CDZ na Comic Con Experience 2014

OS Cavaleiros do Zodíaco marcam presença na CCXP 2014que acontece até domingo (7) no São Paulo Expo, o antigo Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, na Zona Sul de São Paulo.

A CCXP também terá sessões especiais dos filmes “Operação Big Hero”, nova animação da Disney, e “O hobbit: A batalha dos cinco exércitos”, além de concursos de cosplay e sessões de fotos e autógrafos com as celebridades. 

Questions I ask myself

Why would the aliens in Signs travel to a planet that is 2/3 their weakness?

How is it legal for Bruce Wayne to lose his money during an illegal takeover?

Why would Zod want to make Earth into Krypton when he is more powerful under Earth’s atmosphere?
Also does Superman posses the strength of every Kryptonian since he has the codex? And if Jor El wanted to make it so Zod couldn’t find the codex then why not hide it on the planet you know will explode? ALSO also, why didn’t his wife also download her consciousness into the ship too?

Electro hating Spider-Man made no sense; Spider-Man attempted to help him while Oscorp stole his work and experimented on him; yet, he only goes after Spider-Man and never destroys anything of Oscorp and completely trusts the owner of that company.

I get that Peter Quill can touch the infinity stone without dying because he’s some kind of ancient alien, but are you telling me that Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot can because friendship?

Also I know Marvel is saving Thanos for Infinity Gauntlet but is there any reason why Thanos can’t just get the stones himself?


Há um herói em você

Créditos finais do filme: Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco: A Lenda do Santuário

Hero - Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary


"Há um herói em você, dentro de você  Está além da incerteza. E eu estou me perguntando por que ainda estou aqui, De pé sob a chuva…”

I was so sure they weren't going to touch their backstory

If only because writers love it as an excuse to woobify Magneto…

I thought the biggest threat was Marvel putting Wanda in Olsen’s hideous Hot Topic outfit.

Why Marvel? DC doesn’t do this. Man of Steel had 0 impact on the Superman comics beyond Zod and Faora popping up briefly in their movie costumes. Everything else in the New 52 continuity stayed the same. Why do we need everything to be synchronized Marvel, it’s not necessary!

Tóth Krisztina - Az vagy nekem

Az vagy nekem, mint rabnak a fegyőr,

seggnek a tanga, combnak a borosta.

Bezár, szorít és szúr mindenfelől,

előbb csak húsba vág, aztán a csontba.


Az vagy, mint tépőzár a nagymosásnak,

sorban kihúzod mind a szálakat.

Lucskos halom, gombócba gyűrve várlak

és mi fölfeslett az tovább szakad.

Tőled rohan a harisnyán a szem le.

Becsípsz és kiakadsz, mint a cipzár.

Vándorló zokni: felbukkansz hetente,

lehet, hogy volt párja, de nincs már.


Az vagy nekem, mi rég nem kéne légy,

lengő papír, én meg rászállva légy.


Legendary Cosplays: Dark Supergirl by angiviper

 Zod? Why would we want to kneel before such a useless malcontent. AngiViper on the other hand, we would happily kneel before Angi. Her Dark Supergirl is another excellent entry in Angi’s list of evil cosplays and while it’s easy to be distracted by dat booty, dem muscles and der evil’ness, it’s worth reminding that she has done multiple fantastic cosplays and all can be found at her FB Page. We seriously recommend taking a look at this cosplay legend!

Photographer in Photos 1-6
Photographer in Photo 7
Photographer in Photos 8 & 9
Photographer in Photo 10

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Trailer Oficial HD do novo ANIME Saint Seiya <Soul of Gold> liberado pela Toei/Bandai esta manhã.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

Para destruir o Muro das Lamentações, os Cavaleiros de Ouro sacrificaram suas vidas.

Agora, regressam mais uma vez!

Os Cavaleiros de Ouro foram revividos …
Qual será seu objetivo?

Reviva, Cosmo dourado!

Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco: Soul of Gold
em Abril 2015!

thatotherindianguy asked:

Twice Zod killed Jor-El. And twice he died not knowing whether his son will live or not.

That kind of broke me, thank you very much.

No but really, this is true and it makes his sacrifice even more poignant that he still took that leap of faith that Kal would prevail in both situations.

I swear to Zod, the relationship issues in Arrow and The Flash would provide me with a lifetime of columns…