I love my job.
  • 10 year old:Excuse me Miss Grieve, why do we HAVE to go outside?
  • Me:To get fresh air and a break from work.
  • Teacher:Yes, it's cold but it's good to get fresh air.
  • 10 year old:Its not like there's no air inside, why can't we just walk up and down the corridor?
  • Me:Good point. I can relate to you on a deep level. I like the way you think.
  • Teacher:Don't encourage him! It's stale air inside, not fresh air.
  • 10 year old:We can just open a window.

the boycott for black friday won’t work on my area :/
the new infrared Jordan release that day and i bet my shit people will be up early to get them….

Why Ferguson Matters

**I realize this is a highly polarizing and controversial topic. I am going to try my best to remain objective, and I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with what I write.**

I am a white man. As a white man, I realize that I am born with a lot of advantages in life simply because of my race and my gender. While I realize that my race and my gender are things beyond my control, I do not let them factor into the control I have over my thoughts and actions.

When I was twenty-two, I started a job working in various schools throughout North Philadelphia in which 100% of the population I worked with was Black or Hispanic. I assumed that there is no way I could ever be called racist, after-all, I had Black friends and I didn’t go around saying racist things. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized racism is deeper than that. 

During my first year on the job, I had many kids, none older than 16 years of age disrespect me because of my skin color. Rather than get upset, I asked them why they disliked white people, and the answer I got really impacted me. The general consensus from them is that the only white people they saw were authority figures who put them down—judges, teachers, principals, and cops. Therefore, why would I be any different? To them, I was just another white person who was sent to oppress them. I took those words to heart, and have worked to be more understanding of racism as it exists in Philadelphia and the deep ways that it cuts through our city.

In my travels throughout Philadelphia, it is plain to see that Philadelphia is a very segregated city. Obviously it is not segregated by law (de jure), but it is segregated by practice (de facto). White people in particular fail to see how some of their words that they believe are innocent, are actually racist and offensive. Calling an area “ghetto” because of who is walking around and the way the neighborhood looks, that’s racist. Assuming that a man standing on a corner with his hood up is up to something nefarious, that’s racist, for all you know, he could just be waiting for the bus. Looking at footage of an inner-city school fight and saying, “Those kids just don’t want to learn.” That’s racist as well, and so is not funding their schools just because they might not do well on a test. When a 19-year old that I worked with at age 14 gets shot to death in North Philadelphia and it barely makes the news, but a white woman in Northern Liberties is shot and it makes the front page, that’s basically saying that white lives and white neighborhoods matter more than black lives in black neighborhoods. Lives are lives, Philadelphia is Philadelphia. In a perfect world, the Philadelphia Inquirer would have mentioned how the 19-year old man was a distinguished student at a school that didn’t have many, and was given a scholarship to Temple University. Instead it just said his name, age, and where he was gunned down. We don’t live in a perfect world, and for the Inquirer to have this double-standard simply because of his race and where he lived is unacceptable and disgusting.

Here’s why Ferguson matters: racism is deeper than words. It’s actions that oppress others, and elevate the power or status of another group. Racism is institutionalized through our courts, our educational systems, and our living patterns. It’s not my opinion, it’s a known fact that white people will say things like, “The neighborhood is changing,” and that’s code for, “People are moving in that are different from me and it makes me uncomfortable.” There are plenty of people who will be walking down the street, see people of a different race walking towards them, and conveniently think it’s time to cross the street. Everyone wants to try and oversimplify what is a complex situation. I’m not here to say, “Fuck the cops” or anything like that. There are certainly cops everywhere, including Philadelphia, that abuse their power and act inappropriately. There are also cops, including ones I have known in Philadelphia, who do their job professionally, are wonderful people, and behave with genuine care and compassion towards the neighborhoods in which they work. Rash generalizations about anyone or anything are wildly irresponsible and cheapen the dialogue we should be having about a serious topic, so please be careful with that.

College kids can protest or talk about equality and hold up a sign, but how many of them are actually doing something to change racist thought or practices? When Temple University destroys the housing of black people and adds blinding lights on all their buildings to make the white kids feel less threatened, I doubt any of those white kids talk about how it makes the predominately black community that surrounds Temple uncomfortable. When white kids go to UPenn, do they bother learning the history of how University City used to be a neighborhood called Black Bottom, and that it was destroyed by UPenn? I have serious doubts.

The idea of white privilege is a real thing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that. For the grand jury to discuss the facts of this case and not even bring Darrin Wilson to trial is insulting. Anyone who has lived in Philadelphia much longer than I have could tell you about the racism that has existed, and continues to exist in the hearts and minds of many Philadelphians. Certainly it’s different now, as compared to say sixty years ago when my grandparents were settled into their South Philadelphia rowhome and starting a family. However, it is my belief that until people start speaking up and actually proving through their actions that oppression of others is unacceptable, racism will still exist.

I do not have all the answers, nor do I claim to be perfect or have everything figured out. There are plenty of things I would like to say, but I know that I can’t because I cannot speak on such matters because only someone who has experienced such things could actually speak on them with honesty and genuine integrity. When someone says something racist, I call them out on it. If someone says, “Not to sound racist but…” I cut them off and politely tell them not to finish that thought. There’s no need to argue with each other over social media, or ride around the city on a bike with a Guy Fawkes mask holding up a sign that says #blacklivesmatter. There’s no need to throw around old quotes from Martin Luther King about peace and non-violence. Instead, use this tragic event as a means to dig deep within yourself, examine your actions, and ask if you are truly doing what needs to be done in order to break the cycle of racism and oppression that exists within our community.

Treat each other right regardless of race. Stand up for each other regardless of race. Watch what you say and how you say it. Treat everyone the same, and check yourself before you do or say anything that you know is inappropriate. Learn your history—study the Civil Rights Movement and know why Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown are such polarizing topics for people. Instead of defriending someone on Facebook because they disagree with you, have a conversation. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind no matter what they believe, but you don’t have to. Speak up if something is wrong, and work to make tomorrow better for everyone.

I think all Meigeni and Luwei should jus team up and help each other.

Kris and Luhan have both been done wrong by SM.

Instead of us being jealous of one another, we should help each other.

Do you know how much slayage those two can create if we all work together?

SM would hate themselves for not noticing the opportunities.

I don't know about you.....

But I am going to go to work and do nothing until my boss let’s us all go home.

Which is basically what I do everyday anyways….

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Fuck off. Yes ferguson is a fucking atrocious situation but what the fuck does that have to do with gamergate? Because ferguson is more important? If that's your attitude then what about fucking warlords running around Africa making the place a living hell for people over there? We can't all care about every shitty situation, doesn't mean you get to shit on them from on high you cunt.

this message is a work of art

Random news

Hi guys

I’d like to thank everybody for all the kind messages I’ve been receiving for the past two weeks! I’m really touched so…thank you! I answered everybody’s asks so far so if you haven’t received any answer, it means that unfortunately, Tumblr fucked up. :/

Random news: ^^

- I’m still drawing but a bit slower than usual. I have problems focusing but I refuse to stay without drawing. NOPE! ^^ I carry on writing too, I have 3 drafts (more or less) ready for Journal of a Man of Letters. I’ll try to send this to my betas soon so that I can start posting again and be on time for January when Spn is back after the Xmas break.

- I’m still working on my Bucky’s Instagram. New artworks are on the way, I’m working for the pics that should be posted in May 2015 now, which means that everything I’ll post between now and May has already been drawn ^^

- I’m working on a CG art, a slow dancing scene between Steve and Bucky. But it’s an AU, because they are both dressed as sailors (blame it on this scene from the movie Playing it Cool with C. Evans). I’ll try to post it tonight or tomorrow. (it’s still a WIP)

- I have the equivalent of my weight in sketchbooks to scan and photograph. HELP! ^^;;

Voilà! Thanks again!


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Hello! I'm a huge fan of your edits. I know you love Sally, and I feel like the fandom doesn't show a lot of support for her. I was wondering what made you love her so much? She is not often on screen for a long time, so I don't really feel like I know her.

you are very very kind :^) thank you!

hmmm well here’s the tag where i talk more extensively about her but if you don’t have the time, here’s the shorter answer (hopefully lol, i havent typed it yet):

ok i typed it out and it got too long SORRY

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big ups to the man Ader (@theeblackader) for doing this dope zine full of some big names in the sticker game. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one with a personal touch. head over to his Instagram to keep up to date with other zines he has in the works.
#stickersnotslaps #graffiti #ader

A real civil war is brewing now in Ferguson.
And I’m going to say that this revolt is nothing but consequence of police lawlessness. Police is a very important and powerful authority of the country. It is the police work who creates an impression about the US government and its work in general. When the police have nothing but punitive function it suppresses any rudiments of civic consciousness.
It’s pity that this fact is clear for everyone excepting the government and our police.

Oh and I finally built up the courage to email work about 5 minutes ago admitting that I needed to put my health first and that right now, it isn’t the right time for me to return on a part time basis. But that I was hoping that in the new year I would be able to take up a few days/hours if that would work with them.

I really hope I have done the right thing.
Breathe Kitty.


Dear Taylor
This is something I have worked on for months and im so proud to show it to you. Its got my favorite lines from every song on every album you’ve released and making it for you has been so fun! My name is Alannah, im 16 and I live in sydney Australia. Its extremely difficult to explain how much you mean to me, how much you’ve done for me and how much I love you but Ill give it a try. You make me so happy taylor, you and your music has helped me through so much. Seeing a tweet from you or a photo always puts a smile on my face. Your like a best friend and a sister to me even though ive never met you. You’ve kept me going through my darkest times.Safe and sound got me through so much.You’ve made me fearless taylor and I love you for that. You got me through the break up of my first love, with the guy that used to be my best friend. your music always a comfort and escape in bad times. Haunted, all too well ,white horse, your not sorry and cold as you particularly stuck with me. you’re given me hope in love and hope it can begin again :). Your warm, caring, giving and loving and I could not be more proud of you for all you’ve achieved and how you live your life. Your a massive inspiration to me. I love how having you in my heart has made me happier, I freak out whenever I see a cute cat or the # 13. I can’t ever thank you enough for being there for me in times that others weren’t. 1989 is literally the best thing i have ever heard in my life. Seriously. I died. So good. Quick stop me before I have a fangirl attack. Im so overwhelmed with how incredible you are to us swifties taylor. You’ve given me happiness, hope and friendship taylor and I love you so so much. Im determined to meet you someday . I really hope you see this and im sorry its so long!! I will stand by you forever and will love you forever and always taylor. Love Alannah
( @haunteddswift13 -twitter & insta)
taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift
tree-paine tree-paine tree-paine


Digital Collages

A suggestion that I was given in regards to the text in the previous work was to put the facts as digital text and write opinions/stories from the industry by hand to make them seem more personal/real. I wrote them in different pens and made them transparent to integrate them into the images. I have used the colour balance to make each one have different tones and colours, instead of the reds/purples that were prominent in the previous attempts.

I plan on projecting these in different places with different scales and photographing the results. I hope that the images will be distorted and warped by projecting them onto various surfaces such as fabric. I also need to consider the social impacts of the placement, such as projecting in areas where people would unknowingly come into contact with the work.