Такса Зельда
Блог таксочки Зельды. Фотографии, видео, рассказы о жизни милой длинной собаки.
Black Dogs Project
These photos started from a conversation about how hard it can be for black dogs to get adopted. These photos show how beautiful these dogs are.
Woody the Dog
I'm Woody and I work at Tumblr. You'll either find me playing with my ball or writing code.
New York City
Dogs Waiting for Their Humans
I had started to notice dogs waiting for their owners to come out of coffee shops and delis. I felt compelled to document this phenomenon.
well that's adorable.
Amazingly adorable things and sassy commentary can be found on this blog. An adorablog, if you will.
Wallace Ouerle!!!
I am a cool cat in NYC.
New York, NY
F-Yeah Baby Animals
Baby animals of all shapes and sizes. Posted for your enjoyment. Eat it up. No, really, there are starving people on Mars.
OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder
Corgi Addict - the cause of and solution to your corgi addiction.
Animals Doing People Things
Animals, but they're doing people things.
New York City, NY
Look at this Little Thing!
All sorts of miniature and tiny things to look at!
San Francisco, CA
Gozer the Destroyer
Loveable Gozarian who enjoys chewing, licking, and long naps.
Brooklyn, NY
The Shelter Pet Project
A person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet. Be that person -- meet an amazing pet today!
The Daily Bunny
Daily Bunny is daily!
Bay Area, CA
Stefon's World
New York's Hottest Cat
I draw pugs!
The Daily Behbeh
Teddy bear simply imitating life.
New York, NY
The Animal Blog
All things animal.
Mumbai, India
I'm Remembering!
Pop-Culture Nostalgery From The 80s & Early 90s.
ca$h cats
Incredibly wealthy felines who stack cheese.
ZooBorns delivers the newest, cutest baby animals born at the world's zoos & aquariums! ZooBorns builds awareness and support for conservation programs while it entertains.
Lunch Bag Art
I draw on my kids' lunch bags. It's okay.
Georgia, USA
San Diego Zoo
Your daily dose of adorable animal photos from the San Diego Zoo.
San Diego, CA
Pretty Colors
A collaborate compendium of the best colors ever.
The Daily Otter
OMFG otters!
Bay Area, CA
The Fluffington Post
Your #1 source for FLUFFY ANIMALS.
New York, NY
Creature Features
A collection of monsters, robots, creatures that haunt my shelves and dreams.
Montreal, Canada
Insects are beautiful.
Homer Jay Pug
Just a pug trying to make it in the big city.
New York, NY
Pusheen the Cat
I am Pusheen the cat.
Well Dressed Animals
Fancy cats, dapper dogs, elegant rabbits, stylish horses, handsome hedgehogs. And much more!
Donkey News
All donkeys all the time.
Hipster Animals
Illustrated field guide to your very local urban wildlife since 2011. (drawn by Dyna Moe)
Busyburg, Brooklyn
Kitschy Living
A blog about the things i love, all things kitsch! If it's tacky, ugly, quirky or wonderful you'll find it here. You'll also find some vintage and retro things.
Las Vegas, NV
Boys with Beard with Cats is a collection of photo submissions from around the world of just that: Boys. Beards. and Cats.
The most amazing creature on the planet.
Bloomington, IN
Men And Their Dogs
Your daily dose of dudes and dogs.
Tales of The Great Gatsby & Miss Scout
A blog about the adventures of a brother and sister Pembroke Welsh Corgi duo named Gatsby and Scout.
We love stop-motion
The best stopmotion animation: pixilation, claymation, paper, timelapse... anything related to stopmotion. We just love it!
See Spot Rescued
We are all about dog rescue! All breeds, all sizes, all ages. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 dog rescue based in Jersey City, NJ run completely by volunteers!
Jersey City, NJ
Cats. Where They Do Not Belong.
Telling cats where they are and are not allowed to be. Mostly the latter.
Cats are secretly not graceful creatures and are occasionally caught being their silly selves. We post cats doing all the stupid things that cats do.
San Jose, CA
Sesame Street
Sweeping the clouds away!
Tommy the Pomeranian
I'm a retired show dog who's interning at Tumblr's offices in NYC.
Brooklyn, New York
Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Monterey Bay Aquarium, perched on the edge of a world-famous coastline, is your window to the wonders of the ocean.
Monterey, CA