Pau Santesmasses
Accidental engineer, expatriate ex-musician, butterfly charmer.
New York / Barcelona
I Can Has Digital Security?
Lol cats support open source and strong crypto
In ur networkz
A global marketplace for challenges and community-driven innovation.
New York, NY
Will Jardine
I spend most of my time making things for the internet, own a corgi named Pepperjack and am married to a gal named Heather.
Charlotte, NC
DBA Reactions
Not big data - just bad data.
Chicago, IL
Jared Sinclair
Dad, engineer, former registered nurse.
Bloomington, IN
Tumblr Engineering
Tumblr eng blog
Alamantus GameDev
Ever-Improving Game Development.
Denver, CO
Gabriel Claramunt
Father, software surgeon, code juggler, Scala fan and Haskell noob. Full heap developer
Montevideo, Uruguay
My Linux Rig
A site about how we all use desktop Linux.
DevOps Reactions
Say it with pictures. Describe your feelings about your everyday sysadmin interactions.
The blog of thoughtbot, a web design and development company in Boston.
Boston, MA
Ideas at random ...
Your friendly neighborhood web developer ;)
San Diego, California, USA
retrocomputing/postengineering paleosingularity
New York
Justin Lincoln
For Your Processing : Tumblr's resource for the open source programming language Processing. Download and start learning. Join the fun.
Walla Walla, Washington
Phil Carney
During the day, I develop end-to-end on the Microsoft platform. In the evenings, I research technologies (new and old) and post my thoughts.
Greater Manchester, UK