Pop Art Türkiye
Popüler sanat akımlarının içinde kaybolabileceğiniz ve modernliği nostaljik yaşatabilecek bir sanat bloğudur.
Ulaş Gürşat
şehrin eski halleri, fotoğraflar, resimler, yemekler, anılar, hatırlanınca sevindirenler. unutulduklarının farkına varılmayanlar
Murat G.
Kuzey Orduları Komutanı, Felix Lejyonu Generali, İncili Küpe Taşı, Halayın Başı, Ciddiyeti Sever, Disipline Hayran..
Bak şimdi geçiyor bir vagon içinde zeytin gözlü bir çocuk; umutlarını ver bana; benim hiç geleceğim yok!
image oscillite
A group blog focused on tickling your eyeballs with a carefully collected selection of unique video and film.
USA, Bicoastal
kia meku
contemporary art
everyday frustone
we discover something new on the internet everyday. stuff that’s inspiring, amusing, interesting, a little strange. we thought we should share it.
Pistoia, Italy
Benjamin Lowy
Documentary photographer and frequent traveler.
This Week in Creepy Robots
Chronicling the End Days of humanity and the inevitable, unstoppable Rise of the Machines.
Focusing on the issues which shape our lives, our mission is to inspire change by connecting content to social action.
Here's Some Awesome
One awesome video every day, picked by a group of serious web video professionals who love sharing great content.
Paul Gruber
Mix of personal photography, inspiration, friends, some professional insights in images and thoughts.
Daily Maps
Joe Choe
I post stuff I find that are cool and I hope you will think it is all cool too
Watershed plus
An innovative art program with a unique approach to public art embedding artists and artistic practices within the City's Water core activities.
Calgary, Canada
London / Mexico City / Toronto / virtual space. pulvis et umbra sumus.
Laura Grover
A collection of often quaint, sometimes misguided, and yet often surprisingly still useful bits of advice from the past. Oh, and advertisements, too.
Virginia, USA
Just a steady stream of the most irresistibly shareable stuff you can click on without feeling bad about yourself afterwards.
Things Organized Neatly
Photos of objects, laid out and arranged very, very neatly. Submit your photos for consideration!
United States
Black Holes & Gray Matter. In one thousand tangos.
high resolution vintage images - ads, photos, illustrations, articles, whatever i scan or capture or find on the internet
Budapest, Hungary
Infinity Imagined
You are The Universe. Know Yourself.
Amateur photographer, world traveller, Tumblr addict.
Mumbai, India
Josh K.
The Clearly Dope: A tumblr blog about cats, pizza, pro-wrestling, and everything else on the Internets. But we do it with SOUL!
Give Me Something To Read
A hand-picked selection of the finest articles and essays saved with Instapaper.
United Kingdom
Prosthetic Knowledge
n. Information that a person does not know, but can access as needed using technology. Art, technology, design, creativity.
Oxfordshire, UK
Sarah Brin
I'm a curator who works with videogames, big cities, and blindfolded children.
Los Angeles, CA
A discovery engine for meaningful knowledge, fueled by cross-disciplinary curiosity. Edited by Maria Popova (@brainpicker) for Lore.
New York, NY
A commonplace book of words, images, poetry, visual art, film stills, philosophical and cultural materials, all with a Proustian sensibility.
Fran Court
Hello! I'm Fran and i'm an Illustrator from the UK. I enjoy art, crafts, photography, drinking tea, animation and film! :)
United Kingdom
The Electric Typewriter
Selected features, articles and essays from the world's best journalists and writers.
London, England
Photographer & semi-professional pizza enthusiast. Snippets, snark, everything LOL.
New York, NY
"This isn't happiness" this is Art, Photography, Design, and Disappointment
Venice, CA
A look at some of the newest trends and hype in urban culture, including streetwear and hiphop music, as well as glimpses at upcoming movie, tech, and gaming releases.
Those Who Make
A carefully curated collection of videos + interviews + goods from Those Who Make! (Curated by Michael Ariel)
[Citation Needed]
[Citation Needed] is a blog and podcast collecting hilariously bad prose from Wikipedia. All of these entries were written by actual, presumably literate people.
50 Watts
Images from around the world selected by the bibliomaniac behind 50 Watts and A Journey Round My Skull.
Mlle Ghoul
Herein lies a gathering of frippery and finery, grotesqueries and enchantments, prayers and poetics.
East Coast, United States
Andrew Richard
A finely curated video blog with various categories, from entertainment videos to celebs, NASA to tech, movies to music, gaming to news.
Chennai, India
Process / Vision
Where cars, architecture and music converge - a collection of hi-res pictures of vintage car brochures, visually stunning buildings and album artworks.
Krobia, Poland
davidope (David Szakaly)
visual chinatown of davidope
Ravi Vasavan
Australian-born designer & art director living and working with his partner and a flamboyant feline companion inhabiting a pool house in a fair suburb.
Sydney, Australia