En iyi Film Tavsiyeleri
Film önerisi,en iyi tavsiyeler ve sinema adına her şey ...
"Ne izlesem?" dediğiniz anlar için birbirinden güzel Film ve Dizi tavsiyeleri.
Sinemalar ve Diziler
En yeni sinema ve dizi haberleri. Film seansları dizi fragmanları için bizi takip edin.
Güney Birtek
Sinema ile uğraşan kimse.
All kinds of awesome.
Welcome to my world. It's better than the real one.
Melbourne, Australia
The Film Stage
Your spotlight on cinema.
New York, NY
Background Artists of the Cinema
Dedicated to background extras, supporting figures and 'hey, it's that guy' actors who steal the show throughout the history of cinema.
News and views for an extra-cinematic age. Presented by Fandor.
San Francisco
The Playlist
The obsessives' guide to contemporary cinema via film news, reviews, movie music, soundtracks, DVDs and more.
Sweet Smell of Success
A collection of various bits of movie ephemera from a Philly-based film critic, including reviews, interviews, features and the occasional essay.
Philadelphia, PA
The Academy
Follow our tumblr for the best classic Oscar moments, treasures from our archive and hot photos from our events.
Los Angeles, CA
Brand Upon the Brain!
A personal journal of images from an eclectic range of recently watched films.
Los Angeles, CA
film costumes
An insight on film costumes from two long-time friends and cinema lovers
We're the British Film Institute. We promote greater understanding of and access to film and TV culture.
Chicago Screenshots
Chicago-centric movie and television stills, presented as architectural and urban landscape photography.
Chicago, IL
Foreign Movie Posters
Movie posters from all over the non-English-speaking world.
Somerville, MA
Sundance Institute Archives
The Sundance Institute Archives is dedicated to preserving the work of independent film and theatre artists and the materials that document their processes.
Dark City
A Tumblr blog that pays tribute to classic Pre Code and Film Noir cinema, with original screen caps, gifs, posters, quotes, and behind the scenes trivia. Meet us in the alleyway.
Animation Force
Your source for all things animation—for fun, news, and inspiration!
Ozu Teapot
Films I watch and the directors and stars I love. Images that will hopefully make you think "That was a great film!" or "I want to see that film!"
United Kingdom
Eat cinema. Drink coffee. Live forever.
Pasadena, CA
Tribeca Film
Distributing 30+ amazing independent films yearly in theaters, VOD & digital (iTunes, Netflix etc). Follow for news on films & Tribeca Film Festival
New York, NY USA
The Final Image
The final image is collection of screenshots that conclude films, sometimes able to genuinely surprise with what can instantly be forgetten after watching.
Movie Titles
Just the title card from all your favorite movies!
Hey, You Should Watch This Movie (& TV show)
A stuff to watch blog between two friends living on opposite ends of the country who wanted to share.
New York + Wyoming
Rotten Tomatoes
Welcome to the official Rotten Tomatoes Tumblr. Follow us and enjoy great Movie and TV content from critics and fans alike!
Burbank, CA
a bright wall in a dark room
This site is a gathering of several writers and artists to reflect on the movies that mean something to them: what they love, what they hate, what they can't stop thinking about.
F*** Yeah Harold Lloyd!
A Tumblr all about Harold Lloyd, with screen caps, posters, gifs, and quotes all about this amazing, daredevil genius of the Silent Film Era.
Los Angeles, California
I like horror movies. Like, a lot.
McDowell, KY
Premiere outlet for news, features, reviews, and information about independent film and media. #1 filmmaker resource. Now covering TV, too.
New York, Los Angeles
Movie Poster of the Day
One gorgeous poster a day chosen by the author of Movie Poster of the Week at MUBI and Graphic Detail in Film Comment.
New York, NY
Fuck Yeah, Directors!
A place to celebrate directors from all eras and genres of film.
The Criterion Collection
Since 1984, we’ve dedicated ourselves to gathering and publishing the greatest films from around the world.
New York
A Short Film A Day
It's simple, we firmly believe that a short film a day keeps the doctor away!
Bogotá, Colombia
Movies, Filmmaking & Pop Culture that's Brainy, Offbeat & Ridiculously Good-Looking.
Los Angeles
the poor dancing girl she won't dance again
cinephile to the max
North Hollywood, CA
Look at the camera.
{Breaking the fourth wall}