Mars vs. Mars - The Police Station

The ease and familiarity between them in this episode, but especially in these scenes, is honestly something that’s incredibly overwhelming to me?? Like, it says SO MUCH about the years of unseen moments before. Logan goes back and forth between looking like a nervous wreck and a ticking time bomb, and not only is Veronica calm and assured, she also instinctively knows how to handle him - how to make sure he really hears her - the entire time. And he does because he trusts her again, doesn’t see her as the enemy anymore. Then there’s the way Logan zeroes in on the weirdness with Leo and Veronica, which is SUCH A GOOD HINT at his sudden need to look out for her in the episodes that follow.

And okay, I love how she just jumps in and holds him back/yells in his face because he’s being an idiot and she knows this is fueled by rage and desperation and panic and confusion, because she’s been on the other end of it firsthand, but that’s not going to get him anywhere!!! So she brings him back to a better level and he listens and he’s really trying. They were friends once!!!!! They know each other so well!! His mom was always nice to her, she knows what it’s like, she wants to find Lynn alive for him! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

August Fic Prompt Submissions

We got our highest number of submissions yet for August’s fic prompts! Not every prompt got a submission, but there was quite a good spread among those we did receive.

Great work, everyone! We’re so excited these keep garnering more followers and even more excited that we have not one, not two, but three newer authors who submitted work this month. Keep ‘em coming.

Option Two - Guest Prompt Submission - Fleet Week: This fic prompt comes from alilamba. She wrote this: “Two words: FLEET WEEK.” Make it happen, fic writers

Fleet Week
Author: dbsavmlvr
Pairing: Veronica/Logan, Lilly Kane, Hunter Scott
Rating: K+
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pre-series and Post-TDTL
Spoilers: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line
Chapters: 1
Word Count:
1, 312
Status: Complete
Summary: Two fleet weeks, years apart.
Notes: This is dbsavmlvr’s first fanfic attempt and she did a great job with it. Some really good, fun, and flirty Lilly Kane as a bonus which we are BIG TIME fans of.

Truth for a Dream
Author: absolutelyiris
Pairing: Logan Echolls, Parker Lee
Rating: T
Genre: Friendship/Flirting/Humor
Spoilers: The Veronica Mars Movice
Chapters: 1
Word Count:
5, 681
Status: Complete
Summary: Fleet Week 2012. A reformed bad boy turned sailor and a former party girl turned career woman meet in a bar
Notes: Okay, so we put this under the ‘fleet week’ prompt — but it actually fulfills three of them! Prompt 2, obviously, and then 5d (“the way you flirt is shameful”) and prompt 6c which is Parker and Logan clearing the air post breakup. Logan could really use a friend like Parker Lee. That’s exactly what he gets, and it’s glorious.

We Hate to Leave
Author: dansunedisco
Pairing: Veronica/Logan
Rating: G
Genre: Friendship/Drama
Post-series, AU
Spoilers: The Veronica Mars Movie
Chapters: 1
Word Count:
2, 003
Status: Complete
Summary: Logan goes to Fleet Week, Veronica is interning in the same city, and fate deigns to bring them together for a brief moment.
Notes: Oh happiness! Oh joy! Sardonic Logan is here and ready to play and it’s glorious. This: “Logan turns his head to hide his grin, raps a shave and a haircut against the window with his knuckles.” is the best.

Option Four - Random Scenario: Using a scenario generator (x)

One of your characters is forging someone’s signature but they insist it’s for a good reason.

Partners, and Their Crimes
Author: petpluto
Pairing: Veronica Mars, Wallace Fennel
Rating: G
Genre: Friendship/Humor
Season one
Spoilers: 1.01, “Pilot”
Chapters: 1
Word Count:
1, 490
Status: Complete
Summary: Veronica forges her father’s signature. Wallace tries to act as the voice of reason.
Notes: Some of the last lines of the fic, “The perpetrators: a duo, Mars and Fennel. Fennel and Mars. The way, he thinks, it should be.” We’re inclined to agree. Absolutely perfect Wallace and Veronica and their schemes. We’d read an entire novel filled with Veronica, Wallace, and their schemes. This fic is an excellent start.

Option Five - Dialogue Prompt: Incorporate one of the following lines into your fic.

5d. “The way you flirt is shameful.”

Author: jeanie205
Pairing: Veronica/Logan, Lilly Kane, Mac/Dick
Rating: T
Genre: Drama/Romance/Friendship
Pre series, AU
Spoilers: 1.01, Pilot”
Chapters: 1
Word Count:
10, 072
Status: Complete
Summary: This story goes AU from the pep squad car wash, when Lilly goes home to sulk after reading Logan’s note to Veronica, and thereby saves her own life. About the entire group of four, and how they manage to muck things up.
Notes: Jeanie thought she could slip this one past us! Yes, it’s technically way over 5,000 words (which we recommended as the max) but we’re not letting it go, got it!? Fun, and flirty, with some great Veronica/Logan banter. Definitely worth reading, once, twice, or thirty-two times.

She Knows Now
Author: calmvisage
Pairing: Veronica/Logan, Duncan Kane, Wallace Fennel, Eli Navarro,
Rating: T
Genre: Drama/Romance
Season one, AU
Spoilers: 1.10, “An Echolls Family Christmas”
Chapters: 1
Word Count:
19, 512
Status: In progress
Summary: Veronica doesn’t destroy the DNA results and she doesn’t pass up the chance to find out why Duncan broke up with her. Things escalate from there.
Notes: Started off as a one-shot and has now expanded to a multi-chapter fic! Another first time author and it’s started off with a bang. Incredibly dynamic season one AU where we see what may have happened if Veronica found out some information much earlier than 1.22.

Option Six — Mars Verse Prompts: Inspired by the old challenge community “Game On,” which posted some amazing prompts for fic we never got to read. 

6a. Logan/Veronica AU where they don’t meet until college.

Same Old Story (But it’s Told a Different Way)
Author: theawkwardterrier
Pairing: Veronica/Logan, Keith Mars
Rating: T
Genre: Friendship/Drama/Mystery
Season three (freshman year of college), AU
Spoilers: 1.01, “Pilot”
Chapters: 1
Word Count:
4, 694
Status: Complete
Summary: Veronica and Logan don’t meet until college. “The more things change, the more they stay the same” applies.
Notes: Leah is the meanest. Because she refuses to write a sequel. Why, Leah?!? Why?!? Seriously, this is a great mix of what we know from the series and what may have been. Veronica goes to Pan instead of Neptune High and that changes everything. Also, FAKE DATING TROPE!!! WE LOVE FAKE DATING.

An approximation of the VM rewatch chatroom last night during the WoCD kiss

Usernames removed to protect the capslocked: 

[21:28:23]  The music!!!!!
[21:28:26]  OMG
[21:28:27]  countdown CLOCK
[21:28:29]  sigh…
[21:28:29]  yayyyyyyyyyyy
[21:28:30]  tick fucking tock
[21:28:32]  Omg
[21:28:33]  COMINGUP!!!!!!
[21:28:34]  KISSES!
[21:28:39]  ohhhh
[21:28:42]  oh this scene
[21:28:43]  smoooooooooooooooooooch
[21:28:44]  fuck off
[21:28:47]  kisses
[21:28:47]  WORDS
[21:28:48]  dman damn damn
[21:28:48]  smooooooooooooooooooooooooooch
[21:28:48]  the boy can kiss
[21:29:02]  smooooooooooooooooooooooooochchchchchch
[21:29:03]  OMG OmG OMG
[21:29:04]  Fuuuuuuuuck
[21:29:04]  Worlds changed
[21:29:05]  my soul just squeed
[21:29:08]  his hands stray realllly close to butt territory
[21:29:13]  HIS EYES
[21:29:18]  not close enough
[21:29:18]  LOOK AT THE SWOOPY CRANE. And they thought we would ever move on from this ship?
[21:29:29]  GOOD LORD. 
[21:29:32]  goddamn that never gets old!
[21:29:35]  asldjkfas;ldfjaskljfd;sfj

Kız müziği ve Miley Cyrus'ı o kadar övmüş ki sanarsın kız müziğe tapıyor. Müzik birdir, Miley Cyrus'ta onun elçisir.

"Ne? Yok ben müzikistim, yok biz müziğe tapıyorum, işte beş vakit Miley Cyrus - We Can’t Stop dinlerim, yok o bizde yok"

Classic photo of @rickycarlo wearing one of our true essentials for Fall/Winter, Viola Milano “Burgundy” 7-fold Garza fina grenadine tie…

Jacket: La Vera Sartoria Napoletana by @pinoluciano

Find it online today!


#vm #violamilano #handmade #madeinitaly #luxury #essential #classic #fallwinter #laverasartorianapoletana #orazio #kiton #timeless #sartorial #menswear

Not Again

Presenting my first fanfic! I should be asleep, but those plot bunnies are persistent little buggers. It’s short but I hope you like it!

Not Again

When Logan told Duncan about Veronica’s file, he’d felt like it was his duty as a best friend. A guy should know if his ex-girlfriend is investigating him as a potential murderer, right? But after he’d told Duncan, he’d started thinking back to what he’d told Veronica, what Duncan had done to his own dad. Logan didn’t know if he and Veronica were friends but they were…something. He figured he at least owed her some kind of warning. Duncan hadn’t really reacted when he’d told him about the file, but Duncan had always been kind of low key. You know, except when he flipped out and strangled people anyway.

"Yeah?" Veronica answers.

"Hey, it’s Logan," he pauses briefly before continuing. "Hey, just a heads up for you. Duncan knows about your files."

"He knows because you told him."

So she already knows. Does that mean Duncan already confronted her and she’s all right? She’s unhurt and unstrangled? She doesn’t sound as pissed off as he thought she might be and Logan finds himself laughing a bit with relief. “Well, yeah, I mean, what was I supposed to do? He’s my best friend.”

"Yeah, well, he took my head off. You would have loved it. Have you talked to him since school let out?"

Logan is about to reply when he hears Veronica gasp. He sits up straighter as he hears a clattering sound. Did she drop her phone?

"Oh my god, what do you think you’re doing?" A car starts. Is she in her car?

"Let’s go for a ride." What the hell? Who is that? He’s up and pacing when a cold feeling sweeps over him. He stops with a jerk. He can’t move. Oh god. Not again. Not again. Not again. It’s all he can think for a moment. First Lilly, then his mom, and now Veronica? He can’t, he won’t, lose someone again. Logan forces himself to focus on the call. He figures he better stay quiet. As long as the line stays open, maybe he can figure out where they’re going. He starts moving again, this time practically running to his Xterra. He’s just about there when he hears whatever bastard is with Veronica speak again.

"Well, you should know. You must have followed me there."

"The Camelot?" Veronica’s voice is loud and surprisingly sure, or maybe it’s not such a surprise anymore. Despite the situation, Logan feels a smile tugging at his lips. She’s not pink satin, soft and sweet so much anymore. She’s hard edges, caustic comebacks, and just plain kickass. He’s finding it hard not to think about her these days.

Logan tosses his phone onto the passenger seat, turning on the speaker phone just before he does. He’s peeling out of the Neptune High Parking lot a moment later, still listening as the Bastard tells Veronica she’s pesky, that she’s screwing everything up. Screwing what up? Logan speeds up, hoping that he’s closer to the Camelot than they are, that maybe he can get a drop on the Bastard.

After Veronica tries to tell the Bastard she doesn’t know anything (“A likely story,” Logan thinks wryly), the Bastard tells her to be quiet so he can think. The line falls silent for several minutes. Logan is nearly to the Camelot now. Veronica’s silence is rattling him. Is she scared? Jesus, who is this guy? He grips the steering wheel until his knuckles go white and forces himself to take a deep breath. “Please, please let me get there in time,” Logan finds himself muttering prayers to whatever god will listen, even though they’ve never paid much attention before.

"Shit!" Logan wrenches the wheel and turns sharply. He nearly sped right past the Camelot. He pulls into a parking spot, throws the Xterra into park, and is out the door in nearly the same second. He finds himself spinning in circles, frantically looking around. He doesn’t see her car on this side of the motel. He runs up the stairs and around to the other side. Not here either. He keeps pacing the second floor, watching for that bucket of bolts Le Baron she drives. He runs into a dead end near the Camelot’s garish neon sign. He’s about turn when he sees the Le Baron coming up the street. He lets out a shaky breath. What now? What now? He tucks himself around the corner, stays hidden from the nearest stairway. He hears a couple of car doors slam. Muffled voices. Veronica? The voices get louder and then he can hear clearly.

"Why can’t we do it someplace public? Frappacino, anyone? My treat!"

Veronica. She’s okay. She’s okay and he’s damn sure she’s gonna stay that way.

VM Rewatch 2014 - Weapons of Class Destruction

LoVe is in the air tonight! You do not want to miss this chat. See you there! Details are below. Let me know if you have any questions. Also if you can’t make it in time for the episode, join us after. Many of us will stay to talk about VM or more specifically Logan Echolls / Jason Dohring. come join in on the fun.

When - Monday’s at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, & 6PM PST

Where - http://www.chatcrypt.com/

Chat room name - VM Rewatch 2014

User Name - Whatever you want, but Tumblr user name is suggested

Password - VMRewatch2014 (This is case sensitive)

Reblog and spread the word. Let your friends know how much fun we have during and after the rewatch.

anonymous said:

Random question, what are you favorite Veronica outfits?? :)

I’ve been away all weekend doing random stuff with The Boy, and am only just now getting to this.

Sorry about that!

My answer: all of them? Except the flood pants in the pilot. Those were awful.

Veronica Mars is kind of my style goddess, though.

This one is probably my favorite-favorite:


Because green and pink are one of my favorite combinations and I love the short skirts with the kick-‘em-where-it-hurts boots.

But I also love Veronica’s penchant for vests - sweater vests, denim vests, other vests - and how she pairs them with all sorts of shirts.

I love how Veronica’s style evolves over the seasons, how the preppy sweater vests and collared shirts of season one (bits and pieces of outfits she would have worn as an 09er, but given new life with her new aesthetic) give way to a more relaxed style over all. So that by season three, there are more tee shirts and jeans combinations.

Another favorite outfit, and outfits of its ilk, is this one, the style Veronica slides into at the start of college:


Flare jeans, a chunky belt buckle, and a graphic tee shirt is my jam.

Of course, I also really love shirts like this one:


I think it would be easier for me to pick out the outfits I don’t love, to be honest!

Final Submissions Call

Hey Marshmallows,

This is the final submissions call for anyone interested in taking part in my little VM project. If you wanted to submit something but haven’t as of yet, now is the time, my friend.


I’ve been so enamored by all the lovely messages I’ve received to go into the books and I can’t wait to: 1) Hand them over and 2) Write back and fill you in on everything. Since Oz Comic-Con is this weekend!!! 

I may not be around much tomorrow as it is in fact (well at least in Australia anyway on zee 3rd) my 20th birthday - so yay! But I will keep an eye on my email and include any new entries I can (time permitting.)

Thanks so much for wanting to be apart of my project!


Crap. I said lesbians.

When you left, I need you to understand that I’m not blaming you, but when you left I was very numb for a while. I remember that I slept well that night. It took a couple of days for me to realize that we were done. When it hit, it felt like how I’d imagined it’d feel to swallow razor blades. I’d spent many times with them pinched between my thumb and index finger. I remember that I couldn’t tell you that I relapsed because you’d blame yourself. I cried a lot. It wasn’t your fault. For a while your name was triggering to me. I think the worst part was that I knew I couldn’t hate you. I wanted to be mad at you, I tried for a while. It’s been a year and I’m okay now. I miss you, but I’m not crying anymore.
—  A letter to the boy who broke my heart at sixteen, v.m.
Watch on littlemix-news.tumblr.com

Holly: My vm from perrie thankyou so much you’ve made me the happiest girl ever @littlemix