npm, Inc.
The friendly package manager that powers the Node.js ecosystem.
Oakland, CA
DBA Reactions
Not big data - just bad data.
Chicago, IL
Code everyday for food, hack everything I hate
A global marketplace for challenges and community-driven innovation.
New York, NY
Mashery Developer Blog
Curated lovingly by Mashery Developer Relations Team
retrocomputing/postengineering paleosingularity
New York
Alamantus GameDev
Ever-Improving Game Development.
Denver, CO
Pau Santesmasses
Accidental engineer, expatriate ex-musician, butterfly charmer.
New York / Barcelona
Justin Lincoln
For Your Processing : Tumblr's resource for the open source programming language Processing. Download and start learning. Join the fun.
Walla Walla, Washington
Ideas at random ...
Your friendly neighborhood web developer ;)
San Diego, California, USA
My Linux Rig
A site about how we all use desktop Linux.
Buzz Andersen
iOS engineer, former Apple employee and indie dev. Formerly worked on Birdfeed and Square. Now working on mobile apps at Tumblr.
Brooklyn, New York
Tumblr Engineering
Tumblr eng blog
This is the official Tumblr for the Yahoo Developer Network.
Sunnyvale, California USA
Will Jardine
I spend most of my time making things for the internet, own a corgi named Pepperjack and am married to a gal named Heather.
Charlotte, NC
The blog of thoughtbot, a web design and development company in Boston.
Boston, MA
DevOps Reactions
Say it with pictures. Describe your feelings about your everyday sysadmin interactions.