Как быть бодрым и здоровым в условиях большого города. Salatshop ♡ вас.
Блог о том, как ездить по Москве на велосипеде и не умереть от страха. А также о том, как развивается велодвижение в Москве и как оно устроено в других городах мира.
Москва, Россия
One Twenty Five
200 to 125 pounds. Eat less. Move more. OH IF ONLY IT WAS THAT SIMPLE. Marathons, crossfit, paleo, travel, cheese, chub rub & the couch.
Fitness treats
Women's fitness and healthy treats to satisfy my sweet tooth. Eating chocolate & getting a tight butt!
Amsterdam, Netherlands
How To Win Kona Before The End Of The World
I'm a debatable gentleman and endurance sport activist living in Los Angeles. Here, we'll talk about the second of those two things...
Santa Monica, CA
The Official Blog of MadSweat
Tips & Tricks from the Pros. Explore and discover new and challenging workouts, amazing recipes and health information.
Scottsdale, AZ
One girl's journey from gastric band to Ironman. I'm down 92lbs, still fighting men off with sticks, running marathons, and CrossFitting my heart out.
Brooklyn, NY
We cannot choose our Origins but we can shape our Destiny.
Sarah Fit
I make YouTube fitness videos for a living. My goal is to enable your healthy living addiction. Follow my blog for workouts, recipes and overall good stuff.
Boston, MA
On the Run: Fitness made simple
healthy recipes, exercise tips, and stress-relieving ideas that work for you (at least for this medical student)
San Francisco, CA
Shapin' Up
Join me in my love of all things health & fitness. Workout tips, healthy (and delicious!) recipes, race training and more. Finding the balance of fit & fun.
New York, NY
I.AM.YOU. & Lauren Imparato
YOGA. NOURISHMENT. MINDSET. MUSIC. and LIFE. Easy, realistic tips & inspiration to help you create the ideal you in your ideal world.
NYC & Elsewhere
Fitness tips, healthy recipes, printable workouts and free exercise videos from YouTube's #1 subscribed female fitness channel. This is certified Pilates Instructor Cassey Ho's tumblr.
Los Angeles, CA
Losing Weight in the City
I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off through healthy food and exercise! Follow along to see how I'm training for my next marathon.
New York, NY
Back On Pointe
Fitness, ballet, and recovery from the perspective of a college-aged dancer. Body-positive health and happiness!
Austin, TX
Yamuna Body Rolling
YBR® provides the ability to “work on yourself” anytime, anywhere, forever! It's a natural complement to Yoga - freeing bodies of restrictions & stress; creating a calm & balanced you.