Old Spice
Old Spice has 75 years of experience helping guys improve their mansmells and handsome parts with deodorant, body wash, antiperspirant, hair care, electric shavers, body sprays and fragrances.
Twitter: The Comic
Comics based on the greatest tweets of our generation.
I Love Charts
Your source for all things charts and infographics, from the funny to the informative.
Cambridge, MA / Brooklyn, NY
Funny Or Die
We make funny content with famous people because we love to make you laugh. Will Ferrell is our boss. Come along and tumbl with us!
Hollywood, CA
Kelly Q E Hudson
Kelly Hudson is a comedian, writer, and video editor in NYC. She is co-creator of The Fuds Menu and Teen Wheels and is a staff writer at ThingX.
Brooklyn, NY
We think you can do something more interesting with philosophy than think about whether you exist. We're critical thinking + LOLZ.
Are We Having Pun Yet?
Wok and Roll. Absolutely Phobulous. The Wizard of Bras. Are We Having Pun Yet is a photographic repository for such puntastic establishments.
Los Angeles
Please Fire Me
Malemployed? Anonymously submit why you hate the job you can't leave.
Brooklyn, NY
Jeff Rubin
Jeff enjoys mountain climbing, playing guitar solos, and lying. He is currently the editor of CollegeHumor.
New York, NY
Comedian Kurt Braunohler
Dumb stuff. Shitty opinions. No sports.
That's right... Team Coco is on Tumblr!
Rob Delaney
Los Angeles
Streeter Seidell
The world's most popular humorist named Streeter
Brooklyn, NY
Andy Sandford
A stand up comedian who writes jokes and other humor thingies and then shoots them into the stands of tumblr with his t-shirt cannon of sadness
Brooklyn, NY
Change the World by Being Yourself.
Ramsey Ess
Freelance comedy writer for television (late night), full-time writer for the Internet (all times).
Brooklyn, NY
Rolls off the Tongue
Rolls off the Tongue is designed for people who speak English and people who are learning English. Weekly cartoon idiom for you to guess.
Staten Island, NY
Rejected Jokes
The Internet by Ben Schwartz.
Tastefully Offensive
A daily roundup of the Internet's funniest pictures, comics and videos.
Bay Area, California
Articles and videos, updates from our writing staff, and original content exclusive to Tumblr.
Elaine Carroll
actress, writer, comedian, nerd, cello enthusiast, and yogi with tight hamstrings.
New York / Los Angeles
Tumblr Happiness Agent
Bravest Warriors
Bravest Warriors is a hit animated series from Cartoon Hangover. Created by Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time.
New York, NY
Agent 3Z
Just a collection of what nots, eyebrow raising shenanigans and the occasional rant. A weak spot for all that makes you go "whut?!"
Terrible hilarity by Joshua Allen.
CH is the Internet's #1 comedy site, featuring top-quality original content plus pictures, articles & videos submitted by fans like you.
New York, NY
Shane Burcaw
A sarcastic 19-year-old with SMA explores the humor in the disease that is slowly destroying his body, and reveals a lot more about his life along the way.
Jake Fogelnest
Just what the internet needed. Another blog. Jake Fogelnest is a professional.
Los Angeles
White Whine
A Collection of First-World Problems, Updated Daily
New York
Paul F. Tompkins
Professional entertainer from the previous century.
Hollywood, U.S.A.
Julie Klausner
I'm what Grammy Hall would call "A Real Jew."
New York, NY
In studio photos, clips, and videos from all your favorite Earwolf podcasts and other fun stuff too! A wise man once said, “my wife.”
Los Angeles, CA
Best Nate Smith Ever!
I'm Nate Smith. I'm a writer and a web content creator. I'm pretty much the best Nate Smith ever.
Portland, OR
A comedy blog about the internet. Seems legit.
The Chris Gethard Show
The most bizarre and often saddest talk show in New York City. Anything can happen and usually does.
New York, New York
kelly oxford
Designed to make you feel like everything is going well
Literally Unbelievable
Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook
Clients From Hell
An immensely popular collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers and creative professionals.
Onion-like Headlines in Real Life
For those moments where you're reading the news and you say to yourself, "Wow, that could be an Onion headline."
The Peoples Improv Theater
New York's premier home for Improv and Sketch Comedy!
New York, NY
Honest Slogans
What people REALLY think of your brand
Nashville, TN
Old Jews Telling Jokes
Risque jokes from a bygone era that people love to tell . . . in private.
New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA
John Hodgman is the resident expert on The Daily Show. His book of FINAL WORLD KNOWLEDGE is called THAT IS ALL.
Nick Thune
So, a guy walks into a blog...
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Everything awesome in comedy on TV, in movies, on the internet, in books, or anywhere else you find genuine human laughter.
Tom Oatmeal
A blog about intercourse from a guy who doesn't get nervous about intercourse like his friend Ricky does.
Los Angeles, CA
UCB Comedy
The UCB Comedy blog. Pictures. Stories. News. Find out what's going on behind the scenes at UCB Comedy!
New York, NY
Above Average
Digital comedy network from Broadway Video (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia, 30 Rock.)
New York
Pictures of dogs and tote bags.
New York, NY
Patrick Cassels
Writer/performer at CollegeHumor.
Brooklyn, NY
Grace Helbig
I'm Grace. I vlog.
Brooklyn, NY
nick kroll
i am an actor, writer and comedian. i'm fine at the internet but not great.
Best Roof Talk Ever
Nick and George sit on their roof in Brooklyn, throw back a beer, and have the best talk ever.
Brooklyn, NY
Kate Spencer
Fangirling over things you're too embarrassed to admit you like.
Los Angeles
The Frogman
Still unsure how to; properly use a semicolon. I have a corgi.
St. Louis, MO, USA
oops wrong person
We send strange texts to random numbers.
New York, NY
Fake Science
A less-than-factual guide to our amazing world, Fake Science is your premier source for astronomy, dinosaurs, robots, and the secret lives of magnets.
Hip-Hop Sketch Comedy since 2007.
New York
Emmy Blotnick
Writer / comedy-doer / three 9-year-olds on each other's shoulders wearing one big trench coat.
New York, NY
The Onion
America's Finest News Source
Halle Kiefer
writer, comedian and fart expert
Doug Moe
My dad blog, though the term "Daddy Blog" makes me want to scratch my eyes out. Man Versus Child is funny, not precious.
Brooklyn, NY
Jake and Amir
Two best friends that work together, live together, and play together. We're not really best friends, so don't type that.
New York, NY
Rhett & Link
Internetainers, 1 bearded & 1 glassesed, bringing you comedy through our daily show, Good Mythical Morning, and main channel videos on YouTube. com/rhettandlink
Cory Cavin
I'm a writer and comedian. This is my blog but really it's just Alan Thicke ghost blogging for me.
New York, NY
1001 rules for my unborn son
Let's get some things straight before I get old and uncool.
Comedy Nerds United
The best people in the world are comedy nerds. Here, we post things that the best people in the world appreciate.
United States
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The official Tumblr of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!
New York, NY
Someone Ate This
A food blog that celebrates the hilarity of cooking mishaps, bad food photography, and the grossest things people shove down their throats.
Los Angeles, CA
A collection of cool, mind-opening stuff from the web, presented in a not so politically correct way.
San Francisco, CA
Not sure why I'm featured here. I'm a lot of things, but funny is not one of them.
Los Angeles, CA
[Citation Needed]
[Citation Needed] is a blog and podcast collecting hilariously bad prose from Wikipedia. All of these entries were written by actual, presumably literate people.
Paul Scheer
Hi, I'm Paul. I'm an actor/comedian. I've been in some stuff. This is my website. I hope you like it. I killed several babies to make it.
Los Angeles, CA
Comedy Central
Funny junk from Comedy Central shows, Comedy Central blogs and the general world of comedy.