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How do you feel about while all that happy stuff happened in the latest upd8 Jade was at the ship alone

(feels bad man) guess you can’t make everyone happy hhh

Anon:can you explain why jade is alone now for 3 years? I don’t understand D:

because when John made the deal with his denizen and then learned to use his powers so he could change the past and create a new timeline, in this timeline the denizen blew up lowas while John and Davesprite were on it (so that there wouldn’t be 2 Johns around?) and that resulted in Jade remaining alone (I’m not sure how much of this is speculation or confirmed, it’s been a while omg)

20 Things I Learned by 20

1. As impossible as it may seem, your mental and physical health come before anything else, whether they be obligations to others or your own school work. 

2. Don’t try to justify every feeling you have.  Just observe it and let it happen and continue.  It’s okay to feel sad and not know why. 

3. Let yourself have nice things.  Spend money on a nice meal at a restaurant or a cute pair of sunglasses.  By telling yourself you are choosing “I want this” and “I don’t want that” as opposed to “I want this but I can’t afford it,” you feel a lot more positive about your life. It won’t make you broke if you let yourself afford a little treat once every so often. 

4. If you feel like you have to lie to your friends to keep them, they probably aren’t worth having as friends. 

5.Have short-term and long-term goals, and dream about them.  Hope for the future gives energy to get through the present. 

6. A bad grade or three won’t kill you or even ruin your life/career.  Being aloof at all job interviews might do the latter, though. 

7. Walk with your head up and shoulders back, but not with your chin towards the sky—a slight smile on your face though.  You see more pleasing things when you smile, and you feel more confident when you act that way. 

8. If you need a break, take one or ask for one. No one (that you need in your life) is asking you to run yourself into the ground. 

9. “Deserving” is a weird concept.  Life happens.  Don’t worry if you didn’t get something you “deserved” or if something happened that you “didn’t deserve”.

10. Someone is there for you, even if you don’t notice it. 

11. Having a hobby is very important.  It can motivate you to wake up and it can be there for you when you are lonely or feeling down. 

12. “Growing up” isn’t what it sounds like.  You make mistakes and learn, sure, but you can still be silly and youthful and buy pudding cups with your groceries—you just have to be the one to tell yourself to eat your broccoli. 

13. It’s important to know what’s going on in the outside world, but the news can also be depressing.  Don’t feel guilty about counteracting that with crappy TV shows or light books. 

14. Sing in the shower if you want to.  Dance if you feel like it.  Don’t be afraid of the gazes of others—learn to value your happiness over judgment. 

15. Keep around a list of things you like to do, foods you like to eat, people you like to talk to.  Keep it around in case of a bad day. 

16. Do not live in your past.  It happened, and time has passed.  Look at your present.  Don’t make mistakes of the past, but don’t seek past times either. All you have is now. 

17. Listen to your loved ones’ advice.  You don’t always have to follow it, but listen and actually think about it. 

18. Americans overvalue alcohol.  You cannot find your personality at the bottom of a bottle—just a distorted reflection.  Know yourself, and never drink to excess. Most importantly, you don’t need to drink to have a good time. 

19. Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re scared or you don’t know.  No one knows everything, and everyone is a little scared of something. 

20. Relationships—friendly and romantic—come and go. Even the ones you thought would be forever.  But do not regret or forget the love and affection while it lasted.  And especially with a good friend, do not be afraid to fight to make things work—to change constructively and grow together.  But do not invert who you are to cling on to someone who doesn’t want you.

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So if you don't shower for like 2 weeks do you at least wash your body/face?

I shower every day haha I rinse my hair in the shower too! I just only shampoo it like every two weeks or so. I let it get really oily and condition itself and then wash it out when I need clean hair.

I’m probably so wrong but oh well.

There were a few things so very off in that last scene that makes me wonder if it actually was real.

1. The scene had so many of Regina’s fears in it. Robin not believing her, not trusting her, being scared of her and what she might do, choosing someone else over her. Those are some of Regina’s biggest fears and things she is always struggling with when it comes to the people she loves.

2. Didn’t anyone think it was odd that at first Regina wanted to get R&R out of there before Zelena comes back. Did she just plan on taking off with them without confronting her sister? And then once again after Zelena reveals herself to Robin she tells Robin to get Roland so they can leave. It doesn’t appear as if Zelena leaving with them is part of the plan.
I just find it weird that Regina would simply leave without making sure that Zelena is being taken care of and that she can’t ever come after her and her loved ones again.

The worst case scenario would have been Zelena killing Robin in front of Regina but that would have given away that it’s not real. There are pics from the filming and there are episode descriptions from the finale that let us know that Robin is still part of the show.
So the next best thing is that scene. It has all of Regina’s fears, thanks to Zelena’s little meatloaf in the oven speech that idea is imprinted in Regina’s subconscious, they had the scene at the end of 4x17 that would make it easy for the audience to believe Zelena being pregnant is a possiblity and of course it‘s drama. They don’t need to drag this out for the shock effect. They already had that and they can have something totally new for the next episode.

So what I’m thinking/hoping for: The episode picks up where it left off. We see a close up of Regina’s face and then sirens or honking in the background and her waking up with a start in the bug or we hear Emma in the background saying over and over again: Regina wake up, wake up and she is in the car waking up from this nightmare. They are in front of the apartment building. It was all a dream of what Regina fears the most. They go and get Robin and Roland.
Or Regina gets out of the car to get some fresh air after that nightmare and there is a bar/restaurant across the street/next to the building where Robin sits and is drowning his sorrow and that’s when the bar scene happens.

Or I’m totally wrong and that scene really happened because the writers no longer want to write OUAT but rather a very weird fairytale version of Bold & Beautiful.

Edited to add: Robin said ‘That’s the new reality‘. Could be a hint that it actually really isn’t reality.

Blighttown Beacon’s Top 10 Souls Series Bosses.

Honorable Mentions: Flamelurker, Amygdala, Maneaters.

10) Sir Alonne- An Honorable fight for an Honorable man. This Duel is quite the challenge and incredibly unforgettable. 


8) The Smelter Demon- One of the most satisfying fights in the series. That moment when you finally master the timing of the Smelter Demon is just incredible.

7) Sif- *Cries*

6) Welcome to Dark Souls (Asylum Demon)- Kim Kardashian gives a new meaning to the term “Tutorial”

5) Father Gascoigne- Gwyn + Cocaine=….

4) Maiden Astraea and Garl Vinland- *Cries Harder*

3) Artorias of the Abyss- I don’t even want to imagine what this fight would be like if his right arm wasn’t broken…

2) Smoreos- Duh.



1) The Burnt Ivory King- The Burnt Ivory King is the best fight in the souls series. Period. From the incredible arena consisting of the bed of chaos and Mt Doom to the 4 Loyce Knights (And the 8 other Sunbros I brought) leads to one of the most thrilling battles I’ve ever had. 

Phase One: Literally a cluster fuck war battle between the Chaos Loyce Knights and my thug ass posse. It feels like an actual war.

Phase Two: The Loyce Knights Sacrifice themselves to stop the spawning minions leading to Sauran emmerging from the flames.

Phase Three: 6 people versus The Burnt Ivory King wielding a God Damn Lightsaber. BRING IT ON. 

This fight is so incredible and easily the most memorable fight I’ve experienced in the Souls Series personally.

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top 5 yunjae moments uwu

1. dangerous love

everything that was part of this drama was just so [looks wistfully in the distance] perfect

there was longing stares into each others eyes

yunho carrying jaejoong husabnd style

jaejoong actually blushing through 99% of the taping

their cinematic moment

actual fucking confession which in no way needed to be acted out

whatever the hell this is

and this was them when they weren’t even shooting!! why!

like what is the need! remember when the director said oh yunho, i think you’re really into this for real. yeah, he wasn’t lying!

2. yunjae in bora bora

these assholes didn’t even care they were being taped. in fact, it led to this!

what is shame!

3. HIJ 4

remember the time yunjae had boners on screen and were practically grinding on each other?? no?

good times.

4. the king and the passerby

when yunho was made king and had a whole buffet but decided to feed his husband. what really kills me is jaejoong’s smile after he’s fed. it’s so shy and cute and filled with blushing goodness

(you can’t really see it in this pic, but if you youtube it, you’ll know what i mean)

and then they somehow ended up sitting next to each other because the heart wants what it wants

5. MKMF hug

do i even need to explain?



150428 더쇼 T.S.I 연구소 EXO에게 추천하는 제2의 직업

1. Ra’s al Ghul doesn’t like competing memories in his minions. There’s going to be a lot of Oliver torture to ensure that al Sahhim and Oliver Queen aren’t the same guy.

2. Competition is not an acceptable situation for the League. This means that Ra’s’ original heir, Nyssa, has to be dealt with. Being “dealt with” by the League tends to involve many pointy objects.

3. Diggle might be a target of al Sahhim. That might be really, really emotional and stuff.

4. Remember how Thea is supposed to be different now? There’s a chance that some of that “difference” could involve threatening her brother with arrows.

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i really think there are only 2a few ways out 1) not his. messy, leaves him open to her wrath. she wants his fans to be her fans, she wants pre packaged fame. that won't work. or 2) a loss. now i know they fucked up and made her too big at the palace etc (she would have given birth alreday) but that doesn't matter. the joe pub will see lass, go aww, and thats it. hardly anyone will even know about the giant bora/palace belly. the other option, and i think we're getting this one 3) a baby TOMKAT

I think it’s too late for SLE, the BB pictures are out there and easily can be found. As for scenario TOMKAT…he looks ill already…I don’t think he could take another year of this…’Not his’…still that’s what I have my vote on in the real world. Let’s hope for the best ending for BC.

What’s currently happening in Baltimore isn’t protesting/rioting, that’s fucking domestic terrorism and I don’t give 2 shits what anyone says. NO ONE should deserve to get rocks thrown at them, their cars destroyed, to have their stores looted, and to be scared to even leave their homes. They’re fucking savages for burning the American Flag. I’m disgusted by these peoples actions and I hope every single one of them pays for their actions.