Say Goodbye/Thanks to The Mentalist Cast & Crew

Hello Mentalistas!

I wanted to make this post to ask you all if you would have been interested in a little "Goodbye project" for the Cast and Crew of The Mentalist as we know that season 7 will be the last and they will finish filming in a few months.

The basic idea is to make a big video re-living the 7 years of the fandom with The Mentalist:

  • Gathering the experiences we all had thanks to the show (photos of your mentalistas meeting, if you meet someone from the cast or crew, the projects we made, the friendships/bestfriends/soulmates we gained thanks to the show, the reactions we had with some episodes/scenes, the TM places you visited etc…) to show them the great years we spent with them and how the show was important to us. 
  • + your Messages of Goodbye, Thanks and luck for the Cast and crew.

A video with all the emotions, hearts and generosity we can bring to it for the end of a story.

PS: I’ll surely ask if some people would like to help me to handle a few aspect if we do it ;) / there would also certainly have an original Mentalist/Mentalistas song add to the video.

So here it is. Does it sound good to you? would you be in?

anonymous said:

altıma işedim sandım sonra koyu renk olduğunu görünce ağlayarak ANNE BEN ÖLÜYORUM GALİBA KAHVERENGİ İŞEMİŞİM PEKMEZDEN DOLAYI MI YOKSA BU RENK OLDU demiştim....

pekmezini akıtmışlar lşksadfsak

Kimsenin güneşi kimsenin kalbini ısıtmadığı gibi, ayazı da üşütmüyor.

Oysa iç dökmek önemlidir, bir şey söylemen de gerekmez ama acı saygı talep eder, acıya saygı duymak gerekir.

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My 6-th The Mentalist Season 7 Fan Teaser :)

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"“I wonder if I could’ve just been a better fucking human being and written my book without having to be a pussy about it.” He admits to cheating on about half his girlfriends, but in this case he says he “committed the most unpardonable sin, which is that I made her unhappy.”"

OH MY GOD LMAO junot diaz literally sounds like a 20 year old sensitive nice guy TM creep, why do you people like him oh my goddddddddd.

'i cheated on dem but the worst thing i ever done is make her sad ):' d e e p

Even though I’d intended to take a break from vidding, I MAY have just accidentally on purpose ;) started a new one tonight. Guess who it’s for…


Go ahead, I’ll just post some completely at random GIFs while you’re thinking it over… :P ;)





(Gahhhhhhhh, when he looks through his hair like that… *melts into a puddle of quivering fangirlyness* ♥_♥ )



Welp, while you’re still ponder WHO the subject of this vid could POSSIBLY BE… :P I’ll get back to work!


This post brought to you by the Bucky Barnes Feeeeeeels Foundation (tm) and quite possibly by…


;) ♥♥♥

anonymous said:

Person of Interest?

5 favorite characters:

Sameen Shaw - my lord and saviour my everything just ughhhh

Root - my favourite little shit

Joss Carter - WHY SHOW WHY

John Reese - you were a boring white dude at first, but oh boy did you grow on me.

Lionel Fusco - I dunno why, I just love him a lot.

3 OTPs:

Root/Shaw - they are going to break my heart and it is going to be awesome



Funniest character:

I was going to say Shaw, but NOT when they are putting her in stupid situations for comic relief. But more when she is being a sassy little shit to John etc. 

Also Fusco has some of the best one-liners.

Prettiest character:

I think you mean hottest and we all know who they are.

Most badass character:


Character I’d like as my BFF:

TM. I feel like She would be a great benefit in helping me drive and not being late or forgetting things. Plus everyone else is super scary and badass and I would feel inadequate and would probably piss off Shaw more than anything and Root would find me too easy to troll.

Character that’s ruined my life:

Shaw, Root…. all of them…

thismeansnothingtome replied to your post:I find it interesting that Harold is a professor…

I think Shaw is there for a reason (either to be more flexible for saving numbers or for something else, we dont know.) Plus we dont know for sure if it was TM’s idea or Root’s. Root says it was TM, the synopsis for the ep says Root..

That’s a good point. I hope these choices will be explained. The difference betweens Shaw’s cover and Harold’s and John’s has been bugging me so much.