed-swapping organisation, promoting polyculture gardening, permaculture, and bioregionalism
Copenhagen, Denmark
High Country News
Your source for environmental and cultural news on the American West, from a fiercely independent nonprofit magazine.
The American West
Revkin dot net
The human trick in this century is to foster practices and policies that result in us FALLING FORWARD without falling down.
Hudson River Valley
Journey into the eye of the storm to explore the intimate stories of triumph and tragedy behind climate change.
The Green Urbanist
Green urbanism & environmental public policy.
Chicago, IL
Green & Sexy
is a blog about sustainable design in the built environment. We want to connect sustainable ideas in order to reduce our future CO2 consumption.
Climate Adaptation
Climate science. Cities. Coast lines. Scandinavia. Ecosystems. Disaster porn. Energy politics.
Human Scale Cities
Urban economy, adaptive urbanism, impact of tech in urban life, sustainable architecture, urban mobility… Ciudades a Escala Humana.
Bilbao, Spain
planted city
compiling the case for embracing and adapting to change
Vancouver, Canada
I Want to Be Recycled
Your garbage wants to be something. We offer inspiration to give your garbage a new life and #berecycled. Powered by Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council.
Permaculture and the Internet
Appropriate technology meets Open Source meets Permaculture.
Auburn, AL
A Smarter Planet
A Smarter Planet is a more sustainable planet.