The Prince & The Maiden Chapter Three

Semi-AU Loki Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: Are you guys liking this? Be honest


Loki sat on the steps beside the banquet table in the dining hall. A permanent smile had been dominating his face for days. Rania had started her work as a servant girl assisting his mother which meant that he could see her every day for as long as he wanted. It seemed that his mother saw no objection to him keeping her from her chores.

“You are thinking of that girl aren’t you?” he heard a deep voice beside him. He was brought back to the present to see his brother’s smiling face beside him.

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okay but imagine one day in the hall of fire erestor is singing the tale of the fall of gondolin or something

and he gets to the part where the Great Hero glorfindel kills the balrog

and everyone is all enthralled and just really into this Epic Tale of Woe (unlike every other Epic of Tale of Woe)

except for this one elf in the back who is correcting Every Single Thing that erestor is saying

and finally erestor gets really fed up and he’s just like “excuse you which one of us the loremaster?”

and the stranger is just like “whatever loremasters don’t know everything. it’s not like you were there.” *the most dramatic of hair flips*

and erestor rolls his eyes and does elrond’s Eyebrow Thing (TM) and he’s like “and i suppose you were there, weren’t you?”

and the stranger is just like ‘yep’

and that’s how glorfindel and erestor meet

İyi ki üzmüşler seni.
İyi ki acıtmışlar canını.
Ve iyi ki bugün olman gereken kişi olmuşsun.
Şimdi, neye üzülüp neye üzülmeyeceğini;
kime değer verip kime değer vermeyeceğini,
kiminle yakın kiminle uzak olacağını biliyorsun.
Bundan daha güzeli yoktur inan bana..

What “chivalry” should be: “I want to do this good thing for someone else because altruism is awesome.”

What “chivalry” should not be: “I’m gonna do this ‘nice thing’ for a female because she is female, but if she doesn’t respond in a manner which I deem appropriate I’m gonna call her an ‘ungrateful bitch’ because I’m a petulant child who doesn’t understand historical gender dynamics.”

the doctor was renewing my prescriptions for the state of oregon and i did not authorize the transfer of my medical records so she was like “how often do you take [anxiolytic]?” and i was like “oh, you know, As Needed (tm) :) :) :) [disparaging laugh]” and she was like “do you feel you have Generalized Anxiety? any other tendency toward Mental Illness?” and i was like “oh no, it’s just for school, external stressors, public speaking, that sort of thing, i do a lot of presentations, and might be doing a teaching internship, so it’s really totally situational :) :) :)” and she was like “oh man, public speaking is the worst, i feel that completely, let me just write this prescription for you :D [laugh expressing general bonhomie and camaraderie]”

when-it-rains-it-snows replied to your post:when-it-rains-it-snows replied to your post:Kate…

You and Countless do realize that I may become Distraught (TM) if I don’t get to read this fic, right? I mean, I’ll live, but I’ll be Distraught (TM). At some point Kate will tip from wondering what her life would have been to what it will be-GUH.

If you beg her nicely, you may get some America & Kate from Countless for Femslash February. :)

I wrote some tiny pseudo ficlets earlier tonight, but I hope by next weekend, I’ll have some time to do some real ficcishness.

Until then, I’ll just casually continue to drop emotional bombs on people’s feels. :)