I loved you. And here’s a news flash: you protected me from nothing. I spent time missing you, wondering what the hell I did wrong to make you do that to me. I thought everything was my fault. And even when I got over that, I still knew what I’d lost: you. You were the one who made me laugh when I had a crappy day. You were the one I vented to when I was mad, the one I shared all the good stuff with. You always knew when I was full of crap, and you always called me on it. You were smart, you were funny, you were good-looking. You were mine. And then, suddenly, you weren’t. I knew every day exactly what I’d lost, and I missed you every day. That’s the big favor you did for me. Thanks so much. Here’s the kicker… you weren’t even protecting me. You were protecting yourself. If you’d given half a thought to me, you wouldn’t have said goodbye.