Point Foundation’s Voices On Point Gala

This past weekend, I sang my heart out for a cause I strongly believe in! ❤❤❤ Point Foundation’s Voices On Point, empowers promising LGBTQ students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential, despite the obstacles they face! I performed Beyoncé’s “I Was Here” on Saturday, in honor of talented songwriter Diane Warren, who received the Point Leadership Award that night. 😊🎶

Dress 1: Maria Lucia Hohan

Dress 2: Monique Lhuillier

i remember at this exact moment we would be right next to each other , and how i wished i would’ve known we weren’t gonna see each other as often but baby i wish i can show you how much i love you again , how we use too but better ❤️ your voice at this time brings back so much , i miss it but i know soon I’ll be right next to it and here it again 💓😭😍👭🌙🌌

20 Facts.

1. Trichelle Ann real name ko pero mas gusto ko yung trixie.
2. Baho pakinggan ng initials ko,TAE wtf hahahahaha
3. First and Last fieldtrip na napuntahan ko ginanap pa nung Ondoy 1st yr ako tapos nung madaling araw na stranded kami sa Petron nag inuman kami sa loob ng bus ng patago hahahaha
4. Mahiyain sa una
5. Takot sa salagubang, palaka at ipis
6. Taga papak ng ketchup ng Mcdo or Jollibee
7. Dreamer pinagandang term sa ambisyosa
8. I’m starting to love books
9. Dalin mo ko sa kahit anong amusement park kahit dun na tayo matulog kibels lang
10. Ayoko ng mga surprises para sakin. Gusto ko ako yung nagsusurprise.
11. Clingy and Bitchy sometimes
12. Galaxy, floral or any vintage patterns 💕💕💕
13. Di maingat esp sa mga gadgets gasgas kung gasgas
14. Ultimate crush si Migz Haleco huhu his voice ❤❤❤
15. Bata palang ako pangarap ko na matuto mag ice skate at mag ballet huhu
16. Feeling cheerdancer hahaha nung 1st yr hs sinubukan namin magpyramid sa loob ng room nakayakap na ko sa kisame tapos nalaglag ako hahaha
17. Clumsy
18. Naguidance kami dahil sa kahumalingan sa rubiks pusta pa po
19. Laging may kahati
20. Selfish sa problema sa sarili. Ayokong nagshashare

Salamat sa pag tag babaengnafriendzoned :* Ayoko magtag ng iba wala ko maisip kung sino hahahahahaha

anonymous said:

What makes you like frank ocean so much :D?

His Face is cute as fuck 😩❤️💁
His voice melts me 😂😂
I live for his music 😘🙌


this song describes me. a lot. oh who am i kidding i’m having everyday withdrawal symptoms on master’s sun hahaha but this is one of the best ost’s in korean dramas history if not the best after city hunter’s suddenly :) i love kim bo kyung’s heartwrenching voice ♡
the lyrics to this song is meaningful. actually no, all the korean ost’s are meaningful, one of the things that drew me into the korean industry. so ya 😊😊✨ xx

Haley Marie,

you are the girl of my dreams. the one I’ve always dreamt about finding. you are my dream come true. I can’t even begin to explain what I feel for you. you make my whole world go round. you’re the one who puts a smile on my face when I just want to cry. you make me laugh when I just want to give up. you have taught me so much about myself. you taught me that no matter what you’ve been through there’s always a brighter side. i never would’ve thought I would have fallen so hard for you, but I did. bad. and I can’t thank you enough. you’ve been there for all the up all night crying not knowing what to do nights. you’ve been there for the drunk phone calls, the late nights. I’d call just to hear your voice. ❤️ it makes me smile every time. I am so in love. I have NEVER loved anyone like I love you. it’s a different thing. you have changed me dramatically. I used to go out all the time and just drink and get high, but now all I want to do is hangout with you and your awesome family. i love them all. you the most of course. I love how accepting your parents are of us and how they treat me like one of their own. it’s crazy to think that a year ago we we’re strangers. now we’re together and already talking about getting married and kids and the rest of our future. it’s crazy babe. I remember when we first hungout alone at your house. we cuddled all day long. that was a great day. I honestly just want to tell you how much I love and care about you. 💕 you’re amazing babe. I love you to the moon and back. times infinity 😘
9•15•14 - 11:54 pm

anonymous said:

I will always be anon. But I will try my hardest to remind you everyday. That you're loved. You're beautiful. You're worthy and you're strong. You are doing so good. Everyone has bad days. Some more than others. But you're doing better than others. You're so passionate and kind. You're so lovable and beautiful it drives me crazy! (In a good way) Keep doing you. Surround your self with people that love you. And with the bpd, eating disorders,your mom, the demons. Prove the voices wrong. ❤️❤️❤️

THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE. You’re the best 💕

A ginormous THANK YOU to the home team for coming from out of state to volunteer her precious time for an awesome cause! U are appreciated *Pac voice* 🙏❤️🙏 @naeicanrepeatit #BRUNCHANDLEARN (at BRUNCH & LEARN SERIES)