Evde yokuz; çünkü biliyoruz ki hayat dışarıda ve biz yerimizde pek duramıyoruz! Henüz keşfedilmemiş, heyecan verici mekanları biraz oradan biraz buradan, çokça da sosyal medya üzerinden takip ettiğimizi fark edince, “Hepsini bir yerde buluşturmalıyız” dedik ve evdeyoklar doğdu. Ağırlıklı olarak İstanbul olsa da yurtdışı-yurtiçinde gidip gördüğümüz diğer birçok yerden de sevdiğimiz-sevmediğimiz yerleri yazıyor, hem eğleniyor hem de “belki birilerinin işine yarar” diyoruz. Özellikle yepyeni mekanlardan haberdar olmak ve şehirle birlikte hayatın da tadını çıkarmak istiyorsanız takipte kalın; zira o konuda iddialıyız!
Şehir Notları
Birinci ağızdan butik şehir keşifleri
Istanbul Magazin
Metro Portal
Jen Bekman Projects: 20x200 | JBG | HHS!
Live with art—it's good for you.
Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
A nonprofit volunteer-staffed bookstore, cafe, and event space; 100% of profits go to fight AIDS and homelessness.
New York, NY
nyc ART scene
a carefully curated calendar & cumulative catalog of New York City's most interesting art exhibitions and events -- hand picked by Arthur Seen & team.
New York, NY
NYC Crying Guide
The Best/Worst Places to Cry in NYC
New York, NY
New York's flagship PBS station & public media provider for the tri-state area
New York, New York
Scott's Pizza Journal
Everything you didn't even know you wanted to know about the history, culture, science, art and flavor of pizza.
New York City
A neighborhood independent bookstore in glorious Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Brooklyn, NY
The Official Tumblr of the City of New York.
Scouting NY
I work as a movie location scout in New York. My job is to stare at the city. This is what I see.
New York, NY
Gilty Pleasures
Gilt City's food editors share the best of New York!
New York, NY
Named for Public Theater founder Joe Papp, Joe’s Pub is one of NYC’s most celebrated and eclectic showcase venues for music.
425 Lafayette Street, NYC
New York Daily News
Founded in 1919 and winner of 10 Pulitzer Prizes, the New York Daily News is the most widely-read newspaper in the New York City metro area.
New York, NY
CONCERT HALL & DANCE CLUB - 96 Lafayette Street, NYC . We love dancing and music! MANHATTAN'S BEST ROCK VENUE, PERIOD.
New York City
New York Mets
The Official Tumblr of all GIF's, Pictures, Game Notes, News, and more for the New York Mets!
Citi Field, New York
NYPL Wire–The New York Public Library
Inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, strengthen communities.
New York
David Nolan Gallery
For more than twenty years, David Nolan Gallery has played an important role in presenting an international roster of artists.
New York, NY
C-Town is tumbling?! Really?? YUP!!!
Probably the only supermarket on tumblr
330 Graham Ave Brooklyn NY
WNYC's Transmitter
Dolly Parton, particle physics, Alex Pasternack, barnacle sex, sextettes, Please Explain: Rubber, Ron Paul, rutabagas and Hockenberry. And other stuff. And you.
NYU Local Tumblr Presence
This is the blog of the NYU Local staff. News, snark, and commentary about NYU & NYC, with the occasional haiku.
The New York Botanical Garden
NYBG is one of the world's premier urban gardens. It is a beautiful place to escape the hubub of the city.
2900 Southern Blvd. Bronx, NY
The Tank NYC
Non-profit arts presenter that provides a welcoming, creative environment for artists and activists engaged in the pursuit of new ideas.
New York, NY
Art Along the Way
Public New York subway and rail art via the official tumblr of MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design.
New York
New York City street life, style, food, sex, class and race, as seen by WNYC reporter Arun Venugopal.
New York City
I Quant NY
Every data set that NYC releases tells a story. I seek to tell all of those stories, one data set at a time.
Brooklyn, NY
Things I see from my Cab
The Steez I see from my yellow Steed.
New York City
We Heart Astoria
The official Tumblr of We Heart Astoria, a blog based in Astoria, Queens.
Astoria, NY
Brew York, New York
A guide to New York City's beer bars, breweries, and beer culture.
New York, NY
New Yorkers Unposed
New Yorkers Unposed
New York City
New York Post
The most essential breaking news, irreverent headlines, and can't-miss photos from The New York Post
New York City
new york
a collection of photographs, some mine, some not mine, to show you new york. the images, i hope, encapsulate all that new york is.
Pizza and Dreams.
Brooklyn, NY, USA!!
Art Nerd New York
Your favorite arty travel guide to cool, hidden, unique art and art history! Join us and become an Art Nerd Member today!
New York, NY
Humans of New York
The photographic census of New York City. One street portrait at a time.
New York, New York
We fuel the City's economy by strengthening its businesses, creating jobs, and helping neighborhoods thrive.
New York City
Old New York
Vintage New York images up through the 1970s, with a special focus on "slice of life" and street life.
Luck You Collective
The URL for a crew of eight young Artists and Curators from NYC who make things IRL.
New York City
New York City Fire Department (FDNY)
Showcasing the amazing work FDNY firefighters & EMS do to protect the lives & property of NYC residents & visitors.
New York, NY
The Lowline
The world's first (proposed) underground park on the Lower East Side of New York City.
Delancey and Essex, NYC