Pretty sad and depressed tonight, nothing new about TM from cast and crew, nothing new in the TM fandom :(  I’m missing TM and my Jisbon terribly. I just wanna have new episodes and watch them on my screen. Still so much months to wait, that’s too damn long. 

Now that only Prince will be on Tumblr, a lot of TM will be joining Tumblr. (I’m not really surprise but it’s okay). And that means the tag might be a little less dry. (If they find the tag) Hopefully 🌞🌞🌞🌞

Chat Para || Town Meeting
  • Kol:Kol didn't really like change. He was against change and yet here he was trying to make this 'change' work a lot of secrets were going to come out tonight. Things that he didn't know should or should not come out but he knew that Juliette was not going to hang on much longer. Especially if Esther had taken her where he feared her had. Opening the doors he saw everyone come and realized that he hated them all. Honest to god hated them all and yet he had to work with them all. Once everyone took a seat he bite his tongue before opening his mouth, "Alright so Marcus here is the one with the plan. My plan is rather simple but apparently selling myself isn't a plan that is welcomed by all of you."
Taemin - Suwon fansign 140827 [FANACCOUNT]
  • haha fans r now giving taem new things to put on his head: a crown n an angel ring headband today :)
    with the crown on his head taem had his arms folded n tried to look royal ;)
    with the angel ring headband on he flapped his arms like wings xD

  • a fan told taem there r many who wanted to come but couldn’t get a ticket, tm “tell them I’m always thankful n waiting”

  • fans say taem looked well rested today, he said he had a sound sleep

  • a fan covered her face w hands shy after getting taem’s sign, taem smiled n copied her covering his face

  • haha many fans giving taem beef as a present :D

  • taem mentioned the shooting gesture n fans asked him to do it for them, tm “ah why did i say it?” n did it shyly

cr: juju_home


  • TAEMINing’s fanmaster attended the fansign. 
    "asked taemin for his sign… where did the "ing" go? he realised and went aigoo aigoo

  • WithTaemin’s fanmaster also attended the fansign
    wt: taemin-ah, last month during your birthday, did you see the billboard advertisement we did in gangnam?
    taemin: ah that one! i saw it! thank you ^^

  • fan: taemin-ah, we’re of the same age
    taemin: oh then why did you call me oppa earlier? (uses formal language)
    fan: please talk casually 
    taemin: o… okay! (laughs)

  • fans asked taemin if he ate already and he asked back. 
    taemin: what did you eat?
    fans: we didn’t eat
    taemin: didn’t eat? sometimes it’s good to starve. can lose weight too. okay then i’ll start the fansign now

cr: vanillahaato

okay but how did any fucking Male Gamer TM even place Tim Schafer as a misogynist. like i know they all just assume everyone is as misogynist as them but seriously have they played a double fine game

Like the fact that they not only had Fiona be a victim of repeated constant childhood sexual assault seemingly so Maric’s Magical Healing Cock (tm) could ‘fix’ her later in the book was bad enough but like

Making her experience her best friend, two colleagues and a man she can’t stand at that point seeing her in her absolute worst, naked and bloody, at her most desperate moment felt exploitative.

Fiona’s still my fave but Gaider is terrible for that.  

8/26/14 - Squat Volume
Weight: 202.0 lbs

Squat: 325x5x6 (beltless)
RDL: 230x8x3
Leg Extension: 120x10x2
Standing Calf Raise:6x20x2

Notes: Felt pretty good today; switching to a two-week TM progression that I’ll detail later.  Managed to get this all done in less than an hour.