Absolutely, for eternity, we’ll always be together
We used to talk in that way, right?

I can’t say, I can’t say, something like “goodbye”
I’m sorry; I’ve troubled you, right?

With all our soul, with all our might, let’s live right now
I had been living in that way
It won’t vanish, it won’t vanish, your entirety
And yet I love you this much.

Daisukinanoni // 大好きなのに by Kylee

I’m sick as hell … For real, so sick my brain must lack the oxygen required to think straight and I’m here, drawing random SasuSaku… I love them so much it makes me go weird é^è … Halp ….

Arriverà, un giorno, quella persona che si innamorerà di te solo guardandoti. Che importa che non é lui, l’importante è che sai che quella persona, da qualche parte nel mondo, esiste, ed è solo per te. Perciò, diamine, smettiamola di programmarci la vita a 17 anni, a scegliere di vivere con lui/lei, che tanto fidati che vi lascerete. Ora, non si tratta di essere una persona negativa, si tratta solamente che me lo hanno ripetuto così tante volte che dio, ho sempre detto loro di stare zitti. Alla fine fine avevano ragione, diamine se la avevano.
Hai una vita davanti.
—  onedaywillbeok

#Inktober 16

Something a bit more classical for yesterday’s drawing ! I wanted to draw my young ” Heart ” girl kitty japanese student style… but I’m not satisfied > . < but everyone is drawing an umbrella I want to draw umbrellas too è_é (and halloween pictures, be prepared)

Tools : Unipin Black, red alcohol felt pen


Yersterday I asked if fellow noxians  or noxus friendly  characters could send me asks concerning their  activity during  the Harrowing  festival in Noxus so I could  draw a comic based on it. I’ve received a lot of OC asks (I’ll use) but nothing con cerning   existing champs. So what? You’re lacking of inspiration?! You’re too shy? You  don’t know what your character can do among the crowd with a million interaction possibilities? *obviously pissed*

Some of you  recquired information  concerning the Harrowing  comic I was doing because they ha dlike NO IDEA about what to send. So there some settings :

Concerning the Harrowing festival in Noxus:

It’s the last day of the holiday period in Noxus,  also called the “day of the  deads”. The festival takes place in the city,  the only real  time of the year where the city  is colorful. It’s important for Noxus to pay homage to the ones whodied on the battlefields, to their fallen  heroes. The Grand General takes part of the festival as well and can, if he wants, deliver a speech to the citizens.


I hope it’s satisfying.

But I won’t fight,  if I do not receive anything  satisfying tonight, I just won’t do it and probably close my tumblr since my efforts seem worthless.

anonymous said:

Sono fidanzata con il mio migliore amico da quasi un anno, ho accettato dopo un anno che mi chiedeva di metterci insieme ma avevo paura. Stavo male, parecchio, ero, diciamo cosí, in cura, a causa della depressione e lui era l'unico a sapere tutto. Mi faceva stare bene ma ci vedevamo una volta al mese o anche meno, ora che stiamo insieme ci vediamo quasi sempre anche se siamo lontani e grazie a lui io sto bene, cioé, Sto davvero bene. Lo amo da impazzire, é arrivato dopo 17 anni ma c'é.

è una cosa bellissima,sei fortunata ad averlo.

maddragons said:

Right, now you start being one of my favourite blogs on tumblr. :D Your creativity and humour is great, and you are really modest about it. This is truly great! :] High five!

umadmuggle Ok. This has to stop. Why… I say WHY you all keep asking for a HIGH five?! I’m SHORT! I have a PEG LEG! Is it funny for you?! è///é


Let’s start asking about middlefive… Or lowfive! I dunno… ? ♥
Thank you for your kindness :///D I’m so happy to know that you like my page and I’m flattered by your high opinion about me! I’ll keep doing my best ;)  *hug*


Ecco la tua malattia: pretendi di rinchiudere la vita nelle tue formule, di abbracciare tutti i fenomeni della vita con la tua mente, invece di lasciarti abbracciare dalla vita. Com’era un tempo: va bene che tu affacci la tua testa in cielo, ma non che tu cacci il cielo nella tua testa. Ogni volta vorresti rifare il mondo, invece di goderlo com’è. É un atteggiamento alquanto dispotico.
—  Etty Hillesum

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anonymous said:

Awwww people can be so rude and stubborn. Don't worry, you're 100% right, it's an useless fight and nobody should argue about it. Though, (if I'm noooooot mistaking ?) it's clearly stated that Hanji is a girl in the ANIME, so yeah shut the hell up rude anon è_é


I’m already over the small drama, haha. I have my lovely followers backing me up <3

I took a short nap and I feel much better and no longer feel angry! Yes, Hanji is a female in the anime but it’s just the anime. It’s up to the reader for the manga!

Thank you for sticking up for me though! c:

~Mod Levi

Inktober 05 : Tyshana.

Not on a good day if I daresay. X)

I should draw her more often, I still can’t get her face, it’s really frustrating. è^é;


Giz > *Câlinuyte* >v<~♥

Kin > Toi aussi cède à l’appel du choubiiiiiii… @v@