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I just found a kellic story on another website where Vic is super popular and runs the school and his friends are all douchey, and oh there’s Kellin who used to be called Kelly but then he disappeared for a year and came back as Kellin, a ftm transgender person. And Vic used to have a secret crush on Kellin when he went by Kelly.

Yeah…this doesn’t sound familiar at all…

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i just wish her development didn't need to involve torture/harm/damage. i understand her motives a lot, i do - maybe i'd do the same to save my beloved, who knows - but i wish she didn't go that way, at least not like that. i kinda wish for a while that they didn't do the "shady delphine" thing and that she could be important outside that idea. and that cophine angst/break up seems so cliche... almost all shows break lesbian couples for "the sake of the plot" somehow. let's see what happens

Well I mean there was no way she could infiltrate DYAD and still be with Cosima because she even says something about how she needs to severe attachments or whatever. And if she didn’t infiltrate DYAD, then the clones would be pretty much fucked over because people would just be trying to kill them, and I mean the point of a TV show is the plot, and this plot involves the safety of the 4 main characters so yeah I think it’s pretty important and pretty necessary for them to breakup.

And honestly I think this shady Delphine is 100% in character. I mean she was shady to begin that, we saw that in season 1 when she sells out the clones to Leekie, and again in season 2 when she gave over Cosima’s blood sample. And now she feels personally attacked by Rachel, not to mention there was a plot to kill the woman she loves. I honestly was expecting Delphine to kill Rachel right then and there. 

Delphine is not afraid to cross moral boundaries to get the things she wants. She slept with Leekie to get the career she wanted, she sold out Cosima for said career, then she betrayed Cosima multiple times to ensure she got the best care for her health, and now she needs to do whatever it takes to keep Cosima and the clones safe, even if that means torturing the woman who wronged her. It’s 100% in character for Delphine, and I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of this side of her this season!!!

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I don't think you understand the real world. Go up to one of your lecturers and ask them if they think 'vegan research' or whatever the hell you plan to do in your perfect world, will have an impact. They have done research say monitoring temps of people sleeping and yeah that can make it in a textbook or even in plans to treat insomniacs but what is your research going to do? how will it get to the public? who will care other then the 13 yr old girls following you and calling an idol?

Carnism by Melanie joy. Watch it. She is my idol.

You are special. You can make a difference. You are important. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

“What is it then, hm? Aye, the lights are off, but it doesn’t mean the lager is no longer fuckin’ drinkable, does it. One for a moment of your time, yeah? Since my phone calls aren’t going through and it appears the bird I’m waiting on isn’t showing up any time soon. Y’won’t leave a lad hanging, will ya? Especially not in the dark.”

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ok yeah when i was in middle school i wanted to have boobs and i remember specifically thinking that, well, i wouldn't want to be a guy with boobs... being a girl with boobs would be nice. i thought all of this was normal for adolescent boys or whatever the hell

There’s so many of us who thought the thoughts we were having were “standard for every guy”. Turns out they were not because we weren’t guys XD



Heya! ヽ(・∀・)ノ Hm… I first hit 2k followers on January 22, and yes, I marked the date LMFAO. But I recently hit the 2.5k mark and idk when because it was so sudden. Probably happened when I was sleeping  (´•ω•̥`) Nah. It says 2.5k+ up there but I’m like 5 followers away from 2.6k ahaha ;w; I’m not sure how you make one of these but yeah. The last box is full of people I don’t follow but love talking to! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ So I apologize in advance if I didn’t include or forget any of you~ Pssst I’m sorry for not chatting to some of you since I’m such an awkward person aha  (⊙︿⊙✿)

Well, thank you for following and keep on blogging your awesome unicorn poop!  ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

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honestly I find it difficult to believe in someone being an absolute introvert or extrovert, especially because personally my personality is so unstable, like I am both introverted and extroverted depending on your definition of introversion/extroversion and depending on the context/situation, which makes that Meyers Briggs test basically impossible for me to do (especially because I’m like borderline for almost all the traits), so idk where I’m going with this tbh but yeah, personality isn’t as simple as doing an internet quiz

I didn’t believe in love. I watched movies and read writings about it, yeah - but I didn’t believe in it. My parents got divorced and the reasons behind it made me never want to fall in love. But then I met you and your heart and I fell. I didn’t believe in love… Until I met you. You are the definition of love for me. You made it okay for me to be me, I never had someone love me the ways that you love me. I wasn’t in love before I met you, it was just you- and I intend on being the last person you ever love because it was just you and I want it to always only be you.
—  Oko Ninjah
not secret secret diary post

I’ve been having a really nice time lately. Sometimes I feel like I’m different people at different times but it’s all just me thinking about things in different ways.

Got dressed up in my nice pants and silly shirt today and had a really nice coffee date. We walked down the street to my studio after and some people said out of the car to all of us: “Hey great haircut, you do that yourself, haaa!”. yeah we all did our own hair heh and all have really cute cuts. 

I’m drinking apple soda. On friday me and Harley made a whole bunch of cool prints of his drawings for his show in LA soon. They look really great especially on newsprint paper, it was exciting every time we made a new one or a variation of each print. 

Ashley is Japan having adventures. It’s weird in studio without her. I hope i do so many things and work really hard so she is impressed when she gets back. 

Doing exactly what I wanna do, it feels like a nice dream. It’s stressful and I need to work harder but everything takes effort and trying hard at things is important!!! 

I’m not even saying this cause I stan her but idg why more people don’t want to align with pili like yeah she’s in a showmance but she’s proved to be one of the two best girls in comps and can keep her mouth shut??