Lucho's Big Adventure
Diario de Producción Oficial de esta comedia de acción nerd independiente. Estreno 2014 (?).
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Miguel Guzmán
Creativo Audiovisual y montador de cine. Mejorando día a día.
Málaga, España
Directing Film
Techniques for directing film. More than the script, bigger than the screen - the tangible and mystical characteristics of truly great filmmaking.
Chicago, IL
Ruben Fleischer
I make movies.
Los Angeles, CA
Sam Reich
I run video for CollegeHumor / away from bees.
Karen Abad
Adventuneer, kite-flyer, dinosaur lover, collector of infinite moments, listener, and friend, who likes to collect moving images.
Chicago, IL
A respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make.
New York
Adam Bhala Lough
I’m about telling great stories, collaborating with great people and creating authentic work that connects particularly to young audiences across the globe. Follow back!
Emphasizing the art of cinema, A-BitterSweet-Life is a creative engine run by filmmaker Edwin Adrian Nieves with the mission to spark artistic passion.
New York
Are we RECording? A tumblr featuring the work of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's open-collaborative production company, hitRECord.
Los Angeles, CA
Stephen Diaz
A storyteller on a budget. Stephen's a one man crew, offering DIY tips and tricks, product reviews and monthly giveaways... CREATE MORE!
Northern California
David Seger
Director, Editor, & Producer in Los Angeles. Commercial and Comedy stuff. Channel 101 stuff.
Los Angeles, CA
Philip Bloom
Filmmaker with a website. This is for my random stuff, photos, the odd mini review...
Bobby Miller
Writer/Director of the Sundance film TUB. Video Producer at BuzzFeed. Alright guy.
Los Angeles, CA
Jay Oxley
Cinematographer constantly striving to enhance cinematic techniques, and find new creatives to collaborate with.
London, England
Benjamin Dickinson
films & found objects
Welcome to the official Tumblr of Legendary.
Burbank, CA
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Hello again, Joe again. My professional name is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This here tumblr is a RECord of various things I find and make from and for the internets. thanks...
Casey Donahue
I write and direct movies. Some of them short, some of them long, all of them definitely time based with a start and end point.
Los Angeles, CA
Neil Gaiman
Writes books, comics, movies. Blogs. Twitters. Wrote Doctor Who's THE DOCTOR'S WIFE. Married Amanda Palmer. Does not play the tambourine.
Vaguely near Minneapolis
Vincent Peone
Director | Cinematographer | Gentleman Explorer
New York, NY
Alan Smithee
“Film school is a complete con, because the information is there if you want it.” Cinephilia and Beyond
Zagreb, Croatia
Bob Moricz
No-budget underground filmmaker influenced by the grindhouse as much as the arthouse. Dream imagery collides with elliptical plots.
Portland, OR
Conception, gestation and birth of a horror film, LILITH. A filmmaker's blog by writer / director Sridhar M. Reddy.
Chicago, IL
Eli Roth
My personal photo blog, mostly of random things but some movie stuff too.
Los Angeles
Dan Harmon
Diary of an unreliable piece of garbage that thinks his self loathing excuses his pathology.
Los Angeles
Paul Briganti
Director/Writer CollegeHumor/UCB/Landline
New York, NY
New York Film Academy
Industry news and commentary from the most hands-on film/acting school in the world. Want to know how to cast your film, Ryan Gosling's latest project, and more? Follow us.
Eamonn O'Neill
Animation director/filmmaker Eamonn O Neill. Features character design, process posts, animation, gifs, WIP sketches and news.
esteban valdez
storyteller, creator and animation filmmaker.
st. petersburg