Yoga & Life
Inspiration & insights for happiness & wisdom
The Lazy Yogi
The real does not die, the unreal never lived. Meditation, love, and mindful living for the modern era.
New York, NY
There's a Lutheran in the synagogue! This is the story of a wannabe Jewish convert who can't move beyond Christianity.
Michigan, USA
Simply Orthodox ☦
"Do not seek the perfection of the law in human virtues, for it is not found perfect in them. Its perfection is hidden in the Cross of Christ." +St. Mark the Ascetic (5th c.)
the first day.
"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." Mother Teresa
JLgerhardt [God Scout]
Sometimes the unseen can be seen. When I catch a glimpse, I take notes.
Round Rock, TX
Dancing Dakini Wisdom
Teachings on meditation and Buddhism from the New Kadampa Tradition of Western Buddhism (Mahayana / Vajrayana).
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Poetic Islam
Highlighting the true beauty of Islam, through authentic texts, quotes and photography & showing our admiration for culture and anthropology.
London, United Kingdom
Being Blog
On Being, a public radio project delving into the human side of the news. We do religion, meaning, ethics, + big ideas. We edit long; we scrapbook.
Minneapolis, MN
YU Museum (NYC)
YUM creates new ways to experience and interpret Jewish art and history. The smartest Jewish museum you've never heard of.
New York, NY