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So my cousin was the original drummer for Imagine Dragons and is now in a band called “The Moth & the Flame”… And they are absolutely FANTASTIC ( not that I’m biased at all. ;) ) But you guys should check out some of their MV’s and let me know what you think! XD ( See if you guys can spot me in the video. )

MV: Sorry

Here’s their facebook page. Go say hi! XD ))

AquariumStuck was…really popular. Welp, I have more!


Jotter (water) The Handhold Pokemon (No evolutions, just gender differences)

"Jotters are very fast and playful swimmers. When they go to sleep, Jotters hold hands so as to not lose each other in the current."

You’ll remember these guys from the Cetus gym. They spam the gym’s signature TM, Echoed Voice (TM49.) They are actually pretty average— it’s the TM that’s nice. By they time you ‘re mid-game, it gets pretty easy to counter, so I wouldn’t rely on it too much. 

There’s a lot of hullabaloo on the internet about getting the anime getting the gender differences of the Jotters wrong multiple times. From what I’ve seen, after the first appearance, the only thing they got right was that the females have red eye-rings. Sometimes they get that the female Jotters have rounder heads, but they constantly forget that female Jotters are the bigger ones. 

Who cares? The internet. The internet cares. 

I buy my friends shit and they try and pay me back and i just full on dodge it like that was a gift im trying make it rain(tm) im not your grandma you dont owe me anything

Bruh 808 got the hardest producers traxx like my top five then chrisfresh n then tm n then tino then everyone else go hard fuse bebop etc.

Fave bits from "The Invasion" finale (spoilers obviously):
  • Gorgeous and dynamic fight sequences in falling snow/the shot with the steam coming off of Leo’s body.  Very high-art kung-fu movie.
  • Pizza delivery guy swooping in from out of nowhere to save a girl from being crushed by aliens despite being scared shitless himself.
  • Body horror galore.
  • Every interpretation of the “beaten and thrown through April’s window/shit shit shit OFF TO THE FARMHOUSE” is the best but having it be Donnie who clashes with Leo beforehand is even best-ier.
  • Mikey’s role as protector and emotional buffer for the team shining painfully bright.
  • Raph using emoticons while texting even when chased by aliens.
  • April obviously being aware of Donnie’s crush and shutting that shit down so fast in a way that makes me hope Donnie might finally grow past his Nice Guy (TM) hover stage and into the more mature version of his character that I love so much.

Elnézve a 2014-es év eddigi teljesítményét:

  1. férfi aki 34 évesen tavaly ősszel folyamatosan betépve sírt a volt csaja után (nekem) és megnézetett velem egy két órás filmet piramisokról. Utolsó találkozásunkkor lecsűrtem magam a kanapéjára aludtam 2 órát majd hazamentem. so sexy.

  2. A srác aki egy 20 négyzetméteres lakásban élt együtt egy görénnyel és úgy köszönt, hogy csoki. Olyan szép volt és olyan bunkó. Jesus. (A gond velem van, ha valaki ki van varrva, szakállas és meg tud fogni egy gitárt magam alá csinálok gyönyörömben)

  3. A fiú aki előadta, hogy halálosan szerelmes belém nyünyünyüfeltételnélkülszeretlekblablabla majd mikor már én is az lettem rezzenéstelen arccal bejelentette, hogy nem akar kapcsolatot. És kedvellek mint embert. (igen… gitár, tetkó, arcszőrzet.)

  4. A srác aki éjjel bejelentette, hogy fingani fog, mert ez az ő lakása és ő itt jól szeretné érezni magát. Én meg ülök ott a kis tangámban és azt számolom, hogy hány évem lehet még a menopauzáig, komolyan megváltás lenne.

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