林 孝彦
京焼・清水焼窯元の竹内陶遊です。 京都の陶芸の流れを研究し、伝統的な技法を継承しつつ新しい図案にも取り組み陶器造りに努力を重ねております。
Kyoto, Japan
daahara / Kazuma Harada
都市、電線、海、ノイズ。 写真の重ね合わせによるGIFアニメーション群作品 "astigmatism"
Chiba, Japan
1986年生まれ       コラージュアーティスト   グラフィックデザイナー   Collage artist / Graphic designer.
untangle tang
からみほぐし研究所のブログ KaramiHogushi Drawing Labo.
Onahama Iwaki City, Fukushima
Jimmy Marble
Director, photographer, designer, swimmer, and muralist.
Los Angeles, CA
Ibon Mainar
Net Artist ??
San Sebastian (Spain)
Jon Burgerman
Artworks, doodles, distractions and interventions from prolific international artist and human Jon Burgerman.
New York
Alexander Tinei
Budapest, Hungary
Max Capacity
I would barf my brains out through my eyeballs for you if I could.
Santa Cruz, CA
Ron Donoughe
Former chicken catcher, grave digger, landscaper, graphic designer, and college instructor – now a full-time regional painter. Living my dream.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Christian Richard Rice
New York, NY
Larry Carlson
Visionary Artist. Surrealist Adventures. Mind Melting Multimedia. Welcome to the WonderShow of the Universe!
New York, New York
alone365 noir77
witch house + trap house
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Zack Dougherty -- Hateplow
Aart, back and forth. forever.
Portland, OR
Greg MacLaughlin
There is meaning here, though it won't be immediately obvious.
Seoul, South Korea
Eugenia Loli
Modern vintage collage artist. Every collage is its own movie in my head, with a surreal plot -- and often humor.
Foster City, CA, USA
Love & a Sandwich
Professional monster maker, part time puppy enthusiast. Mostly posting my toys and other sewn art, sometimes some inspirational words.
Boston, MA
I am fascinated with the concept of the void.
Brooklyn, NY
A collection of painstakingly detailed drawings of personal and fictional environments.
Brooklyn, NY
Lawrence Cox
Lawrence Cox wears odd socks, his eyes produce electric shocks, check out his stuff, it rocks !
Derby, Derbyshire, England
Kameron Richie
A minimalist printmaker making shapes make shapes.
San Marcos, Texas
Kent O'Doherty
I am an interdisciplinary artist who...
Boston, MA
Taj Bourgeois
Sincere as he is absurd, Taj is a multi-dimensional artist with a big empathetic ego who is obsessed with making art, and aspires towards greatness.
Portland, Oregon
Phone Arts
Phone Arts is an International collaborative project experimenting using only the mobile phone as the medium to create unique compositions.
Artist living in Brooklyn NY by way of Louisville KY. Colorblind and self taught. Skulls, snakes, robots, hands, tattoo imagery, dark but with a sense of humor.
Hollis Brown Thornton
(USA, 1976) Artist - Painting, Permanent Markers & Pigment Transfers
Aiken, SC
Man Bartlett
Artist. Lover. Thinker. All around shenanigan-maker.
New York, NY
Mike McDonnell
I fell off my bike and when I woke up I was here.
Toronto, Canada
Brandi Strickland
Collage & Mixed Media Artist
Floyd, VA
Gregory Siff is an American pop, street, abstract-expressionist.
Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Shea
Works in photography, installation and sculpture.
New York, NY
Rick Stevens
Contemporary oil paintings and pastels.
Santa Fe, NM
Rebecca Rae Barton
Printmaker and mixed media artist exploring the human experience, rendered in a recognizable visual vocabulary.
Craptastic drawings for your viewing pleasure, updated several times a week. Get naked, grab a pint of ice cream and come INDULGE.
Brooklyn, NY
Curtis Kulig
Curtis Kulig is an American artist, photographer, and illustrator who lives and works New York City. Lover.
New York City
Alida Sun
Light + sound 3D mapping explorations. I make site specific interactive installations out of rampant displacement, spatial flights of fancy & sundry.
New York + Berlin
Shaun Kardinal
Multi-disciplinary artist focused on digital and tangible patterned collage.
Seattle, WA
Adam Ferriss
Guts of jpg and other pixel abominations.
Los Angeles
Ellie Clemence
I'm a visual artist with a focus on modular origami.
Jen Mann
Canadian artist, working mainly in large scale portraiture. cynical and sarcastic. Sharing progress pics.
Toronto, Canada
Jesse Treece
I make whimsically surreal and absurdly disturbing collages using only scissors, glue and vintage materials, recycling the old to create something new.
Seattle, Wa. USA
Bill Domonkos
Artist and experimental filmmaker. A collection of things I like plus some of my films and GIFs.
Oakland, CA
Daniel Barreto
Approximately 100 abstract paintings Titled "My true self" are created by art students every day.
Boston, Ma
John Hanning
Conceptual storyteller.
Alejandra Sáenz
Graphic designer and illustrator. My personal work has developed a realistic style inspired by female beauty, symbology and astronomy.
Buenos Aires
Luke Pelletier
I make a lot of paintings, music, prints, zines, stickers, photos, videos, and sculptures. I'm always down to talk about art. Just message me.
Chicago, IL
Joe Hamilton
Angular fragments, nomadic and dispersed. Flickering surfaces. The destination and point of departure.
Melbourne, Australia
Amélie Chunleau
Surrealist collage artist
Year of the Glitch
A year-long glitch-a-day project by Phillip Stearns.
Brooklyn, NY
Analogue multi-dimension drawing. This site comprises Mossi's entire range of experimental artworks.
Seoul, Korea
Randy Grskovic
The truth is, truth isn't.
Toronto, Canada
Timothy J. Reynolds
3D Illustrator living in the Midwest.
Milwaukee, WI
tchegg TM - Thierry Mugny
Ricardo Bouyett
Fine art photographer and filmmaker based in Chicago.
Chicago, Illinois
Jennifer May Reiland
Historian and fantasist. Specializes in drawings of bullfighters, odalisques, courtesans, porn stars, and French soldiers.
New York City
Maldito Juanito - street art
Ladies and Gentlemen, Directamente from Geneva, Switzerland, the sinister, the terrifico: MALDITO JUANITO Salud and enjoy the show!
Geneva, Switzerland
The "Official" Tumblr of Contemporary Sculptor & Fine Artist: Ron Ulicny. A collection of my work, other peoples work, influences & happenstance.
Portland, Oregon
Joe Todd Stanton
Chad Wys
I make work of the work of others. Our visual culture is my raw material. I bring the low to high and the high too low. I eat pasta like the best of 'em.
Illinois, USA
Miscellaneous Adventures
Illustrator and maker creating woodenware and objects inspired by nature and the great outdoors.
I put myself in tight places.
Bronx, NY
Lauren Pelc - McArthur
Remaps paint from real life to 3-D to 2-D and back again. Paintings that exist somewhere in between a canvas and virtual space.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mark Thompson
British painter & photographer living and working in Germany
Stuttgart, Germany
Andrew Smith
drawings of broken people and animals, and the way they stand and the trouble they get in.
Oxford, UK
Will Kim
I paint and animate celebration of life, colors, and spirit.
Los Angeles, CA
Moleskine Lovers
For everyone with a penchant for these little black journals with the pocket and elastic band. Readers are encouraged to submit their favorite Moleskine art/photos.
Monica Ramos
a young illustrator, obsessed with unhealthy carbohydrates.
Brooklyn, NY
Saskia Keultjes
I'm an alien from space and I make gifs and dorky illustrations.
Rafaël Rozendaal
Visual artist using the interhet as his canvas
New York
Ben Brunnemer
Art work by Ben Brunnemer
New York / Los Angles
Ivan Hoo
Visual Artist Based In Singapore.
Never Stop......................
New York
Psychedelic Graphics and Music
Sao Paulo
Aerialist, Kayla Dyches, documents life, training, performance art, photo shoots, & cirque inspiration on the ground & in the air.
Landmarks of Old Euxinova
Serialized, animated graphic fiction by Colin Raff.
Berlin, Germany
Eddie Villanueva
A site for installation arts, studio images, musings, and other original content.
Milwaukee WI, USA
Visual Artist from Argentina. My world in motion.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lola Dupre
Paper and scissors collage artist and illustrator.
Ireland / Spain / Portugal
2011 Guggenheim Fellow Experimental Media Artist
Joe Webb
Collage artist man and painter of things.
United Kingdom
Kris Trappeniers
Stencils and papercuts.
Dan Levin
"One man's trash is another man's career" [ i invite you to peruse my fine art and misc. objects ]
Santa Barbara, California
Helen Green
Illustrator, Lady Gaga fan. Always drawing!
James Scorpion Dagger Kerr
Like most people, collage artist Scorpion Dagger enjoys good times, and hopes to deliver a few with his silly GIFs.
Montreal, Canada.
Michael Whelan
Fine artist and illustrator of science fiction and fantasy. Winner of 15 Hugo Awards. Inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2009.
Mr. E
Artist, Dreamer, Human being!
Yuriy MiRon
I’m a visual artist creating moving images. gif-art, music videos, sculptures, experimental animation and illustrations.
Kyiv, Ukraine