• Aries:24 Hours tops
  • Taurus:Until they die. Maybe not even then.
  • Gemini:Give it 30 seconds
  • Cancer:Years
  • Leo:Until the end of time
  • Virgo:Couple of months
  • Libra:.02 seconds unless you really fucked up
  • Scorpio:All of eternity
  • Sagittarius:Two days
  • Capricorn:Don't even bother apologizing
  • Aquarius:A year
  • Pisces:2 months maybe
best to worst sign to crush on
  1.  Libra. best to crush on cause they’re sweethearts!!
  2. Aries. yes, you always know where they stand
  3. Leo. *crushes on you too*
  4. Pisces. genuinely cares about your emotional state & gives you cookies
  5. Gemini. thinks it’s cool and hangs out with you a lot
  6. Cancer. appreciates it v much and tries not to hurt you
  7. Virgo. sends mixed signals
  8. Aquarius. may act a lil cold because they dont understand WHY.
  9. Scorpio. just ignores you or lets you down easily if they care enough
  10. Taurus. says: aw. then: no. sorry
  11. Capricorn. HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW if they’re interested or not???
  12. Sagittarius. don’t cling but don’t be cold. don’t be overbearing but don’t be detached. don’t over do it but don’t give up. easy

(as in when you have a crush on the signs. not how you act when you have a crush).

signs when really sad
  • Aries:angry and frustrated crying
  • Taurus:eats lots of comfort food
  • Gemini:asks questions: 'what did i do?'
  • Cancer:openly cries
  • Leo:wants to be alone
  • Virgo:tries to deny sadness for as long as possible
  • Libra:blames themselves for everything immediately
  • Scorpio:looks up on wikihow how to not be sad
  • Sagittarius:lies down and doesn't do anything
  • Capricorn:thinks and thinks and thinks
  • Aquarius:breaks down when no one expects it
  • Pisces:screaming/destructive tendencies
the signs at their best // worst
  • ARIES:curious, a born explorer, hidden strengths and talents, not what they appear, able to take on many roles and forms, cheerful in hard times//rude, prone to “bad” language, uses insults, hard to understand, devil’s advocate, uses their strengths the wrong way
  • TAURUS:incredible potential, stronger than they look, takes what life throws at them and rolls with it, kind, able to speak with/make friends with all different circles, good sense of humor//refuses to take responsibility, ignores their own faults, lacks a backbone, tries to worm out of issues instead of addressing them correctly, takes the easy way
  • GEMINI:adaptable and resourceful, good at what they do, smart, tries things anyway even when they don’t think they’ll work, honest and frank, helpful (even if they complain about it), lives many lives//jumbled and scattered, doesn’t make an effort to correct themselves/thinks saying sorry is enough, inappropriate, doesn’t watch their mouth and doesn’t care to
  • CANCER:tries so hard at all they do, more sensitive than they let on, tries their best to protect everyone, incredibly witty, works with what they got, resourceful, cares so much//doesn’t practice what they preach, gives back-handed compliments, will butt into matters that don’t concern them, judgemental, “holier than thou”, treats others as children
  • LEO:strong as heck but won’t brag about it, shows great care for their friends, does what they must even when scared, thoughtful, friendly, thinks of others happiness, likes to share and collaborate//overly excitable, hangs around the wrong crowd, hard to understand at times, doesn’t listen, little volume control, easily swayed, does wrong without knowing it
  • VIRGO:meticulous, refined, skilled in many areas, eye for beauty, inner strength, protective and will always do their best for others, maintains peace, thoughtful and moves with purpose, patient//unyielding, hard to get to know, suffocating, over-protective, martyr, prone to gossip
  • LIBRA:thinks ahead, not to be underestimated, knows when to have fun and knows when to get serious, observant, weird but in a fun way, clever, very colorful, artistic//hides behind a mask, puts an overly confident front up to hide behind, self-doubting, lazy, too chill at times, avoidant
  • SCORPIO:confident and determined, full of surprises, clever, always has something new up their sleeve, great vision, incredible willpower, able to see things through to the end, fights their own battles, doesn’t let anything stop them//tends to ramble, thinks their path in the best and only path, over-confident at times, forces others to think and do what they like, sneaky, controlling
  • SAGITTARIUS:incredibly STRONG, loyal and faithful, sticks to their beliefs, has a wide range of interests and talents, keeps trying even after things don’t work, knows how to move on and rebuild, frank and uncomplicated//hears what they want to hear, can steamroll others, doesn’t allow people to talk, weird in a weird way, takes things too far, doesn’t pick up on the feelings of others
  • CAPRICORN:generally mild, just likes to talk and chill out, always open to listen to you vent, checks up on you, takes things as they come, faithful, tries to believe in the best, silly, knows how to lighten the mood//probably planning on killing you, undercover, uses silence to their advantage, manipulates others, incredibly angry, extreme
  • AQUARIUS:strong convictions, world-changing views and goals, fights until the end, will go after what they want, takes chances, intelligent, seems serious but is really just kinda goofy, is a kid at heart, cares a lot but doesn’t always know how to show it//can come off as kind of a creep, panders for sympathy and attention, can’t pick up on cues from other people, invasive, takes things too far
  • PISCES:cares about so many things, will take care of you, treats people as equals, cheerful and bubbly, great sense of humor, good with puns, stronger than they look, treats people like they want to be treated, kind, fun//takes things to extremes, can be reckless, such escapists they would hide on the moon if they could, selfish at times, shirks responsibility, sailor mouth
The signs angry with you
  • Aries:"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't set you on fire."
  • Taurus:won't talk to you and gossips behind your back
  • Gemini:confronts you with what you did wrong and tells you what you have to change
  • Cancer:silent treatment
  • Leo:sends nasty text messages to you and tells everyone they know
  • Virgo:writes a rant about you on tumblr
  • Libra:hits on your crush
  • Scorpio:gives you the coldest, deadliest stare you could imagine
  • Sagittarius:cruel to your face
  • Capricorn:adds you to their hit list
  • Aquarius:writes a poem about you then screams at you for 19 and a half years
  • Pisces:makes plans to murder you
  • Aries:Sexting probably
  • Taurus:Cat videos
  • Gemini:Existential crisis
  • Cancer:Crying over an ex
  • Leo:Too lazy to go to bed
  • Virgo:Reading fanfic
  • Libra:Bubble bath
  • Scorpio:Selling their soul to satan
  • Sagittarius:Laughing at astrology posts
  • Capricorn:Midnight snack!!!!
  • Aquarius:Yoga
  • Pisces:???????
  • Aries:Rams, tigers, sheep, & dragons
  • Taurus:Bulls, oxen, doves, cows
  • Gemini:Humans, monkeys, butterflies, swans
  • Cancer:Crabs, turtles, Sphinx, bears
  • Leo:Lions, Phoenix, peacocks, cats
  • Virgo:Mice, bees, wolves, ants
  • Libra:Elephants, lizards, humans, frogs
  • Scorpio:Scorpions, wolves, vultures, Griffins
  • Sagittarius:Dogs, horses, eagles, dolphins
  • Capricorn:Goats, owl, falcon, bears
  • Aquarius:Otters, rabbits, platypus, albatross
  • Pisces:Fish, swans, seals, sheep