redvelvet.smtown:  우리뜰기언니 친구들과의 이별이 아직도 슬픈가봐요ㅜㅜ 학다오 본방사수하는데 또 울었어요ㅜㅜ 슬픈데웃기다………… #조이 #학교다녀오겠습니다 #레드벨벳#RedVelvet 

It seems like our ddeulgi unnie is still sad about parting with her friends ㅜㅜ we were watching the “Off to School” broadcast live and she cried again ㅜㅜ it’s sad but funny…………#Joy #OffToSchool #RedVelvet #RedVelvet

trans. cr; ddeulgichu

the signs after a breakup
  • aries:gets really angry at themselves for not being good enough, might break something
  • taurus:sits in bed for a while trying to figure out what they did wrong
  • gemini:either worries about it constantly or doesn’t care at all
  • cancer:cries, listens to sad songs, is in a bad mood for weeks probably
  • leo:is devastated but tries to win back their ex-lover’s heart
  • virgo:thinks about the relationships, all the rough things that may have happened, and tries to find the probability of their relationship having worked
  • libra:pretends not to care, but is really upset deep inside
  • scorpio:is constantly thinking about it for weeks
  • sagittarius:distracts themselves with a vacation or a drink
  • capricorn:shrugs it off, but it haunts them in the back of their mind
  • aquarius:avoids their ex, but other than that, doesn’t care
  • pisces:imagines scenarios where they get back together with their partner, but doesn’t act on any of them
9290) "Your body may say one thing, but I know who you are.”

“You are a beautiful girl and i will do whatever it takes to keep you safe and happy because you deserve it. No questions asked.” - my best friend, when I cried to her. I love her.

Forest Haiku VI

by Rebecca Lawton

The moment I close

my journal it cries, Listen!

Warblers are singing

poet: Rebecca Lawton is an author, instructor and natural scientist whose work has won a Fulbright scholarship, the Ellen Meloy Fund Award for Desert Writers, a 2014 WILLA award, and the inaugural Waterston Desert Writing Prize. She is the author of the novel Junction, Utah (van Haitsma Literary, 2013) and the short story collection Steelies and Other Endangered Species (Little Curlew Press, 2014), nominated for the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize.


photographer: Caroline Dattner Blankstein 

“Photographier le vivant :
Mutation, métamorphose, transformation, ces phénomènes me fascinent ….
Ces manifestations traduisent un thème majeur à mes yeux : les traces du temps qui passe, les traces de vie.
En révélant les signes, sur la base de projets au long cours, j'intensifie ma relation au monde et j’aiguise ma sensation de vie.
Ces thèmes, j'ai pris plaisir à les explorer durant ma carrière de comédienne. Aujourd'hui, c'est au travers de la photographie que je poursuis mes recherches.
En 2009, j'ai quitté le théâtre, suivi une formation de photographe à l'école de l'Image des Gobelins de Paris et depuis je me consacre entièrement à la photographie.
Vit et travaille à Paris.”



I’am beautiful~ no matter what they say~ But words can probably bring me down.. *breaks down and cries*

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anonymous asked:

nami and robin's past made me cry which is crazy because i've never cried watching anime and sadly ace's death was spoiled for me so i was already expecting it, but i feel like i would have cried if it weren't spoiled for me. (i was still really emotional when it happened)

those poor One Piece characters, they all have a sad past, really…
Robin’s was especially painful to read about cuz being alone is just one of the worst things. And Law’s past is even worse, geez… -.-
Ace’s death was actually spoiled for me, too. I read about his death somewhere and I wasn’t that far in the manga back then.

But after all the things Luffy endured from chapter 521 to 572 just to save Ace, I thought “There is no way in hell, he’s gonna die.”
And yet he did die… This fact alone is already painful but then there are so many things that make it a billion times worse.
Let me just count some of them down…

  • Luffy literally went through six hells and back
  • he lost ten years - ten frigging years - of his life span because he was nearly poisoned to death
  • Mr 2 sacrificed(?) himself to help Luffy escape and his last words were “Go save your brother, Straw-chan!!”
  • the whitebeard pirates all fought for Ace’s rescue
  • Whitebeard died
  • Ace thanked Luffy for saving him
  • Ace promised Luffy he would never die
  • He also said that he wanted to live without regrets and yet the one thing he regrets is not being able to see how Luffy achieves his dream

All of these things hit me at once when Ace died. It all happened in vain because he died anyway. I will never get over this.
And you should think that this is enough but Oda-sensei poured salt in the wound with Luffy’s reaction. And his flaschbacks - the fact that they had already lost one brother. And the fact that Luffy got a horrible wound on his chest and barely escaped with his life. Seeing such a strong character like Luffy be completely helpless is just heartbreaking.

I basically cried nonstop while reading from chapter 574 to 600 or something… That is how horrible Ace’s death was to me, at least.

  • Me:puta gusto ko na talaga ng boyfriend *cries*
  • Someone:pwede manligaw?
  • Me:*acts like Elsa and shuts everyone out*

Ok so for anyone who’s seen this picture but not known the context, let me explain: This is from one of the FMA light novels. The kid on the left there is Pit, the protagonist of Kid Icarus Ed’s friend/partner in crime from when they were kids.

One time Ed and Pit thought it would be funny to throw roly-polies at all the girls in their class. Of course all the girls screamed… Except for Winry, who quietly gathered up every last roly-poly and stuffed them all down Ed and Pit’s shirts. Then I think they cried? And Al was just like “Well they had it coming”

Moral of the story is don’t fucking mess with Winry

your-abbey asked:

How can you tell the difference between inferior Fe and inferior Te under stress? Both can boil over or explode when they feel stressed or hurt. Thanks.

Inferior Fe turns whiny. Inferior Te turns into a dictator.

Like… Cami and Davina from The Originals

Cami is an ISTP. Very logical. She calmly deals with Klaus’ compulsion, has an instinct (Ni) that something is wrong, and figures out to record everything she does so she can remember later what he’s compelled her to forget. That’s Ti/Ni. Logical problem solving, based on gut instinct. But, she’s outwardly emotional. Easily attaches to certain people. Knows how to appeal to their emotions. In a pinch, she becomes emotional. She cries. She pleads. She has “faith” in Klaus, in an attempt to appeal to his better nature. She compromises. Cami cares how people see her and her family and she doesn’t mind talking about it. Whenever she’s in a bad place, her emotions are all over the place. She becomes needy and needs comforting.

Davina? Not so much. That girl is emotional all the time, as a Fi-dom. She knows what she wants, and what she will and will not do, and there’s no compromising with Davina. No Fe. Just pure Fi. What happens when she is under stress? Her Te comes out. Big time. She acts on her feelings. She lays down the law. She tries to manipulate and control and “stop” people. She does not appeal to their feelings; she turns into a dictator personality. This is what I want, and I’m going to get it. If you don’t like it, there’s the door. Pure Te. Lower, objective, and badly-utilized Te in the sense that it’s immature.

Fe tantrums and Te tantrums are two very different things. Fe tantrums involve intense emotionality and neediness and Te tantrums involve trying to control the situation. You see this even more so in Elijah and Klaus, who use Fe/Fi respectively. Elijah on occasion becomes Fe-moralizing and needy (as does Cami in her “you can’t treat people like this” speeches), whereas Klaus doesn’t become externally emotional – he snaps and has a tantrum because he can’t control his family and they’re not doing what he wants.

So, yeah, “oh, woe is me, no one likes me” is baby Fe (inferior), and “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, I’LL DO WHAT I WANT AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME” is baby Te (inferior). In an intense situation of conflict, inferior Fe suddenly erupts into neediness and inferior Te digs in its heels and refuses to move.

Things I’d change about OUaT. And things I’d like to see on it. (Warning: major Swan Queen feels after the cut.)
  • The Evil Queen had another better reason to be after Snow.
  • Regina is nice to Snow and shares her umbellas when it’s raining.
  • Marian’s alive and she, Robin and Roland live happily ever after out of Storybrook.
  • Hook has it’s own storyline that doesn’t only revolve around Emma. Eventually he gets on his ship and sails the fuck away. He lives happy, ever after.
  • Emma confronts Regina about killing Grahm. About being the Evil Queen. They fight. Regina cries. She is full of regret. She goes and tries to apologize to the people she hurted. She is truly sorry.
  • Snow confronts Regina about killing all those people. About killing her father. Regina is speachless. They’re both very sad. days after they share a deep talk. They hug. Both cry. Regina is very sorry. She promises she will be a good friend for Snow. She smiles while holding baby Neal in her arms.
  • Rumple really tries hard to be a better person. He doesn’t hurt Belle anymore. He respects her.
  • Belle has a storyline. She’s pure and smart, and she’s probably the only true hero in this frickin town and goes on adventures with the other guys. She spends time outside the library.
  • Ruby and Archie still exist.
  • Rumple never killed Zelena. She didn’t go back in time. She’s still in jail. She reads a lot. She’s angry but sometimes she and Regina talk. One time they also laugh together. It feels good.
  • She realizes she has to change in order to survive. She even thinks she might have a chance to be happy after all.
  • Emma and Regina hug each other. The first time it’s somehow akward. then they get more confortable. Sometimes their hands touch.
  • Emma’s a hero. Not because she’s the Saviour but because she is still good, despite of everything.
  • Emma is happy and smiles a lot.

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