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"Here kitty kitty~!"

My muse will grow cat ears and a tail and adopt the mannerisms of a cat/kitten for the entirety of a thread!

"Oi! what the hell i ain’ no…" Before he could finish talking he felt a twitching on the top of his head. Curious he reached for the movement and felt a soft pointed appendage. Eyes widening he gave a pointed look. His new tail twitching in an angry manner as the ears a top his head fell flat in an irritated display.
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Kirisaki Daiichi falling in love with the "not rich" girl in their class and reacting to people making fun of their crush because of that? (LOVE YOUR BLOG YOU'RE AWESOME <3)

AAAAAHH thank you!!! ily

Furuhashi: He doesn’t really say anything, but the disgusting glares he sends them are enough to keep them away. For once, those eyes came in handy.

Hanamiya: “Oi,” Hanamiya shouted, immediately silencing the bullies. “You’re being annoying. Screw off.” Needless to say, no one ever messed with you again.

Hara: He’s laughing as he walks up to them. “You know what’s funny?” he asks, his laughter growing. “How someone as fuckin’ ugly as you goes around saying stuff like that.”

Seto: “Would you all shut up?” he mumbled, his features growing slightly darker. “I’m tired, here.” If they persisted, then he’d probably have to actually use some force.

Yamazaki: He looked pretty irritated with everything that was unfolding before him. “How annoying…” He didn’t use his words much, but he instead used frightening glares and body language.

AU Sasuke bumped into Naruto in the one place he wouldn’t have thought possible - the library. Though he supposed it wasn’t all that shocking as Naruto was lying with his head on the table, fast asleep. Noticing the scattered books surrounding him, Sasuke raised an eyebrow.
‘He must have been here for hours.’ Sasuke thought.
Placing a hand on his shoulder, he shook Naruto firmly to try to rouse him. Though it proved pointless when he remained still as a rock. Shaking harder this time, Sasuke spoke as well, “Oi, moron. Wake up.”
All he received was a soft groan as Naruto buried his head deeper into his arms, “Five more minutes…” He mumbled, and Sasuke sighed frustratedly. Looking at the time, Sasuke knew he had to leave now or he would miss the bus. But before he left he took off his jacket and draped it over Naruto’s shoulders.
Half an hour later Naruto woke up, and upon realising where he was groaned loudly. “Gah! I fell asleep at the library, AGAIN! Dammit!”
Banging his head on the table, he felt something slide off his shoulders. Sitting up, he pulled it off and saw it was a jacket.
‘Thats weird. I don’t remember putting one on.’ Naruto thought as he stared at the piece of clothing. It was really nice, and by the looks of it, expensive.
‘No way is this mine anyways. But then that means…’
“Someone gave it to me.” Naruto said out loud.
He wondered who it could have been.
Shrugging and slightly smiling to himself, he stood up and put the jabber on. A perfect fit! So it must have been a guy.
Naruto suddenly caught a whiff of sweet scent and pressing his nose against the fabric, knew it was from the jacket. It was a nice smell. It made him feel happy.

The next day Naruto wore the jacket to school, partly because he liked it so much and partly because he wanted to know who have it to him. So when he walked past the guys he talked with them, and chatted, but none of them said anything. For the whole day Naruto walked around, hoping to find the person who the jacket belonged to. But no one said anything. And Sasuke watched from afar and felt his stomach flutter at the thought of Naruto keeping his jacket. Maybe one day he would get enough guts to tell him that.
Australian Movies You Must Watch

- Gettin’ Square*******
- Two Hands***
- Strictly Ballroom****************
- Suburban Mayhem*****
- The Castle ***
- He Died With A Felafel In His Hand***
- Razor Back *********************
- The Beast*
- Puberty Blues****
- The Dish******
- The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert*************
- Muriel’s Wedding****
- Chopper**
- Looking For Alibrandi*****
- Black Water*
- Hercules Returns ******************* (honestly the funniest thing in the world)

Star Qty = my personal level of excitement about that film
All these films are on a baseline of I Highly Recommend That You Watch These Because They’re Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Garçom?
- Oi posso ajudar?
- Não, acho que ninguém pode.
- Oque houve?
- Por favor o cardápio de bebidas.
- Oque vai querer?
- O mais forte que tiver.
- Whisky, Vodka?
- Não sei, eu não sou de beber.
- Oque houve moça?
- Ah, como eu fui tola, eu confiava, cuidava, tentei ser a melhor pessoa pra ele, eu não entendo.
- Beber não vai ajudar moça.
- Mas eu quero esquecer, quero tirar isso da minha cabeça, eu não aguento mais chorar.
- Toma esse lenço…
- Obrigado.
- Oque vai fazer? Quer mesmo beber e descontar o erro de alguém em si mesma?
- Eu não entendo…
- Algumas coisas não é possível entender, mas olha moça, a unica pessoa que pode te valorizar, é você mesma.
- Tenho que ir pra casa.
- Então vá, tome um banho e descanse, já está tarde, e se ele se preocupasse, estaria aqui.
- Eu sei, vou ir.
- Até moça.
—  Destroços de um coração 

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"Oi you! What's with that black stuff drippin' from your mouth?" He hovered over the strange human, not really sure if he would be seen or not. Jack always liked to take a chance, in hopes that one day he would possibly be noticed. //oops//

Ollie thought he was alone tonight, save for the few trusted security guards, so the sudden voice above him startled the man a great deal.
Oliver’s head whipped up, and his hand instantly wiped the goo dripping through his teeth and lips.
Was that kid..Floating?
And was that a stick?
“First off, tell me who you are.”
His hands rested on his hips, lips dragged into a flat line.