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• vaping
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• cooking
• dealing
• mailing
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Feel free to ask me. Im always willing to help a stoner in need 💚💛❤️

anonymous said:

The lack of Sherlolly Mirror!verse is an issue that needs to be adressed. Care to help? :3

Sure. Why not? (Warnings for the following fic being very, very dark indeed.)

“You can’t do anything Molly,” Greg said, giving a sigh and rubbing at his temple.

“That’s the problem!” she snapped, tapping her foot impatiently, curling in against herself. Never had she felt so useless.

“It’s been five months – there aren’t any clues – no real leads. It’s been declared unsolved.”

And that was supposed to comfort her? “He’s out there,” she said softly. “I know he is. I can’t just sit about and do nothing. There has to be something I can do, Greg!”

“There is nothing!” Greg said his voice almost a shout. He sank forward, fixing his eyes on hers. His features were sunken with defeat. “Sherlock’s gone, Molly. We can’t do anything about it.”

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“Where have you been?” he questioned too harshly as he entered her sitting room directly after her.  He closed the door harder than was necessary and locked it; the bolt clicking loudly in the awkward silence that filled the room. He’d had enough interruptions for one day.         

She turned to look at him through weary, red-rimmed eyes.  Her face drawn and tired, her cheeks tracked with dried tears. She had no will to fight.  He had been right and she knew it.  She had spent the last two hours replaying their conversation, their argument, in her mind.  The indignation and hurt in his voice.  The pain and disbelief in his expression.  He had stared a hole in the wall over her shoulder, as he was apt to do when he was angry or deflecting a conversation that he no longer wished to carry on.  “After our disagreement, I thought it best if I let you be Mr. Carson.  I walked down to the lake to think.”

diamonds-and-codeine said:

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