The parents of a toddler who was severely injured when a SWAT team’s grenade exploded in his face may be on the hook for all of his medical expenses.

Georgia will not pick up the tab for the more than $500,000 worth of medical treatment Bounkham Phonesavanh received after he was injured during a botched drug raid in May.

"It leaves me heartbroken to know that they really don’t have any compassion or remorse for what they’ve done to my family," Phonesavanh’s mom, Alecia, told The Huffington Post. "

I read all these articles about how bad they feel and how traumatized they are, but I don’t see it. I don’t see it in their words or their actions at all.”

A SWAT officer threw a flash grenade that landed in the toddler’s crib, badly burning him. The blast left holes in Phonesavanh’s face and tore away at his chest, exposing his ribs.

He was put into a medically induced coma for days and, at one point, had only a 50 percent chance of survival, his family said.

Authorities said that they previously purchased drugs from the house and that there was no evidence to indicate a child would be present.

The suspect, wanted on federal drug charges, was not there. The American Civil Liberties Union has challenged the assertion that there was no sign a child could be present, saying that there were toys in the front lawn.

Phonesavanh said there were no drugs found in the house and that it was “not a drug house.” Now, the county says it’s not legally allowed to pay the child’s medical bills.

"The question before the board was whether it is legally permitted to pay these expenses," the county said in a statement sent to the station. "

After consideration of this question following advice of counsel, the board of commissioners has concluded that it would be in violation of the law for it to do so.


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"Posing with the nametags!" 

They look like rookies with the nametags. SEUNG HOON holds on to it tight while fixing his hair. He is a pro! We can see MIN HO’s playful yet charismatic face. TAE HYUN smiles like a child. You love it, don’t you? Here goes a group photo!

The new group, WINNER!

TAE HYUN stands like the leader and the rest go for the ‘best angle.’

"The youngest stands at the top…?"

Exercising, being playful, fixing hair… These are all keeping WINNER busy!

A few seconds before the rehearsal! MIN HO does some pushup in the speed of light. SEUNG YOON comes and plays a prank on him! WINNER’s handsome JIN WOO and leader SEUNG YOON do the final check on their looks.

"They monitor their rehearsal thoroughly!"

What would be the first thing WINNER do after finishing the rehearsal? They monitor their performance. They ask the staff members if they did a good job. How passionate!

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Translated by: YG LIFE

leguigui said:

I just imagined the psycho-blast it would cause to amber to see Danny cheat her with Ethan, of all persons, and you have an history of making events blow in the faces of your characters, Mister. The "Damn you, Willis!" doesn't come out of nowhere.

Danny was literally jumped on for casual supersex by Billie and he turned it down because he had feelings for Amazi-Girl even if he didn’t know they were reciprocated yet.  Hell, he was a jerk to Amber because he was afraid of the possibility of temptation of cheating on her with Amazi-Girl.  

I’m a little upset that you think I will ignore Danny’s primary character trait now that one of the people he’s now physically attracted to is a dude.

i think it’s really hard to be passionate about something like literature without being a total ass?? like when i try to talk about books i hear myself talk and i wanna punch myself in the face but then i…. never want to talk about anything other than books… wtf 

This one time me and my family were on a train in Europe going between countries and there was 5 of us in a train car that fits 6 people. Like 30 mins in some random foreign looking dude comes in and sits with us and we all comment in arabic about how rude he is and that we’re obviously a family and why would he go somewhere else but we didn’t say anything to him so he ended up staying for the whole couple of hours. In the last hour before we got to our destination my mom took out some biscuits and passed them around and so my brother offered some to this stranger and he said ‘لا شكرًا’ which is ‘No thank you’ in Arabic and that’s when we realized he understood all our conversations. We all got really silent for the rest of the trip and my moms face was so red and it was the most awkward thing in life.


These smiling faces belong to my cousin Kelly and her two oldest kids, Christopher and Katie.

Katie turned 18 last week. She loves to ride horses, fish and ride ATV’s on her parents farm in PA. She is an adoring big sister to her brother Dawson who just turned 5. She is truly the sweetest girl I know, with a loving and giving soul.

Katie graduated from High School this year and was having medical screening for college entry and the Doc saw something in her eye exam that worried him.

She has what CT and MRI shows to be a benign tumor that is growing into the pituitary gland in her brain. She had no real symptoms other than random headaches and a change in her peripheral vision, that was so subtle she didn’t even notice.

Tomorrow, 8/22/14 she will be having an craniotomy to remove the large 5-7cm tumor. It is a dangerous surgery that could leave her paralyzed, blind, or worse.

She has been in good spirits this week and feels the love and support of her friends and family. She is strong and very positive.

Would you all please show this beautiful young lady some love and support as she undergoes this difficult, life threatening surgery?

shellshokt and I will keep you updated.

Thank you

anonymous said:

How come Zayn's whole face lights up when he looks at/talks about Liam? But when he was freshly engaged the best he could do was a forced smile and stuff like 'it's cool'?? Being private is not the same as being emotionally detached. If I make a list of 100 shady things about Zerrie compared to Ziam , are they all just coincidences to be dismissed? How is that any different from what Elounor shippers do? FUCK!

Liam and Zayn’s behavior in the aftermath of the Zerrie engagement was very telling. I’ve said before there’s no reason in the world for Liam to have been as salty as he was about that if he and Zayn are just friends. I mean, Liam is known to throw shade. But he was also visibly annoyed and upset. Even if he thought Zayn was making a huge mistake, would he publicly behave that way? Zayn is one of his best friends—he could save it for in private out of respect. Dude was just done. Done in the way that Louis is done when reporters go into Harry-the-womanizer schtick. And Zayn was so noticeably unenthused about the whole thing. I feel like he could’ve sold it better were he not so concerned about upsetting Liam more. I mean Liam sat there in a press conference singing “Who’s that girl?” in mocking response to a question about Perrie. Game face from Zayn. Liam sat in an interview and said the wedding’s not happening, then caught himself and made a joke of it. Again, game face from Zayn. The same Zayn who has no problem checking Liam on camera over rock, paper scissors. The same Zayn who has no problem checking Liam on camera for teasing Louis. This Zayn had no response to Liam about shading his fiancee/engagement?  And that’s not weird? That doesn’t mean anything? Really? 

I agree with you. Being private and essentially giving no fucks are two very different things. I’ve seen people use the private thing as an excuse for Zayn not being able to muster up any enthusiasm about Perrie. I don’t buy it because like you said, he’s happy to talk about Liam.

And yes, at this point we have a bunch of examples of not quite platonic behavior between Liam and Zayn. We also have Aunt Zileh on social media liking Ziam things that are romantic/sexual in tone. Is everything a coincidence? Even getting sexually aroused by each other? Also a coincidence?  Imo, yes, that’s Elounor shipper logic.