𝑺ummer 𝓝ights 𝓝ever 𝓔nd ✦ 001

It was all coming to an end, summer.  The signs were everywhere.  Back to school commercials, back to school shopping, schedules, and Bailey was upset that one of the best summers he ever had was coming to a close.  It was nice being able to spend it with his father, the man he loved and cared so much.  But he knew that school had to arrive soon, and things wouldn’t be the same.  He was going to be a junior, birthday coming up, and soon he would be a year closer to graduating.  A year closer to leaving.  The boy was on top of the roof, easy access from his window.  He looked out at the sun as it was slowly closing.  It was almost over, and the boy sighed.  Two more nights left.


                                           People have hurt me

                                but that doesn’t mean everyone will!

                                             As long as I keep


                                               I will find those

                                                   who care.

𝕎𝕒𝕣 𝕒𝕟𝕕 ℙ𝕖𝕒𝕔𝕖

            ☩ He’d been pacing the courtyard for hours now,
hand running through curly hair, walking alongside on
of the many pools of the complex. Marriage was certainly
not what he’d had in mind. There were more important
matters to attend to in his mind. A career, an education,
or seeing the world, exploring, anything -

But life waited for no one - particularly nobility.
Tensions had been rising between the nations, and Britain
had actually taken a step to sort this out. If the young man
had it his way, of course, he would have sent the Navy to
London’s doorstep. This was, of course, out of the question.

           They’d already found a bride and she was on her way

            Anxiety was certainly present, but it was conquered
by fury. He was surprised he’d gone the whole day without
either vomiting or punching a wall. Anxiety, was a natural
phenomenon, but anger had surprised the court. They didn’t
expect anger. Johanan suspected it would be easily
understood, he was now totally chained to this godforsaken
castle and the politics that came with it. Of course he’d be
absolutely furious.

                                       He heard someone call out to him.

The young man turned around quickly, temper flaring
and Spanish curses coming from his mouth. But he hesitated
when he saw the company.

            "Oh." He quickly stood straight and calmed. A woman
was standing next to a noble, in foreign clothes - blonde curls
waving in the hot, summer air. Admittedly, she was prettier
than he expected - but this did not change matters. Either
way he was called to duty, and there was no going back.

He put on a strained smile, feigning joy. “Good
afternoon.” There was no milady. This was, in fact, deliberate.

                    Wαтcн αѕ oυr 𝒉𝒐𝒑𝒆

                                        тυrɴѕ тo Dυѕт

          αɴd oυr 


        тυrɴѕ тo



   The night was not young. It was rather late, actually. The fan had been going for hours now, pushing hot Xandarian air through the tiny apartment. The couple lay across strewn sheets - but not asleep. Instead paying attention to each other’s breathing. Hilda had one hand on her chest - held by Amil’s - the other tucked underneath her pillow as she stared up at the dark blue ceiling, counting the marks in the paint.

   She sat up suddenly, pulling the loose flannel shirt off of her. The heat was too much to bear in the summer, humidity soaking through her skin. Hilda did not think about how this would be the first time Amil would see her shirtless.

   Hilda shook her head and sighed. She waited a moment before laying down - letting the fan air grace her skin. The bed shifted as Amil joined her sitting up. The redhead smiled briefly at her. “You okay?”

anonymous said:

Hi, do you remember which match that "Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton-Get him out of here ect ect"-match was?👍

Of course, that was No Way Out 2009, Orton vs Shane McMahon

                                                             Every time you go though

                                                  something 𝓑𝓐𝓓

                                    just remember

                 someone out there is ѕмιƖιηg!