Dragon of Tarkier Prerelease mat! Switched up the perspective a bit from the key art- here we’ve got our Pendleton Rockhopper on some kinda magical avalanche taking out the Leopard Seal Excursion (TM)  with his mutant flying fish/ Orange Roughy/ Pacific Viperfish combo, and everyone’s invited!

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Slow Motion on the Jisbons kisses - Bringing this back for obvious need of feels. 

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Will Jane be a nervous, pacing the floor dad when his wife is in labor or right there with her, coaching her to breathe (in on one, out on two) through the pain and imagine it flowing out of her and into him? Assuming his dear wife hasn't a) decked him one or b) shot him! ;)

From what I’ve seen since their love has been confessed, Jane would be very supportive and coaching, imo Anon, attending to every detail in the making of his plan to keep her comfortable and calm. I think Lisbon will not labor gracefully and will depend heavily on Jane to be her anchor. And he will come through. But I doubt she would ever curse or hit him. Maybe curse the pain and grip his two fingers until they popped of, lol. But not blame or hurt him. Ah, I wish we could have the answer in canon. So much.

goldrad said: ehm-ehm: fanfic, anyone?…

carlaoliveira-cd said: See? TM didn’t end yet. We’ll keep it in our mind as long as we want to.

Emily submitted: Jane during the birth of his child
I wanted to chime in on the discussion. I see Jane talking to Lisbon in his soft “bedroom” voice, sort of hypnotizing her in a way (b/c people have done this during childbirth), just soothing her, almost in the same way he did when she woke up in the hospital in Redbird.

Entwife: Oh, how I long to see this come to life. :’)

I’ve already gotten all You Kids Today (tm) about how Star Trek was basically the only SF TV show worth mentioning until late 1987 (and even then, frankly, TNG kinda sucked for the first year or two). And it was the only one you could really be a fan of. Sure, you could like Twilight Zone. You could like it a lot. I did. But it didn’t have those hooks of character and backstory that really lets you get into another world and want to be inspired by it or even become a part of it.

And for a smart but socially ill-adjusted kid, Spock was the guy. He was the guy who knew more than everybody else, as we always saw ourselves. He was also the guy who just didn’t get it when he was around other people, as we always feared we were. But he made it work and came away the hero. Sure, Scotty did a lot of the work, but Spock was the go-to guy for coming up with ideas. He was the one who always knew the facts. He was every nerd, every geek, and he saved the day time and again by being true to that. To geeky people of a certain age and disposition, he was the only possible person to identify with, the only possible aspiration.

He also made it a pretty nice aspiration. The smart way was often the peaceful way, and the kind way. It was infinite diversity in infinite combinations. He might have raised his eyebrows at those with whom he did not share inclinations, but he was friends with them, accepting their ways. Which is a lesson worth learning.

You Kids Today (tm) have a broader range of aspirational geeks to choose from than that, of course. Giles from Buffy, Felicia Day from her entire life, and so on. And good for you, ‘cause we’re not all technical geniuses who only care to mate once every seven years. But, as I say, we didn’t have that. Leonard Nimoy represented the one hope we had during the years of a wilderness You Kids Today (tm) have never seen, and never will. And so we will miss him perhaps more than you can know.

TMS and NTV team up with GungHo Online Entertainment to bring Lupin and pals into the world of Kerihime Suites (ケリ姫スイーツ)!

As part of a free update to the popular iOS and Android action puzzle RPG, users can now buddy up with Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko and Inspector Zenigata. The crew are searching for the legendary treasure of Kerihime Suites - can you help them find it?

The title is free to play with in app purchases and has over 350,000 regular users playing on Japanese smart devices. There are even some unlockable Fujiko costumes for your avatar!

Check out some gameplay videos here: Lupin / Jigen / Goemon / Fujiko / Zenigata.

[Source: Android App Store / GungHo.jp]

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do you think dave would have been a paleontologist/ dead shit ogler if not for sburb? i'm kind of rudely averse to the idea of him being a dj etc... like, i see him as being more of a Weird Loner with a bunch of close friends he made through the internet (and sticks with forever) than a generally outgoing person who would enjoy that kind of immediate attention (as opposed to having fans of sbahj who he never actually has to interact with). i can feel him studying film making too for that reason.

YES yea dave confirmed for Dead Shit Ogler (tm). it’d be like best of both worlds if he made a documentary abt paleontology or weird dead shit or something that’d be cool

i mean i could still definitely see him continuing on with dabbling in music and maybe working as a dj for college radio or whatever, but daves character consists of way more than just fuckin around with music n mspaint but ye 

oh & i agree hes for sure more of the loner w a few close friends kinda guy

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