anonymous said:

Could you type those Swedish insults phonetically? I think they're really funny but English is the only language I know and I can't even begin to figure out how to pronounce any of those words!

I tried to find it already spelled out cause I can’t do it but I couldn’t find any but I’m gonna try to help with the swedish letters that you’re probably not familiar with:

å - Afford, Door

ä- Scared, Hair

ö- Bird, Girl

I hope that gives you some clue to how those letters are pronounced, I guess I’m just gonna type out the words trying to explain how you say them, haha

  • skitstövel (shit boot) Chitstövell
  • träskalle (wood head) - basically just as it is typed
  • puttefnask (no direct translation; a physically small prostitute) - yet again can’t explain it any better than how it’s spelled
  • snorvalp (snot puppy) - snor-vaalp

Ah I feel like I should have made a video instead lol