Não se preocupe, minha Cara
Você ainda vai sofrer muito
Fazer escolhas erradas
Se arrepender
Brigar, gritar
Vai Enlouquecer!
Vai ter vários “primeiros beijos”
Vai ter vários “O Grande Amor da Minha Vida!” 
Vai querer Casar e ser uma grande Esposa
Vai querer separar e ser uma Mulher Independente
Vai querer curtir tudo que deixou de curtir
Vai querer dormir o máximo que conseguir!
Vai ter vontade de morrer…
Aliás, você VAI morrer!
Mas vai Renascer.
Renascer e viver.
Seja forte.
Você é!
Seja apenas

- William Kokubun

No tener Internet un día es:
  • Un shipp de Mel se haya confirmado (?)
  • Perderme un video donde sale wigetta
  • Saber porque el vestido es negro y azul/dorado y blanco
  • Willy consigue su licencia de conducir 

Ahre :v

herkes yine kendi burcunu övüyor

ulan orospu çocukları doğduğunuz ayla bile ciddi ciddi övünecek kadar ne yaşadınız

babanız hortumla mı dövüyodu kemerle mi 

onlarca erdal kömürcü görüyorum karşımda ya

Southern Baked Beans

I had planned to post about these Southern Baked Beans before hearing of Leonard Nimoy’s passing. I was going to make a quip about how both Leonard McCoy and another great man both understood that there was “nothing like a campfire and a can of beans”. Instead, I think this dish acts as a great tribute to both Nimoy and the character of Spock, and perhaps most importantly, the friendship of Kirk, Spock and McCoy that defined The Original Series and gave us such hope for the future. 

This dish is of course an old McCoy family recipe, and having made it, I can see why it was passed down through the generations. While the film it appears in concentrates on more important questions (“What does God need with a starship?”), the camping scenes remind us of the core of Star Trek (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). Many baked bean recipes use canned beans - this recipe uses dried beans that you soak overnight. The recipe is not difficult but will take a long time to cook, so bear that in mind when considering your timings. 

Vale Leonard Nimoy. Thankyou for helping to bring the world of Star Trek to us and reminding us of the possibilities. Travel far beyond the stars.

Replicate your own
(Serves at least 4 - more if you serve it as a side dish). 
(Based on this recipe but with alterations)

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Promess is promess :c?

Creo que la otra vez prometí cosplay’s… No? No eh hecho ni un ojo :’v! Pero luego lo hago :3! Recuerdan que yo cumplo promesas (? Mejor ni digo nada…