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anonymous said:

Hi I would like to ask how would both team react if their went to their partners house and they find their partners room messy, would they be ok with it? xD ( I think Rin would make them clean up the whole room xDD) I love your blog!!!

(ahaha, thank you! ^^)

Makoto: He blinks in surprise when he walks in, glancing around at the mess. “____, this isn’t good, you know. You can focus better if your room is clean! …Don’t make that face. I’ll help you clean up, okay?”

Haruka: His partner didn’t seem like the type to have a messy room, so he’s a little shocked. “…When was the last time you cleaned up, ____? …Can I really go inside?”

Nagisa: His room is messy too sometimes, so he doesn’t care too much, but eventually it’d be too much for his partner when he keeps poking around and finding embarrassing things. “Ah, it’s your elementary school photo!”

Rei: Because Rei is such a perfectionist and his room is immaculate, he doesn’t stand for it at all, shrieking and thoroughly scolding his partner for their messiness and returning with armfuls of cleaning products. “As your significant other, I cannot allow this to be!”

Rin: He roughly tousles their hair, scolding them about the importance of keeping their room clean. He wouldn’t give them any kisses until they finish cleaning together, and only then he would smile and kiss them lightly. “See? That’s a lot better, isn’t it?”

Sousuke: He sighs, putting a hand on his hip and hitting their head gently with a hand. “I know I’m not the cleanest person in the world, but this is a new level entirely.” He still helps them clean up a little anyway, and cuddles them after.

Nitori: He’s quick to criticize his partner for being messy, but then he looks like he’s been hit over the head with a hammer when they mention how unorganized he is, too. Using tips from Rin on where to put things, he quickly helps them clean up. “Please make sure to be tidy next time!”

Seijuurou: He’s only a little put-off by it, and offers to help clean up while blasting energetic music. But he’s not too good at it, because he’s busy laughing and swinging his partner around instead of cleaning. “I guess even cleaning can be fun with you, huh?”

Momotarou: He’d completely ignore the mess, instead gawking at everything else and trying to take in how cute his partner’s room is and flopping around on their bed. But if asked, he’d help clean, but he’d definitely scream and go red-faced if he picked up their underwear or something. “Y-Your room can be dangerous…”

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St. Thinking Out Loud: On being Empathic and Growing into your own


Congratulations, you are the lucky winner of a product from my procrastination. *Throws confetti*

Being empathic or having empathic tendencies (including being a full fledged empath) is something that is usually tackled with the absolutely pessimistic outlook of misery and woe.

"You’re sad because of my sad and you’ll always feel my sad!" *shakes angry fist*

Well, I’m here to tell you, folks. That’s not true. Lots of empaths/amplifiers/empathic others grow into their own. They learn how to control the way they are stimulated and even learn how to use it to their advantage.

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