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Luke’s teeth marked into his bottom lip, his back arching a bit as he stroked his hand slowly around his cock. He looked at you intently, his body facing yours on the bed as he watched you smirk from in between his legs- his hand moving faster at the sight.

"Get yourself off for me." You said sternly, tracing your index finger in circles around his hip bone- his V line prominent, making your underwear become damper. You looked up at him, his figure shining perfectly from the morning sunlight coming through the window. You two had just woke up and he was experiencing a wet dream, so you decided to treat yourself to a show from flustered Luke that was previously fantasising about your mouth stretched around his cock during his sleep. It was a win/win situation.

He swallowed thickly, nodding a few times, his tongue fiddling with his lip ring as a lock of his blonde hair dropped down from his forehead. His cheeks were redder than usual and his stomach was clenching with each pump of himself, and you nearly moaned at the sight. It was so hot to see him like this.

"Go faster," you said quietly, watching his hand swirl around his length, "Make yourself come. I wanna taste."

He moaned, tilting his head back at your words, his stomach burning and his heart racing as he felt butterflies. Another wave of heat rushed down to his lower region and he moaned again, flicking his wrist faster as you told him too. He was always the one to obey his orders and he would always do as he was told. What a sweet boy.

His knees lifted off the bed a bit, shuddering as his hips twitched. He was feeling himself get close and he wanted to come so badly; but for some reason he wanted to prolong it.

As soon as he saw your smirk grow and your eyes burning into his cock, your tongue poking out from your lips as you looked at it like it was a ice-cream- he couldn’t help himself but let his thighs quiver from the sight. He was so flattered that you wanted to have a taste so badly and he wanted now to get to his high faster, so he jerked himself off so fast at the tip that he nearly jumped from the sudden pleasure.

"Lemme help, baby." You chuckled quietly, taking his balls into your hand before leaning in, licking a stripe across them. His moans were sounding hotter than before, and they were sounding strangled, too. It was fucking irresistible.

He continued jerking himself off, his breaths becoming heavier as you sucked one of his balls into your mouth, increasing the pleasure for him. From the way his toes curled and the moans that were escaping his mouth, you knew that he was coming close to the edge. “So close.” He murmured in between moans.

You flicked and lapped your tongue along his balls and he threw his head back, fisting the sheets beside him with his spare hand as he felt himself release.

He released on his stomach and you took effort and time on him, slowly sucking on his balls to ride out his orgasm. He looked at you, chuckling a bit when he finished. You looked up at him too and smiled cheekily as you pulled away.

Slapping his hand away from his cock, you licked a stripe up it, then let your tongue trail over his stomach, cleaning up the mess he made. You moaned at the taste and lifted yourself up, kissing up his chest and pecks. You murmured against his skin.

"Best thing I ever get to taste…"

Please, no matter how clingy and possessive your girl is, do treasure her. Do try to understand where she is coming from. Don’t do things which you know would make her feel jealous. Don’t get annoyed just because she floods you with text messages when she didn’t receive a reply after 3 minutes. Don’t get mad when she calls you a hundred times per day. Don’t cheat on her just to show her that you’re still the boss or just because you want to rebel against her demands. Don’t leave her just because she loves you too much and is so scared she’d lose you to another girl. Instead, take care of her. Because one day, she might get tired of chasing after you; of loving you too much. She might leave. And man, believe me, you will miss her. You’d wish time and time again that her name would pop on your phone. And even if it does for a thousand times, you would gladly reply to each one because it sucked not to receive a single text from her. You’d regret all those times you got mad at her for getting jealous of that one girl in class, and would gladly have her acting all jealous and bitchy than not hear anything from her at all. You would willingly go back to that time when you got so annoyed because she won’t stop telling you ‘i love you’ if you won’t answer with an ‘i love you too,’ since it’s better than knowing that she doesn’t love you anymore.

One day, you would realize that it is so much better to have her love you so, so much, than not have her in your life at all.

—  Here’s to those who have clingy partners (m.b)

Lord, alam ko naman talaga na sakit ko na talaga yung pag naiinlove na sa akin ang tao, natatakot ako at lumalayo. Pero, ngayon po susubukan ko. Guide me po. Amen. :)

I am standing on the sidewalk waiting for the downtown pet supplies store to open so I can buy flea stuff. Guess why. Yes, it IS because I kept the new (outdoor) cat I talked about a month ago and waited too long to apply the spot on flea treatment; you are so smart.

The downside to this new “getting up early every morning” routine is that the stores don’t get up early with me. How selfish of them.

[Thanks To] EXITO


Thank you


To our president, CEO, manager and TOP staff, to my beloved family.. Thank you so so much.


Everyone! Thank you and I love you♥ I will definitely become a big star. Thank you. I will always be the hardworking L.Joe! Angel, LOVE U!


Thank you to our  president, CEO and manager who helped us come up with this album. To the TOP Media staff who are always there for us, thank you. Our manager, Kiho hyung thank you for always being by our side. To Changuk hyung who always comes up with cool choreography, thank you for the hard work this time as well. Hairstylist Dokyung hyung~ Anguk hyung and Hyunyeong noona, thank you always. Composer Choi Kyusung hyung~ Rado hyung~ thank you so much~ Also the recording team who enabled me to experience the jungle, hyungs and noonas! As well as the writer and the PDs thank you so much♥ Byungman hyung~ Seungsu hyung, Heesun hyung, Jiseob hyung, James hyung, UEE noona♥ thanks very much~~♥♥  Of course our members, thank you. My parents, I love you♥  Angels who are always there watching out for us♥♥♥ Thank you so~~~~♥♥♥♥♥ much~~!!♥♥ We’ll show you our cool appearances.


Thank you and thank you again to the people who love us, value us and waited for us. We will repay you all through this promotion. I love you♥


We are coming back after so long so I’m really excited. We will continue to work hard in order to show you good songs and cooler appearances~  A lot of effort was exerted preparing for this album~ So we ask for your love ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Also to my beloved mom and sister who are always beside me supporting me, I love you and let’s live happily for a long long time! Thinking of mom inspires me to work hard. Thanks so much to our manager and company staff as well. Lastly to my dah.ssong.ddong.haet and Angels, I love you hihi We will continue to be the hardworking Teen Top who never forgets our original intentions. Changjo’s appearance will continue to be cooler as well.

*dah.ssong.ddong.haet = aliens

source; Rickya, 24/7; fyteensontop

anonymous said:

Sophie... this is going to sound weird but do you have anything, or something you do to just calm down? I seriously want to just relax rn... one of my friends nearly killed themselves and just called me about half an hour ago all panicked and shit, so naturally I zoomed over to their place (and probably am going to wind up with a speeding ticket or six). They had some pretty serious cuts I wound up treating and dressing for them and I'm tapping this from my phone in their lounge room. Halp :s

when I need to calm down I focus on my breathing, go over the stressful shit in my head in a detached and rational manner until I have a better understanding of it or I’m just more comfortable with dealing with it. maybe have a sip of red wine, read in the bath or watch documentaries (though I watch crim/psych and war history docos which can stress people out so maybe something different) and also listen to my favourite music. 

in your case, you should breathe and seriously fucking tell yourself that you’re a good person, you helped your friend, figure out what you think is the best way to move forward with them, and that everything is going to be alright. after you’re sure your friend will be okay and taken care of without you there, go home and take care of yourself; indulge and do what makes you happy. you did good <3 

Friday Night Concert

So at The Loft in Atlanta, on Friday, they are going to have Hawthorne Heights and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Both bands will be playing their first albums in their entirety.


The Silence In Black and White


Don’t You Fake It

These albums came out TEN years ago. I was 16.

The show is $13 in advance. And even though I have no one to go with me, I think I’m going to go and release my inner teenage emo kid for a night.

I regret nothing.