Phil Lester is the by-product of two related grandparents and a haircut that was cool in 2006, but that’s okay because he has a lovely personality. His quirky videos and idiosyncratic editing sets him apart from other YouTube vloggers - that and his unique life which seems to attract a worryingly large amount of strange people and situations (which he relives for your enjoyment). If you look at yourself in the mirror and think “wow i am so weird, how do i function?” - Phil’s the guy that teaches you to embrace your individuality.”
“If you see Phil this weekend, do not be alarmed if his hand is facing backwards towards his pocket in a claw shape, he can’t help it. And he was does not condone irresponsible use of a permanent marker on your face.”
“Remember, normalness leads to sadness.”   
                                                                                               - Dan

Please don’t go” she begged as she hold back her tears.
“Can you please stay?” she asked with a crack in her voice.
The whole room fell in silence as if no one was there.
And with the faint sound he makes as he shut the door, she found the answer.
—  lines from a book i will never write [lm]