DatPiff’s Newest Mixtapes For Cocky, making music means more than just making you dance. To him, it is the key to a legitimate life. âÂ�Â�Music means putting the bullsh*t behind me and moving toward progress, because pretty much everything else IâÂ�Â�m good at is illegal.âÂ�Â� ItâÂ�Â�s a story weâÂ�Â�ve heard before, young black boy grows up in poverty and turns to street life to make a way for himself. But this story is a little different. Growing up in Earlington, Kentucky, T. Ron Cox didnâÂ�Â�t have a lot of options. Earlington barely has 1,500 people, 1 stop light, 1 gas station, and 1 police officer. For what it lacks in city swag and sophistication, it makes up for in closeness. âÂ�Â�Everybody knows everybody else,âÂ�Â� Cocky explains, âÂ�Â�My Granny been living in the same house for 60, 70 years. She has had the same neighbors her whole life. Nobody ever left, or ventured off.âÂ�Â� But for Cocky, the small town life wasnâÂ�Â�t enough. He was too curious and so he ventured off to Louisville, the big city over 100 miles away. It was in the city where he became a âÂ�Â�country boy with a city boy swag.âÂ�Â� He also learned the tricks of another trade that helped him lift himself out of poverty, it also brought him some hard times, like felony convictions. Until a major event caused him to reevaluate his life, âÂ�Â�Last year, November 16th, my mother passed away. At the time, the only thing positive I had in my life was the music, she wanted to see me do that,âÂ�Â� Cocky explains. Even before making music, he loved music. Getting in trouble for scratching on his grandmotherâÂ�Â�s record player, is a favorite memory. Growing up in the church, Cocky makes music with melodies inspired some of his favorite artists. âÂ�Â�I like Frankie Lymon, David Ruffin from my Granny, then Dre, Snoop, Jay Z, I like melodies, and IâÂ�Â�m very melodic. I think Pink is dope, Nelly Furtado.âÂ�Â� He describes his own music as coming directly from his own life, and his own experiences. âÂ�Â�IâÂ�Â�m just a regular street ni**a that listens, take constructive criticism learn from mistakes, ainâÂ�Â�t nothing fabricated about it. I tell you sh*t that I shouldnâÂ�Â�t even say. The music is very emotionally based, it comes from me.âÂ�Â�
With a song with Yo Gotti called �Microwave,� that was already making noise, the 28-year-old father/street cat decided to put his time and money behind his music, linking up with Atlanta producer, Zaytoven who produced four tracks on the still-untitled mixtape. �Zaytoven produced 4 beats, Peewee Longway, Johnny Cinco, Zay blessed me with a Gucci verse and hook. So, that�s big.� Making music for Cocky is about more than just making it big, �I wanna file taxes. I need to establish a line of credit. I pay for everything with cash, just recently I bought a house. I had no line of credit. It took me forever to find a realtor who could help me get a mortgage. I remember being in the streets everything was about getting cash, cash, cash. But when you hit the real world, ni**a you need a receipt.�