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Tiny Cartridge
We collect the best Nintendo 3DS and DS news, along with retro stuff, chiptunes, fanart, imports, deals, and more.
United States
Celebrating American Craft Beer and Classic Arcade Games
United States
sakai asuka & keita takahashi
Sonic the Hedgehog
It’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s official Tumblr! Get up to speed on your favorite series with exclusive photos, videos, gifs, and more every day.
Oficial Elsword GM Blog
Get the latest news, trailers, anime musings and more, straight from Elsword Online's Game Masters and Moderators.
Animated Screenshots
Videogames in motion. All featured GIFs are original.
Life is Strange
The official Tumblr page for Life Is Strange. ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence
Featured on Kotaku & in Games Master Magazine. Video Game news, fan art, and other related content. Gamer's Stuff.
Medina, Ohio
Photodocumentarian of videogames classic and obscure.
Dungeons & Dragon
This is the official Tumblr for Dungeons & Dragons
Pretty much everywhere
Catalyst Game Labs
An over-the-shoulder look at the creation and playing of tabletop games, sprinkled with a myriad views of geek culture!
Everett, WA, USA
Pedro Miranda Filho
I'm Pedro Miranda Filho (21), brazilian graphic designer. Here I post drawings, doodles, fanarts, animations and gifs that I make in my free time.
Campo Grande - MS, Brasil
The Gamer's Guide.
New York, NY
A whole lot of dumb stuff.
United States
Journey Stories
A space to collect the stories of companionship, heartbreak, and joy experienced while playing the videogame Journey, created by thatgamecompany and avaliable on the PS3.
Did You Know Gaming?
Providing general trivia about the subject of video games through Images and videos. You never knew what you were missing.
Pixalry is an art and design blog focused on sharing the work of talented artists while spreading nerd and gaming culture.
Roanoke, Virginia
Official Tomb Raider Blog
Welcome to the official Tomb Raider blog. Give us a follow for breaking news, media, links, and random musings from the Crystal Dynamics office.
Redwood City, California
We are the largest video game retailer in the world with over 6,100 locations.
Dallas, TX
The Wooden Arcade's tumblr.
Creating Custom Wooden Pixel Art Inspired By Classic Video Games And Original Ideas.
Portland, OR
Deus Ex
Welcome to the Tumblr of the Deus Ex Universe, featuring both official and fan-made content. Mankind Divided is coming soon!
Montréal, Canada
The Humble Mumble
The Official Humble Bundle Blog
The International Festival of Independent Games
Los Angeles, CA
Cosplay Boom
Cosplay Boom is a documentary series, news website and social network focused on the art of cosplay and the incredibly awesome community surrounding it.
Alpha Beta Gamer
All the latest video game Alpha and Beta tests, with new additions every day. We cover mainstream & indie games, all free to Sign-up or download. Play tomorrows games today!
Official XSEED Games tumblr. We publish video games, and here's where we blog about it! Or we just post blobfishes. You never know.
Torrance, CA
Attract Mode
A video game collective of game makers, filmmakers, designers, artists, and journalists. Find out about our games, zines, events + more!
LA / NY / SF / Toronto + more
Albotas - A Little Bit On The Awesome Side
Albotas is nerd news for cool kids. Fresh gear, the latest games & gadgets, designer toys, sick art, and pretty girls.
Reading, PA
PlatformerPower - jump and run!
dedicated to the platformer genre.
Live from Squid Research Lab
The official Tumblr of Splatoon, updated by Nintendo of America.
Alamantus GameDev
Ever-Improving Game Development.
Denver, CO
My Main is a Cook
Bringing your MMORPG crafting log to life, one recipe at a time!
A perfect storm of video game art and electronic entertainment, both old and new.