It’s been two days that i’m not very present in the fandom. I’m feeling a little down and quite fed up of this hiatus. So I took my distance with tumblr and twitter. But while I keep doing the fandom mood edit I don’t know if I’m right about the feeling going on ; and I really don’t know if I’ll be right about the next days. If guys have some ideas for the next days don’t hesitate click my ask box to send suggestions. If I don’t know what to write for the mood I’ll just write the number of the day to keep track of the hiatus passing. Maybe I’ll feel better soon about that f*cking hiatus but for now I’m so done. Ok, guys thanks for reading if you did, and have a good evening or day !

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Kanka benim bi arkadaşım var 1 hafta önce dedi ki burnun garip bakiyom garip gelmiyo bugün de dedi ki dudağın garip normal dudak işte amk ne diyo bu sinirimi bozuyoo

çocuk demiş burnun garip kız demiş tm çocuk demiş dudağın garip kız da demiş ki senin ananı sikerim

Welfare Wednesday Vol 4. @ Klub Vittula, 2014-10-22 Tracklist

1. Coni - My Secret Diving
2. Francois X - Espheni
3. Benny Rodrigues - The Choice is Mine (Rødhåd Remix)
4. Rhythm & Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)
5. Modvs - PL1 (Antonio Vasquez Remix)
6. Dubspeeka - Pretty Liar
7. Woo York - Trip From Baikonur
8. Rechenzentrum - IBM
9. Margaret Dygas - Invisible Circles
10. Aiken - Syntagma (Agony Forces Vision 2)
11. Daniel Stefanik - Tension in Leipzig
12. Voices from the Lake - Velo Di Maya
13. Oscar Mulero - Spring
14. Recondite - Caldera
15. Atom TM - Ich Bine Meine Maschine (Function Remix)
16. Function - Voiceprint (Reprise)
17. John Digweed, Nick Muir, Guy J - Trezzz (Dub)
18. Ø [Phase] - Perplexed (Rødhåd Extended Remix)
19. Truncate - Concentrate (Truncate Rework)
20. Sandrien - Left my Girlfriend at the Club
21. Abstract Division - Fierce Tension (Shifted Remix)
22. Victor Martinez - Anything Called Dead Consumerism (Original mix)
23. ROD - RPCT
24. Rolando - Mood Maker
25. Yotam Avni - This is How
26. Planetary Assault Systems - Future Modular
27. Rødhåd - Mines of Mars
28. Amlin - Uncertainty (Acronym Remix)
29. Andrea - Void
30. Fabrizio Lapiana - 1002B
31. S100 - Genesis
32. Blue Hour - Reference 97
33. Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
34. The Black Dog - Black Chamber Order
35. Clouds - Blood Skating (I Care Because You Don’t)
36. John Hopkins - Collider (Karenn Remix)
37. Vatican Shadow - Contractor Corpses Hung Over The Euphrates River
38. Polygon Window - Quoth
39. Drexciya - Black Sea
40. LFO - LFO

anonymous said:

So, what would Root do if Shaw gets taken by samaritan? Shaw seems to always watch out for Root but what if the tables were turned, and the Machine decided that Shaw was just a casualty in the war. Would this make Root question her role (Hanna Frey) in the Machines war?

I do think Root would choose Shaw over the Machine. Yesterday, andymcnope suggested that the Bob-Alice story was actually foreshadowing an eventual similar choice forced on someone from Team Machine (Root, probably), and we all agreed that Root would not obey TM if she did order her to leave without Shaw; hence Root’s eventual disillusionment over the Machine.

tingggmusic then proceeded to kill us all by wondering if that is why the Machine always sends Root on missions alone - that way she never has to leave anyone behind.

And now I’m dying again. Thanks, anon.

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Look at dance with me's last tweet. It says maks will be announcing something tm

I just saw it and I’m bouncing in my seat!!


I’m going to hell!


I am blessed.

First off I got an awesome Halloween card illustrated by the amazing punkrockbigmouth (censored to keep things personal and private). Nothing better than three iconic horror faces leading into the holiday!

Also, another fellow WWE artist and friend from twitter @bsaa_tm had made Mox/Ambrose stickers. I was expecting a copy of one of them she gave me the whole freaking set AND a bonus drawing on the side! I really wanted to meet her as well as Nash and others at ringside fest, but one of these days I’m going to meet them damn it!

Thank you so much guys! I knew these were coming, but knowing had nothing on how happy I was when I saw the envelopes and the gifts they contained. I don’t think @basaa_tm has a tumblr, but to both you and punkrockbigmouth I’m going to return the favor some day. :)