to: your sign, from: literally everyone

aries - can you tone the bitch down by like 100000% thanks
capricorn - stop attacking people and relax
scorpio - you aren’t satan and you cry over spilled milk
gemini - sweetie(:
sagittarius - everything you say sounds like a backhanded compliment
leo - stop looking in the mirror
libra - why do you have to complain about everything
taurus - can u just contribute to the group project for once in your life?
virgo - congratulations you got another A no one cares 
aquarius - no one is trying to steal your crush can u just calm down
pisces - it was a compliment can you just accept it
cancer - cut the innocent pissbaby act we all know you’re the most likely to kill someone

Imagine Hermione, working in magical law and drafting new werewolf legislation and naming it after Remus.

Those laws being unanimously voted in with no deliberation by a ministry that has been rebuilt by Remus’ friends and acquaintances.

Werewolves slowly coming forward to register themselves in a new department because Hermione makes sure she takes them out of the magical beasts division. Kingsley specifically hiring a werewolf to run the registration office, because it makes sense and it proves they’re finally making a change for the better.

Werewolves not being called werewolves, they’re ‘people afflicted with lycanthropy’ because first and foremost, they are human.

People afflicted with lycanthropy allover the country registering with the ministry, setting up support groups, getting help from the ministry and having access to employment schemes because it’s now illegal to discriminate based on lycanthropy when hiring, and knowing it’s all thanks to Lupin’s Law.

“Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

Cloud Atlas (2012)