Hai năm, hai ngày trước, tôi cũng từng nắm một bàn tay phải, đeo đồng hồ, như thế này.

Giữa tiếng nhạc của bài Niệm khúc cuối, lại thực sự là lần gặp gỡ cuối cùng. Và, tôi cứ luôn day dứt, về giai điệu, của bài hát này. Vì sau tất cả những ý niệm, luôn là lời hát *dù sao đi nữa, xin vẫn yêu em..*.

Tôi từng viết trong email gửi TyF, rằng có phải yêu là cố chấp hay không? TyF chưa bao giờ trả lời. Nhưng tôi thấy được, chuyện tình cảm, cầm lên được, bỏ xuống không được. Chỉ có thể, để cho những điều đó, chết đi!

*..cho nhau rã nát, rã nát tim đau*


In this week’s issue of Tell Your Friends! History’s Greatest Podcast!, we speak to Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, about gender roles in fabric in the Middle East, about living in Brooklyn, about a proposed Mitch Hedberg hologram show, and about her pro-reproductive rights rally Saturday, September 27th, called “V to Shining V” held in cities across the nation, and about which you can learn more at http://ladypartsjustice.com/v-to-shining-v/

In addition, Kambri Crews tells us a story about her entry into show business, and Bob Powers tells us a cautionary tale about falling in love with your driving instructor.

All this, and Liam discusses the People’s Climate March, the outward migration of hipsters, and what it means to have an “Only In New York” experience.

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"I just want to be well-liked" - Janeane Garofalo

This week, another live issue of the TYF! podcast recorded at le poisson rouge in downtown Manhattan on Bleecker Street. This week, Liam enjoys a freewheeling conversation with comedy legend JANEANE GAROFALO about her favorite television series, the origins of her neoludditism, the elimination of colors from the rainbow and planets from the Solar System, about how the line at Whole Foods is civic action at its finest, and so much more.

In addition, Liam talks to his cousin, the musician Sarah Goldstone and singer/songwriter Matt Sucich.

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The world needed you
You can change the lonely hearts club
By providing fresh context;
Radically offering hope (at www.blackoutjungle.com)

Download the episode by clicking on the picture:

This week, we break format a bit, to highlight some of the routines and albums that really spoke to me before I ever thought about doing standup. With many of these albums, I can still remember exactly where I was when I first bought them (Bill Cosby’s Greatest Hits was purchased in the record section of an electronis store on Queens Boulevard, George Carlin: Classic Gold was purchased on cassette at the old Sam Goody next to the subway near the Queens Center Mall).

The following is a track list, and links to buy the albums:

Haven’t been cheesin’ this much in sooo so long.. He isn’t like the others. TYF. Lets see what happens :)