Dash: Our first kiss… Remember what happened then?

Twilight: I think we ate a bunch of candy at the Sugarcube Corner…

Dash: Don’t remind me. I felt ill for a week after that…

*clears throat*

Hey, everypony! Thanks for sticking with us. This will likely be our last post for the year, so we would like to wish everypony wonderful and safe holidays.

And remember to take care of yourself and that special somepony.

Where It Gets Really Creepy: It’s not long before Edward Claus strips off his Santa suit and puts the “non-consensual” in “non-consensual sex”.

The man smirked and stepped forward making Bella take a cautious step backwards. He took another step forward and she took one backwards. It was a game of predator and prey and it ended when Bella hit her couch and fell back into the comfortable pillows, Edward quickly climbing on top of her, trapping her to her couch.

"Y-you kn-know t-this can be illegal." Bella weakly said.

The 5 Most Baffling Pieces of Christmas Themed Fan Fiction