ever since i left the exo fandom my skin has been so clear. i have regular bowl movements. my mind is clearer. i can smell hope & love in the air

Good morning and happy Friday beautifuls. With the weekend almost upon us, I am wrapping up in black, lace, polka dots, and comfort love. My picks are from the VS Dream Angels collection and are the push up bra and cheekini panty. Feeling beautiful, confident, feminine, and strong, I am ready to take on the day ahead. As you prepare for your day, take a moment for yourself, clear your mind, bring yourself into the present moment, and fully see yourself for the beautiful person you truly are. Choose to focus on the positive surrounding you as you strive to be the good in the world you want to see. Know in your heart that you make the world a brighter place everyday. Love yourself unconditionally, because you deserve it, be true to your heart, and let your love reach out to touch the lives of those who surround you. Dream big, love freely, and dance through your day with grace, compassion, and kindness. Know in your heart that you are the light, love can win, and have an incredible time rocking your day. Thank you all for an incredible week you are all so wonderfully beautiful. Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML <3

Wisdom without love is like having lungs but no air to breathe. Do not seek wisdom in order to acquire knowledge but in order to live and love more fully.
—  Adyashanti

Hey nemmica​, you can drop Witch Charlie speculation on my posts any time.  Seriously, that put me in my dreamy smile place.

10x16 positioned witches as women who had something that was rightfully theirs taken away from them.  And also as vengeance-seeking.

Charlie had her parents taken away.  And then, when she was bifurcated into her light and dark selves, her dark self wanted revenge.  “You took everything from me.“

Of course that description fits Claire too, except for the literal bifurcation.  (I’ve talked about the similarities between her and Charlie before.)  

Okay, suddenly I need Charlie being Claire’s witch mentor more than I need air.  But I do love the idea of Charlie and Sam putting their heads together and learning witchcraft.  (Incidentally the only AFAICT there’s not a lot of witch charlie stuff out there, except for Harry Potter AUs, especially stuff that focuses on her.  I do like this Charlie x Bela picspam though.)

Remember 7x20 Charlie, who identified so strongly with Hermione?  I’m thinking about how 10x16 had at least three Harry Potter references.  Like Hermione, Charlie has seen first hand that magic can be terrifying, after her Oz and post-Oz experiences.  But if learning witchcraft would help with saving Dean, I bet she would.  (Every witch SPN has shown us has been evil, with Patrick the (sigh) he-witch being a possible exception.  It would be nice if that changed.  ETA: yarnyfan reminds me about James Framption from 8x15, and there’s also Nora Havelock.)

Beauty & the Beast || Remy & Al

Gentle winds lifted auburn hair from the princess’ shoulders. She had skipped her afternoon lessons and snuck away to the gardens behind the castle with her favorite book. A tale of a knight making a perilous journey to find his true love. It was as she began to turn the page, that something in the air seemed to change. The wind picked up for a few moments as a sinking feeling started in her stomach. A sudden sense of urgency consumed her as the sky above her began to turn dark. Sunset was another hour or two off, and the darkness was not rain. It was smoke. There was fire, somewhere, something, someone was burning.

Quickly, the girl got to her feet and ran back into the palace she called home, searching for her parents or siblings as she moved towards the front of the castle. As she moved towards the front, many servant were scrambling about, trying to tell her to go find her parents, to get away, to leave. But she had to know why. Picking up her skirts, she ran until she found a balcony, one which overlook most of the kingdom that her father ruled. Green eyes widened in shock and horror as the screams of her people joined the smoke in the air. There was less Fire than she had expected, but what was burning, was burning badly. From her height, she could see only small figures, but it was obvious many people were running from or fighting others who did not appear to be citizens of her father’s kingdom at all. Upon hearing shouting below, she attempted to see what was happening and saw that the intruders that were attacking the kingdom had fought their way to the doors of the castle and already slaughtered a number of guards. Unable to witness any more, she ran off to find her parents, praying that there were get away horses readied for them somewhere. It seemed no matter where she turned, she could hear the screams of servants, guards, children, even the distressed sounds of animals from outside. Their country had always been a peaceful one. Careful never to take sides in wars, never to start wars, only to have enough defense to protect themselves—- but apparently they did not have even that.

“They’ve entered the castle!”

Hearing someone shout that, she truly began to panic and it was not long before several guards found the princess. Thankfully, they seemed to know where her parents had gone and had already sent others after her siblings. She ran hurriedly in the center of the group, as fast as she could, which wasn’t very fast at all. Time seemed to draw out forever as they ran through the halls of her home. A sudden cry of pain sounded from behind her and she and the other guards turned to see several men wielding all sorts of strand weapon advancing on them and one of the guards on the ground, a knife in his back. A scream ripped from the princesses throat as the guards swarmed in front of her, telling her to keep running.

“Stay away from the princess!”

one of the guards shouted, stopping the other men in their tracks for only a moment, their expressions changing to sickening grins before fighting the guards with more ferocity than before. She continued running, only to have her arm yanked by one of the attackers, her head turning to scream but being cut off by the sight of a sword slashing his neck and spraying blood onto her. Holding back vomit, tears finally began to streak her face as any illusion of safety completely shattered. The guard tried to reassure her, only to be pulled away a moment later and run through with one of the other guard’s swords that one of the intruders had picked up. She was now surrounded by slaughtered guards, only two of them having surrendered in hopes of keeping their lives, and several monstrous men. When one approached her, a menacing looking weapon in his hand, her sobs became more panicked and she turned again to run, only to be caught around the waist and hauled onto the man’s shoulder.
At first, a bit of relief came over her, then more fear as she wondered if she were being carried off to be executed publicly. When she began hysterically thrashing once more, she was told to stop or have the last two guards killed. With much effort, she wiped her tears, and some blood from her face and tried to contain herself, her body still but her tears unending.

Where they took her, however, was the throne room. The doors swung open and she was dropped onto the floor in the center of the room, a small shriek coming from her as she fell and then a groan as she hit the floor. Sitting up, she looked to the back of the room, where the thrones were placed and saw her parents and siblings at the base of the stairs that lead up to them, all of them tied up with rope. Her father looked battered, but her mother, brother and sister seemed mostly unharmed, just panicked and afraid. A sigh of relief escaped her as she saw they were all still alive. She started to move to sit up, only to have a sword held at her neck a moment later by the man who had carried her. The look on his face told her that if she moved, he wouldn’t hesitate to add her to the number of those already killed.

She whispered softly come to me, the sweet song of her voice. Those words that beckoned him to her, did pierce his very soul. The love in her words, as he heard her sing out into the air around him, as if she knew him better than he himself.
The explosion of sweet emotions that welled up from deep within his very soul and it was all he could do to hold back the tears of joy she gave him. The sweet pain of her love, that did pierce his heart making him forever and always to be bound to his one true love.
The broken hopes and dreams were forever stolen away from him when the sound of her words, I love you pierced his soul, for all eternity.
© 2009 By: H. Dirk Macgrieve
—  The Journey to Freedom 
© 2012 By: H. Dirk Macgrieve

wheresperrytho asked:

I love your asking thing "smack it in the air" lmao Anyways even tho im a hardcore fan i have no idea how many weaves B has shes pretty good at hiding it do you know how many? And which ones are weaves

Haha thanks. Just assume all of her hairstyles are weaves or wigs ‘cause 99% of the time they are lol.

pinkggss asked:

Is there an anime about them before this anime??

I’m not quite sure on this question but I’ll do my best to answer.

There are three seasons confirmed for UtaPri. Maji LOVE 1000%, Maji LOVE 2000%, and Maji LOVE Revolutions. Maji LOVE Revolutions being the series that will be airing this month. 

If this is about the fanart/official art of the younger versions of Starish and Quartet Night, then no there is no anime series about them. 

The visuals are just younger versions of the guys stemmed from the All Star -After Secret- line called, “If-10-year-old-boys”. ((Our blog has shortened this line to “If” )). I think there are drama cds that depict this “If” series that were released in Japan. If you bought After Secret from a particular store, you would get one of these CDs with it. 

I hope this helped ((If I’m wrong then someone correct me please))

- Mi-tan